To: Leo Orellana (Casa de latino América, París, Francia)

Cc: Los Amigos de México en Francia, Ciudadanos de Javier Sicilia en Trocadero

Bcc: Monsieur le Président de la Court

En contexto para la banda

En contexto para la banda .:. 33F81364-0496-4488-8393-0C662C57A853 🗣 Adventures in sentence structures and other assorted savings. —_!_— Sponsored by:  Western Azteca Orlandi Elektra Union.

“Los mexicanos que se van a los Estados Unidos no son como los mexicanos que se vienen a Francia¹”… o algo así.

En Contexto:
la frase se remonta al periodo formativo de Morena-Francia cuando los ciudadanos por la paz con justicia y dignidad (o algo así) aún no sabían si eran YoSoy132, YoSoy132-académicos, o miembros pasivos del aparato de alcance [ciudadano] del Servicio Exterior Mexicano en Francia (2011–2015).

Testimonio Propio:
por aquellos días, Sheryl Crow, it would make sense to revisit Yesterday’s MorJo Show, which by-the-guey on the drums,  featured a story on your same time-slot, no less, about a disgusted C.I.A. founder that found himself outnumbered [from the-get-go] by “citizens” of the old Stalinist guard all across Europe… the tale is called “The Quiet Gringos”, or something like  D.A.T…

This ain't no Bistro

This ain’t no Bistro

Case in point:
https ://www .proceso .com .mx /644963 /amlo-se-sube-al-avion-presidencial-para-promover-la-rifa
for the old Mexican political guard protesting the Merida Plan at Trocadero Square the closest thing to the Arab Spring tailwinds of 2011 (which at the time, the Frente Amplio Mexicano and The Mexican Friends in France were staging) were the “DESAFUERO” protests against the man who refuses to fly on the motherfucking plane that he was ISSUED, and not the commercial airliner of his choice.

Watch Out Kay n°6!!!

Watch Out Kay n°6!!! To celebrate Mexican Independence Day (knot!) a Televisa Deportes se les escapó una Defensa, Oh The HUAWEI’s.:. 727C5E84-24EF-4815-B6DA-5EB75637800A ⚽️ “Para los que quieren y aman el fútbol,” Estefanía 1ª de La Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza llega por la retaguardia, ¡vayan preparando sus pasteles, porqué aquí va a ver hasta elefantes* de los que los Franchutes de La Sierra no van a poder ni tocar!.

* Deer, Q-ano-n, don’t you go relating my Alp-Crossing elephants with your fake-ass republican pachyderms, because our cute little Dumbos can be traced back to Cartagena… and not the  San Diego Zoo, Yeah Buddy!


And in Washington, we [the staff] have to apologize to Professor at Princeton, Eddie Gloude Jr. —the third, because Morning Joe will not bee able to fit Jimmy on/in the show.


Over at the Justice Department of Donald John Trump, the “top” lawyer in the country just revealed to the entire world (del mundo de Le Monde, off–course) that “the” BARr exam is a sham.

Meanwhile, in Central Nato times… Sarah Palin can see Russians from her backyard

🎶 Nah, D.A.T. ain’t working
D.A.T.s the way you do it
Money for nothing
and your Chicks From Loué

When FOX News Charmed DW

When FOX News Charmed DW T.V…

Up next: John Wayne stars in The St. Petersburgo Green Berets. Synopsis, Colonel Mike Kirby feels that the U.S. is becoming way too big of an empire, SO JOHN WAYNE COLUDES WITH RUSSIA in order to put Washington in-check.

On The Real World Channel: America is under attack, de Algeciras a Estambul, off–course, after first behaving like a little bitch who got mad and took his “PROFESSIONAL Toy Soldiers” home from the European theater of operations. A fleet of B-52’s was bitch-slapped by Russian fighter jets and all that Mike Pompeo could say was:

Paid for by...

that’s it, that’s the spot, knead that knot D.A.R.E. sweetie, press on it, use your elbow 

for context, the U.S. Secretary of State was busy getting a massage followed off–course by a happy ending from an unidentified slave sex worker in the U.A.E..

En Once TV

En Once TV… “Comediante ! Tragediante ! », pláticas con John Mill Ackerman .:. E87218DB-F17D-414B-A1BD-500391637E6A ⚒🛠⚒🛠⚒ Season 1, PILOT EPISODE; Los Cuentos de Pio “el obrador”.

