A purrrr–fect Old El Paso taquito — narrated by Katy Kur

What she said…

Time Boomers

The Time Boomers .::. 3F65944A-5562-4094-B635-13B5541C8407 🕰 Einstein could not join the band, the man was too busy bending fabrics and snatching patents at his day job, so it was up to Dr. Emmett Brown to pick up the Lead guitar and for Dr. Simonuci Fauci to hop on the bus and time-shift thru Einstein’s bended grid. In this particular snapshot of musical history, Dr. Fauci thought that naming the band Twisterella in honor of Einstein’s bended fabrics would be a nice touch on the Year that Harrison’s TAXMAN (April 15th) would take a back seat and enjoy a few Coronas… literally.

It came down to The Buzzards, but them Rachel Maddow trademarked gremlins denied (and muted a) Katy Kur’s microwavable moment… Oh, the Humanity!!! Terry “the toad” Williams breaks it down for the Purple Pundit, “Right NOW”… and Nicolle is bringing out the Rhodies, for this Round of ping–pong where current Champion, Forrest “hanks” Gump, Jr. is taking on the entire World Health Organization delegation in this fast-paced miniature tennis doppelgänger sport. 

Hello, Kitty

Hello, right back at you Kitty… and we’ll leave it at D.A.T.


ERIK ESTRADA JUST PULLED A SUPLEX ON CHRIS HAYES!!! and, not that it matters, but the man responsible for the biggest fake-sport on the planet (American “one-round” Style wrestling) is going to be having a vote on when the Donald Trump economy is to be re-opened in them United States, which gives us, the staff of this most non–consequential blog, the opportunity to return to a veritable and full–value Lucha Libre match between the two brothers that started it all (for Christianity as we know it today)….

Ride (1992)

Going Blank Again (1992) Ride .::. 4C9EAE06-E33F-4F44-8852-3223584A3B42 🎴🎶
Slip away and out of sight
Feel the magnet of a night

The circus lights you see
Is where you have to be

For the record, in HILO, HAWAII it’s 15 hundred hours the 22 hundred hour now and it’s still THE ONE–YEAR Anniversary of the FALL OF THE NOTRE DAME COCK, so we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] thought that it would be important to remember the predicate of a reconstruction… put Her Up! Put Her Up! Put Her Up, period—Turn The Page.

LADIES IN GEMINI. LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!! Fighting out of the red corner is a man who does not see how DILDOS are an essential ITEM, but WWE wrestling matches in the state of Florida are, is Romulus.

Note to editors: the role of Romulus is being performed by MEXICAN WRESTLER, Wolf RUVINSKIS; https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki/ Wolf_Ruvinskis, WHO has already played the part in the 1962 HISTORICAL « Italian » film, “The kidnapping of the Sabine women”.

Over on the rest of the colors on IN the crayon box is a bitch wolf tittie–sucker who needs no introduction: REMUS

This Lucha Libre match is sanctioned by the Tres Caídas de los SIOUX (MARGINADOS) in South Dakota.

Coming up on The MorJo Show: 


CHiPs… You are not foolin’ anybody PONCHERELLO!!! .::. 5572DD12-28F8-4445-91D9-CD24B4F92F97 🏍 After retiring from The prestigious California HighGüey Patrol, Lieutenant Franck Poncherello joined the MEXICAN TELENOVELA CIRCUIT and enjoyed some success alongside with Kate del Castillo’s dad, who had an untimely hearth attack after La Condenada “Kate” fucked Sean Penn at the Chapo Guzmán cave.



Jazz is on Hallyday, literalmente, Johnny

16 de marzo, 2020

The Day La Île Stood Still


— Alemania (1935)
Adolf breaks Versailles and gives every german his GUNS.

And in Music News, James Hetfield can continue with his recovery, changes in priorities have afforded the Metal Monster the opportunity to rest and recover, (you lucky dog), on the flip-side, Axl Rose is a fucking Asshole, in Castilian (del Bueno) that transliterates to —Muere (abuelito) Latino fest.

