Dear, Bill Maher: fuck you. Love your show, but fuck you. Hugs–n–Kisses in Emoji slang.

Gordo *

* scene where Gordon Sullivan
is mimicked by Cantinflas
is mimicked by ChantalLys,
—who BTW—
plays the role of a repented scientist
who turns to The Greek Theater
at the bottom of Mullholland Dr.
to tell Gallagher, that his,
—[EYE] shit you not S.T.I.N.G.—
motherfucking P.O.£.I.C.E. grandfather
was a true fucking Damn YanKee*

Ladies in Gemini.
Con ustedes…
La Ciudad de las 2 necesidades:
Chicago, Chicago.

minus that conservative asshole
who shitted his pants to get out of The NAM,
and who, later in-life,
once he made it to
The Griffith Observatory,
bought Asian teenagers to use them
as C.U.M. buckets.

El maratón de París me la pela. —Yeah i YEAH!, dijo Aquiles Serdán, pipope de las Tierras originarias de Milenio Televisión: ODA AL CER•DO•TADO, who lost his job with Carlitos Puig. MILENIO DIARIO; hacen lo que el PODER en TURNO les O.R.D.E.N.A. granjear en la ordeña de “in-dull-A.G.E.N.C.i.A.S.”

* Gallagher [on the Full–Cast] plays the role
—[Eye] shit you not—
Ana Anabitarte,
of a
Mechanical and SYSTEMS Engineer,
“S.P.A.C.E. J.A.N.I.T.O.R.”, one–each,
on a Mission [Drive] to save the C.O.P. 21,
according to some fucking Peruvian bratt
your  b.a.s.i.c.  Gallo Negro  of the bunch.

Scene iii
Act 999
where ChantalLys asks of Gallagher:
what happened at chez manazO?

… and Gallagher goes:

Simón, camarada: Hoy no hubo Jazz.

Aim High, with ground support, and of course…
Musical Guest: Fire, Fire—H.E.A.T.

18:40 in CENTRAL NATO TIMES:e89009ed-f003-4d49-ab84-bfc810bd7519

Voice of America’s Eve

Come out and play:4f6df81a-23f4-49c0-9c80-cde4c59bab4a

It’s 5 hours and 20 minutes
before there are only
333 DAYS remaining
for the Democrats
to relieve
the Commander-in-Chief
of his
Oval Doll House



Chris Shiherlis

Coming up on The Muller Chronicles:

Orange Crush:b2911ea1-212e-40a3-9957-c74bcc32da12… objects on poster are in Rabbit sizes, without counting the ears.

Just the Facts, Ma’am.
In tonight’s Transmission,
The Purple Pundit plays the role
of a Muller Sleuth, while the Wabbit,
well, let’s just say that the Wabbit,
did warn the Man on the Moon about
the Pigs on the wire.