Intermedio con Michèle Firk y mi tocayo Gatti sin O.

Oh say, can Ewe Sea ⛵… With musical guest, Buckwheat.


“Ven, para que veas en dónde³ quedan las revoluciones.”

Pablo Gleason

Cinéma Christine

One year later with “El General”

³~. en realidad me dijo, “en dónde terminan”, pero este es mi arreglo, no el de los 132 Académicos de 🦁SciencesPo🦊

I Love L.A., and Esparza no me puede dejar mentir, that motherfucker was my neighbor en La Ferrocarril-es-ese. Pinche presumido, is that chorizo youse holding?

No se vaya, regresamos el reloj al 2011…

Lizards… the entire whole stacked lot of you. lizards I tell, Ewe.


7 de febrero… 3ra Jornada de National Sports They en La Franche. Live from Madison Square Garden at the Centre International de Création « La Parole errante » en Montreuil-sous-Bois.

Later tonight, it’s another edition of “The Elephant in Montreuil-sous-Bois… Think it’s hyperbole, BITCH! EYE got access, Ask la Confédération Paysanne at La Via CAMPESINA on l’a rue Robespierre 93100.

Of course Eye can fix your elephant 🐘will that be VISA, or credits.

Note to editors: the above snapshot by Armando Segovia (These Are My Credentials) was edited for geo positioning 🚜 context and for the reckoning of themes 🚜 and events 🚜 of a 36-hour time lapse between 🥐 France and 🍍 Hawaii.

It’s right there, next to the “tee-section” on la rue de La Fraternité, there’s a Motard magazine editorial board just around the corner, ASK THE RED CROSS, D.A.R.E.!!!

Never mind the plane, fire fire heat.

Heck, if your sorry-ass needs directions from The Sky up above, ask any of them 👷 architects RECONSTRUCTING the extension to the site de Legrand à Bagnolet, le bâtiment “B” of C.E.A’s. competition, a place called STUDEA, and I have it on good authority to claim that Studea’s MAINTENANCE TECHNICIANS, are all fags.

Close Your Eyes And I’ll kiss you, Tomorrow you can go fuck yourself.

Let’s Play Hardball, faggots.

Fish & Chips


I’m not kidding, and if you know where Edith Piaf sets up shop at the XXème then you will know where los técnicos en mantenimiento de la RATP set up shop. But that’s just journalistic geo positioning on a COLIBRI (RIP).

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