Can you imagine a world without Mick Jagger (Feyd-Rautha)?

The fkn Canucks did. And dang’on it, Eye was really looking forward to seeing what muscian-actor was going to deliver the churro’s³ cherry in the role of the antagonist with the evil face², the money for nothing¹

https ://www .allocine .fr /diaporamas /cinema /diaporama- 18702653/

https ://dune .fandom .com /wiki /Feyd-Rautha_Harkonnen

³._ In the México of Churubusco Studios era (previous to Rockdrigo’s “Sobredosis de Cemento”, un churro was a term used to describe a film, and that is all that Eye is going to type [cast].

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /1985_Mexico_City_earthquake

²._ The dude from A Clockwork Orange would have worked best but by 1981 the fucker was to old for the MTV. Gordo (Sting), was picked for the role after Billy Idol declined the offer because he was auditioning for The Return of The Jedi, or something like that.

¹._ and Yer chicks fo’Free. Trou story, ask don Jodo, little Brontis was supposed to kill Mick… Instead, the Hollywood industry turned its back on Jodorowski’s submarineno wait! that’s YESTERDAY’s News…  Eye meant to say SHIP, —a ship, SIRENE, a ship— knot a submarine, either GÜEY, both the Ship and the Sub sank like LED… and Zeppelin, goes here.

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Intermezzo with Verbatim I (French articles)

Chapter 3 Basics:
The French Articles… LA, Le, and of course good’Ol LES, dear Paul.

In the Romance languages, the word « police » is a feminine word; with that as a place holder, please note that across the Pond de La Mancha (or ‘stain’) the Rosbifs place no distinction on that bitch (i am talking about police canines, of course, not THE law enforcement elements as a team) focusing instead on the gender-neutral DA (written as THE) .:. EAADE968-46A7-4C9C-BC1F-ADAAD7B20829 .:. Perhaps, this is why the fellow with the docket on his left arm walking next to Jupiter I (uno) was careful not to place the English “LA” in front of Gordon Sullivan. WITT this in M.I.N.D., i can’t tell you what Euskara article is used in front of the word « police », but given that the Basque language has no known roots, i am just going to leave it at that.

Deer, Katty Kay… who the heck is Prince Harry? Asked Chuck, his dad.

Judging from the musical introduction « Surplomb » of Mr. Attali’s 2011 Verbatim trilogy, “Evidemment” he must be referring to the lute playing (Police) STING in the ensamble completed by Copeland 🥁 and Summers 🎸(for the sake of Synchronicity), but still, or alas—MTV didn’t reveal Gordon Sullivan’s love for the lute until Yo MTV ωraps was becoming a thing of the past, and Rodney King was about to make the news; but yes, i must agree, back when Pierre-Michael Littbraski and Michel Platini were a thing in Andalucía (España, FIFA World Cup 1982) it was all just onε big “LE paradis blanc” and all the wars were cold .:. 7E7C696F-CEE3-41F8-846B-0A2FE360D44E 📻 You know what else was not on the scene, Mr. Attali? Ronald Reagan’s crack cocaine in El Ey, baby, that’s Watt(s) knot in Panam(e).

With that out of Cousin Joe’s system, we switch it over to some Frog named, Attali, —Jack! Who clearly has a complete disregard for English articles. And hear me out, Katty Kay, because i’m-ah-gonna put John Paul II (the Pope) on the back-burner to catch up with Gordon Sullivan (Police, according to Mr. Attali) because you didn’t think that i was going to unearth DUNE and knot explain why Gordon Sullivan, —killed Jodoroωski’s dream.

Verbatim I « surplomb » .:. 305A2293-DF19-4B5B-8DE9-D8B62A16B94E .:. Thirty years ago. It was another world. We were listening to Michel Berger and POLICE… We had no rap, no slam, no Alzheimer’s, no Internet, no cell phone, no AIDS, no disease of defeat in Vietnam and had just been humiliated in Iraq. Etcetera, etcetera, etc,…

And in Washington, Walter Isaacson is editing children, and code-breaking Nightmares with Hitler, true edit. Step by step like Toy Soldiers… [A]nd Claire McCass, are you being ironic on International Women’s They? Or are you a Dodger fan now?

But seriously, to all the women being trafficked for sex, or  tortured for their beliefs, or subjected to menial jobs, not to mention kidnapped and rendered to ShitHole countries (without mentioning any Flags), HAPPY women’s Day. You can be assured that in today’s First World and fully developed countries elitist cunts are thinking of you… especially if they happen to take advantage of their “essential worker” status.

“What she said,” said the child, your Honor (président de la Court).


The [Russian’s] Apprentice [agent] | PERFORMANCE REVIEW

From TINYpulse® to tinyHANDS.

[The following must be read in a Brian Williams voice
and framed with the talking head visual of Cousin Joe,
in the role of Edward R. Murrow].

“🎵🎵 In Europe and America there’s a growing feeling of HYSTERIA…”, not in Gordo’s wildest dreams of a Blue Turtle would he have thunk that the Ruskies would have the President of The United States in their pocket.

