Barrera de SOL — Mar de Cortés

En contexto, i promised Juan Carlos Ojeda, the aforementioned lópez-obradorista in París, that i would mention his name on my blog, per his request. Along with that commitment i also warned him that i would relay a fragment of our exchange of ideas, jokes, music, history and, about this MYTHICAL PLACE that much like the state of Tlaxcala (which does Knot exist) he tells me that he is from. The name of that location is called Baja California Sur, and if it wasn’t for Sammy Hagar, and his CABO WABO Cantina, La Paz would be like those far-away galaxies on the Other Side of Mars. 

Pedro, until someone meets me and realizes how passionate I am with Roosters they won’t know what kind of person I am so people can say what they want and I will try not to get upset but I can truly say that I am strong advocate on catch and release of roosters!!!

Pedro, hasta que alguien me conozca y se de cuenta cuan apasionado soy con los gallos no sabran que tipo de persona soy. La gente puede decir lo que quiera y tratare de no molestarme pero puedo sinceramente decir que soy un fuerte defensor del C&R de los gallos!!!

http ://www .dondepescar .com /dondepescar /851-impresionante_pez_gallo%2C_surf_fishing

Bueno señores, esta [sic] aclarado como sucedieron las cosas.

End of Part One of… buscando a Pedro en SANTA CRUZ.

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