Trompa, orejas y rabo en La Alternativa de Robinette “El Pipo” Biden

💃🏻 Al regresar, we Switch, IT!, over to Lerdo-Coahuila vía Las Ramblas.

Today’s Ke Sacó is brought to Ewe, motherfuckers by PLACIDO DOMINGO at Dodger Stadium, Goooooooo Dodgers!

¡Torero! !Torero! ¡Torero!

And here is why, “Lionel” Esparza … if that’s even your real call-sign, you sonovabitch!

Because Domingo, is probably the only tenor to have gone into a SOBREDOSIS de CEMENTO after an earthquake. Can you top that?


Topen eso…


Saving Private Pérez

On this sunny-side up Allegretto 🌛 JUNIOR 🌚 in Hilo, Hawaii, Öüï finds 🍍 La Kerschovas 🍌 entering back into the atmosphere at La Porte de l’ESCP à la Porte de BFM’er TV on the Tee 3 Tram 🚊, without a Ticket to Ride… ISSY, that’s at the Jeannie Margot Robbie street behind TECHNICOLOR®, period!

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