Good afternoon, today is Thursday, July 19 2018.
Today’s report features an exclusive peek at one of the most unheralded tools of international espionage: an agent’s performance review.

… right now, it’s 14h20 in Central NATO Time.
Stick around, we’ll be right back
FYI: Mika & Cousin Joe have the morning off.
Do not adjust your settings, Willie Geist is in Control.

Dear Beck Dorey–Stein;

Why in the Whole Wide World of Sponsored Sports would the Trump Administration require, or WANT a Stenographer in one of the corners??? of the Oval… now that, Willie Gueist is a Curve of a title, eh! Anygüey, we [the staff] failed Geometry so we’re not gonna get into the Angle of Beck Dorey-Stein’s memoire, except to say that Donald Trump would not need a full-time team of stenographers when Vlad “The Man” provided our current president with ‘bugs’ and microphones all over the White House, Trump Tower, and of course, the motherfucking PENTAGON.

Performance Appraisal

  1. Ackerman, S., “U.S. Officials at a Fucking LossOver Latest Russia Sellout“. Via: Persona Non Grata at “the” Daily Beast… with additional reporting with Stein, S.

Fuck a Peach. — oh Hey, Mr. Meach… check out the Spirit of this Georgia soul

For the record*, Mr. Rogers for the History Channel on PBS, the following is what we [the staff] are talking about… no chill—none whatsoever!


Drivers From Other Nations

“Georgia recognizes unexpired driver’s licenses issued to and held by residents of other countries as long as the foreign license is unexpired. Generally, you may drive in Georgia for up to one year on an unexpired foreign license. Please note that in the case of a driver license issued by the driver’s licensing authority of a foreign country, a law officer may consult such person’s passport or visa to verify the validity of such license, if available¹.”

You, Cousin Joe, said it best… hold that thought, eh! —but “in the words of the great philosopher, Gladys Knight, of The Peeps fame”… “Fuck a peach, yes indeed—YES INDEED! Fuck a peach in the form of a no chill and without tact Georgia Cop. Go‘head, Dr. Get Paid, That’s the Soul of the American Jury system, eh. }—~~~\*> Earlier in the programming, at 06 hundred hours in I-75 Standard Time to be exact, the only thing that got between the two fellows inside the msnbc box was an « H »… and Ewe’all know what “they” say about the ‘aitch’, eh? It’s the victors who decide where the eight letter of the alphabet is going to be mutted or where the story is going to get a “His” sound… any güey the only thing separating the two talking heads in the frame above is that ‘History Jon’ doesn’t use the ‘aitch’ that Circus John uses as a nose.

“You do not need to apply for a Georgia license unless you become a resident of Georgia. If you become a resident, you must meet the following requirements for Identity, Citizenship and Residency. (ibid).

… and of course all media involved must understand that all of the screen grabs included in this entry represent a fair use of all media, however, the good thing about this blog is that neither CBC News nor the MSNBC’s follow the serial topics, the intermissions, nor the cross media tangents that complement a point that we [the staff] are trying to make. In this particular case, Mr. Meachum, how the Soul of America has no chill.  }—-~~~\*>Miles Davis, John Heilemman —and the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard knew that, just ask the Wu–Tang Clan, eh! … in any case, God Bless this mess, called The U.S. of A., amen. 👮‍♀️

1. Georgia “driving services”, via: /r/news:

TimeStamp: 22 hundred hours in C.E.T.

Presque Le Canada… let’s get it On! — pura serendipia musical, eh! Eso es todo y nada más, porque lo bueno d’este blog es de que las Sirenas no siguen este blog y menos las inconsecuencias in my life.

Colonel Chris Matthews said it best on The Night Before the Aftermath of the no–show Don and the Cousin Huckabee Roast… (i did not know that the she-Wolf wolud follow the Cousin Joe MorJo show, eh) any güey, Mr. Meach, Mr Hardball said it best while sitting on the Washington Journal Party–line program:

Americans should stick to the LAWS THAT THEY WRITE,or something like that, of course he was saying it in the context of immigration reform, but Mika, darling, Interstate driving laws should also apply, it’s as if the French Republic, and the Republic of Texas would draw a Treaty regarding vehicular import for long term residents and then, a “milleuriste” at the Prefecture de Police, or a sycophant at the Department of Motor Vehicles would deny the registration permit because the local lobby of import/export shops worry about loosing money from the privately owned vehicles docking in… know what we [the staff] mean, Mr. Meach? That twisting of the law is part of the Spirt of each individual agency in charge, sadly, that type of selective restriction —on an individual basis— is what collectivelly feeds the system that it’s supposed to collectivelly regulate the Soul of a nation.

El balcón oportuno.

Oye, “The” Police… “Tráeme la noche” y de paso say hello to los Outlandos d’America y a Gordo [Sullivan], para el archivo, son las 23 horas del día 7 de mayo de la semana de la mudanza a Jerusalem.