3…2…1… pepper spray in Ken•Tu•Kee

And as the Space X Force tries to reach a Higher Ground (in an empty space full of satellites) The Land of the free and the Home of the brave se descose como Tamal Mal Amarrado… and it only took An Electorate College.

Happy Cake Day

Happy GREY Day —_•!•_— C373C122-DC2D-42B2-A104-0A14C8920549 🛰 Live from Space

🎼🎹🥁🎸🎟 🎶 It’s been a long time since The Klu Klux Klan 🎶🎶🎶🎶


Lift–off .::. 7F8612D3-F96B-4C2F-8A69-0661B4B85525 🚀 Indeed, the difference between the rockets of the Civil Rights Movement Era and the Reel Time lynching of a Black Man in America is the THRUST of a Dragon in Charge.

Good Times — Bad Times

History imitates ART follows.

“C’mon VOguE”, move your body to the Music… o algo así.


This is not an spaceman

This is not an spaceman… uso justo de TODOS los Misfits and Heros under copyWrite.

The Mexicans sent Two Space Suits into Space Orbit, and you are not foolin’ anyone Jose Fernandez, Eye know that you also play the Piano for that guy on the Colbert Report at the Ed Sullivan Theater.

https ://www .vogue .mx /estilo-de-vida /articulo /jose-fernandez-disenador-mexicano-que-hizo-trajes-de-astronautas-para-spacex

Zodiaco Report

The Zodiac Report… Our News from Down Under forward observation post reports that Jon Batiste was kidnapped by an X-Con. Batiste, who moonlights as a Mexican fashion designer and Gremlins collaborator became a “Mark” for the kidnapping gang after the French leader of D.A.T.  outfit learned that Batiste was shape-shifting into a lighter shade of chocolate in order to design costumes for the stars without The Very French ‘seal of approval’. In the screengrab ⬆️ above, The X-Comic Con in charge is forcing a smile from Jon Batiste in order to show the world that Jon Batiste is without harm. —_•!•_— ISSY, Australia is the enemy.

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… [A]nd oh by the way — The Freaks come out at Night

Minority blog… don’t break the mirror!

It's not appropriation when they do it to you

“It’s not appropriation when they do it to you.” .::. A61E890A-7114-4405-8F38-B63DC35490E5 🎧 “Lay down and let it happen.”

Dear, Maggie Naird… please relay to Lisa Kudrow that we don’t choose the Scripts, öüï just Echo’em.

“Can’t We All just get along?

A quick reminder that this time around, Police Chiefs and City Councils don’t have a survivor of the most recently known (3) victims of systemic racism, as opposed to the the time when Ice-T went all Suicidal Tendencies on the Hip-Hop scene.

Gonna take a nap now. See you at Launch Time… Tlāloc, please take Maggi’s friend’s advice.

Social Distancing Be Damned

R.I.P. Mark Zuckerberg… it was algorithmically propagated by Facebook, that the social media titan died from Coronavirus.

It was reported

It was reported… D.A.T. in San Francisco, California, a warehouse full of Mark Zuckerberg clones were being guarded by Mercenaries from the Erick Prince Blackwater Korporation.

https ://old .reddit .com /r /brasil /comments /gsw4p6/mark_zuckerberg_morto_aos_36_anos_diz_que_redes/

In París, France, it’s 14h30 (punto y coma) and in New York, New York, social distancing be damned. We [the staff] are not glorifying and or promoting after hours social reckonings, öüï only partake in social commentary and like Eye told the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. crew: we didn’t chose the Fires we just looked at’em.

La Mosca Tse-Tse got ahold of the entire staff and the last thing that we [the Staff] heard was that A.M. Joy had to change her Script on account of The Melvins next door, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Happening now, Alicia Menendez is deconstructing Aliens from other states mixing between Anarchists and Provocateurs. As öüï wrote this paragraph, Donald Trump’s personal Attorney General made a statement about charging these out-of-states actors with what Maya Wiley (a busy legal bee) calls the Klu-Klux-Klan Act; no word from William Barr if the federal government will charge Racists C.O.P.S. in real time.

No usaras el nombre de “El Che” en Vano

Page 3, Nº 12120 Libération

Make America Great Again

Make America Great Again .::. 6C1BF1D2-6AC9-4867-AC9A-F8FBA3DD99EB 💨 BIG BERTHA follows… the only “tag” that matters for Donald John Trump’s tweets is on his coat’s lapel.


… [A]nd in Marseille, « Raoult is a Che Guevara at our place », aseguran los marselleses y las marsellesas de Marsella, ciudad porteña como la “Heroica” Veracruz y capital mundial de La Legión Extranjera del ejercito francés en ultramar, y en donde el fútbol se lleva en la piel, literalmente. Según la nota, el Profe Raoult ya es más popular que John Lennon y Los Beatles (forget Jesus) en la segunda metrópolis (13000) en Francia después de Paname (75000) y por eso es lógico que las manifestaciones de apoyo (que digo apoyo—de amor) por el investigador inmunológico corran a cargo de “Los Super Winners”, tal vez la barra de hinchas mas grande y desmadrosa del EQUIPO DE FÚTBOL FRANCÉS mas americano en El Mediterráneo: The Olympians de Marseilleinteresting factoid for Willie Geist from the Pasteur Institute in Paris is D.A.T. the current owner of the BLUE CROSS flag that the “Super Winners” wave to support the renegade doctor in the old Port City of Marseille used to hold the KEYS to a little STADIUM at the top of CHAVEZ RAVINE, in Los Ángeles, Californiaand that fucker is a despicable Bostonian,  —probably a stinky Red “Socks” fan.

Yup... Willie Geist is Louis Pasteur

Yup… Willie Geist is Louis Pasteur .::. 37E0E5B0-4D01-464C-9833-B83DE1421957 ⚗️ Willie is a time traveler, and he hates l’Olympique de Marseille (punto y coma) Willie is a fervent Qatar supporter.

https:// fr .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Frank_McCourt_ (homme_d%27affaires)

Page 14, teaser:
Les Américaines remontent au ciel
22h30 CET — postponed

Dear, Tlaloc

Dear, Tlaloc… please relay to Bertha to clear the Sky… Bertha is being a bitch. Launch is NIXed; next window into orbit on Saturday afternoon.

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