Over at the Rockefeller pundit centers, D.A.T. outfit that Katy Tur is wearing is swell, a bunch of little brown squares, it matches her hair. Nice.

… Dear, Senator Warren, welcome back. The Senate is where you Shine. Time Now: 01h40 on Tuesday morning in Central Europe Times. Dear, Gov. Cuomo, congratulations on spotting the Wave; now, have you spotted the tumbleweed yet?

… Deer, Tom Perez (sin acento) Tommy One Note is right, the safest place for The COVID-19 is at the ballots, mostly because young fuckers are to busy not voting. So have at it ‘gramps’ vote a güey.


¡Brozo! con una Chingada, cabrón.

¿Ya’stan listas sus mercedes, o n’citan otra puta semana de vacaciones en la azotea de Acapulco?

TimeStamp: “Pas assez de toi…” con Manu Chau en Longchamps.

Stray Cats are Up… looking for them boxing Fishbones.

Hey there New York Mag… you see, i lost count of the many times that i told Cousin Joe and Willie Guiest on the MSNBC’s that when it comes to CORRUPTION, —forget collusion— it all boils down to “The Properties of Propraganda,” stupid… so there are Two Things to remember, number One, “Remember To Breath” (a Waxidermist/Racecar dix it; and “Think Two”, dijo un Chicago Boy, if you give a monkey a brain, as FISHBONE script it, s/he “will think that [they] are the center” of the Oval Office… or something like that. •–_–•  … Huichol Propaganda (Adolfo López Mateos) en forma de un Cetro de Box—Follows.

Lo bueno d’este Blog es:

Lo bueno de los intermedios en este inconsecuente blog es de que don Derbez no los lee, sino ya hubiéramos encontrado la Segunda temporada de las borracheras de Derek Waters en Español (Episodio 6) para poder cruzarnos (je, je, je) con la descripción de Adolfo López Mateos según uno de los peluches de don Derbez.

In the mean time, Bill Maher is also getting back on track after the Passover, which reminds us [the staff] that during this past full moon, we caught a glimpse of Mr. Maher, —In Real Time— as he was going through the werewolf transformation process, and it CLEARED a lot of those Rumsfeldianknown Unknowns” when it comes to Bill’s nana–nagging signature style, especially when he complains that most Americans don’t read—or smoke enough pot… he cracks me up, and he reminds the staff, of Colin Jost “abuelita” on Saturday Night Live.

… turns out that when Bill chokes the chicken on a full moon, he goes into FULL NAGUAL MODE and the host shape shifts into a Cross Dressing Loba. Aunque áste, marchantita —on TRMS*— no lo crea.

Entre “Cálculos y Oráculos” en Central Siren Time: 17h46

Bill’s Nanas–Nagging signature “regaños”… Uso justo de todas las calles.

———-//————// 19h10———-\\———-\\————

Sirens left town and “EVERY Girl i see, looks good to me”, said Buddy Guy… thank god for “the” RedTube, eh —Bill!

———-\\————\\ 20h30 ———-//———-\\———-

Mientras tanto al orto lado del reloj…

No, Donald. No… uso justo de los msnbc’s… we now leave, once again, the World of Trump to Katy Tur and the rest of the news cycle in the U.S., we [the staff] will wait, not for context, but to see the end of It.

For the record, it’s the 17h in EST and Katy Kur just shape shifted into Chuck Todd for his MTP daily show…. the topic is of course “The Fascination of him, potentially having sex with a Porn Star.”.

Dear, Rep. (D–CA) John Garamendi. With all due respect please consider this a Friendly Reminder: No Human Being Is illegal, what you have are cases of UnDocumented persons. Thank you very much and i’ll be checking on you for the next election in your district. Regards, a.s.

Today i (also) Learned  that the Cherry Blossoms are going to get snowed in on the EST zone… if only someone would dare expose the failure of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to protect (as it is implied in the nomenclature) the environment and prevent Global Warming… which brings us back to that fucking Boxing belt baptized as “Adolfo López Mateos”… Wait for it Katy, wait… BTW, you look Fabulous in white and blue.

Bee like Ali… let’s play hardball…

*The Rachel Maddow Show