Entonces, Rusia:
Dr. Ackerman, if your boss is going to use his office to censor the critics of his nation-building project, by way of meddling into what amount to scholarships or research proposal grants, then maybe you and your spouse should return all of the foundation grants that you have received, didn’t you used to get funds from George Soros, mr. professor? Or was that just a bullet on your memoire?

Rusia y RT T.V.:
and then of course there’s Larry King, you know Dr. Mill, i never docked you a They’s Pay for getting a paycheck from RT T.V., heck Dr. Ackerman, i reckoned that if Leni Riefenstahl could be allowed to move-on, so should you, just don’t call yourself a journalist, Sir, because you are more of a propagandist who proselytizes within the academic lecture circuit precisely with the same kind of monies (foundations and scholarship funds) that your spouse is sanctioning, now that you two are living la vida en Rosa.

Rusia y RT T.V., y John M. Ackerman:
“Et Tu, Brutus”, ¿en qué tamaño vas a querer tu «marca REGIstrada»?
https ://www .infobae .com /america /mexico /2020/08/27 /amlo-marca-registrada-el-presidente-de-mexico-y-su-esposa-buscan-reservar-el-copyright-de-sus-nombres/


https ://elpais .com /mexico/2020-08-21 /el-gobierno-de-mexico-sanciona-a-la-revista-nexos-por-un-supuesto-documento-falso-en-un-contrato-celebrado-en-2018 .html

https ://www .jornada /ultimas/politica/2020/06/28 /cndh-critica-dichos-de-ackerman-contra-periodistas-687 .html

https ://www .eluniversal .com .mx /nacion

It’s 19h in Central NATO Times [Stop] All That Jazz

And on the 999th presidential golf outing…

Not to be outdone

Not to be outdone by the CJNG .:. 3B78F62A-DC15-41E5-9234-3CC2BC2A8D3B 🎶 Oh, happy Theys, oh happy Theys…

What a wicked game,” Deana.

https ://edition .cnn .com /2020/07/18 /opinions /portland-anonymous-security-forces-mark-of-dictatorship-ghitis /index .html

Meanwhile in Méjico:

Coincidencias de la industria

CoincidenCIAs de la industria .:. 5D80FED1-0022-4367-9039-3D44043B62BE

Oh, the humanity… on account of losing his presidential pension, former Mexican president and friend of the Morning Joe Show, Vicente FOX is selling his “personal greetings” for $5000 pesotes mejicanos (each).

https ://www .theguardian .com /commentisfree /2020/jul/18 /portland-oregon-federal-officers-trump-department-homeland-security

To show her solidarity with the Mexican “pelele*” for that time that the Fox team got a former president of the FORMER United States of América, Nicole Wallace (a former press lieutenant for Bush 43) order a dozen greetings from the Boot Empresario^ for her staff on Deadline… her 8 year–old was not amused; “and so it goes”, across from The Atlantic.

Mist be read in a

The following greeting must be read in a Vicente FOX voice .:. 85AA5200-D4BA-4413-B0FA-28291CA7EDB7

Page Two:

Good news for the CAR rental industry. The federal government is bringing much–needed mullah to this niche market following a drop in rentals due to a pandemic that the Trump administration is unwilling to eradicate control like most of the CIVILIZED world has done. The ACLU, those motherfuckers! Are promising to rain on yet another “Make America Great” promise fulfilled by the best non–pro–golfer in the despotic world.

Over at Hotel–6, a disgruntled beaner was heard shouting at the TOP of his lungs, “KAYLEIGH, KAYLEIGH!!! Drop that cheat–sheet folder with answers to the White House Correspondents corps AND LETS FUCK LIKE SAVAGES!!!”. The poor and horny bastard was shot on sight.

SAY ANYTHING and nevermind The Boom-box

https ://www .thelocal .fr/20190129 /france-in-numbers-police-violence-during-yellow-vest-protests

And starring as

And Starring as Jérôme Rodrigues 𓀎 28E3E5A6-9E3D-4B24-BA5A-688810B6ACA8 🏌🏻‍♂️ Donovan La Bella.

https ://www .commondreams .org /news /2020/07/18 /end-unconstitutional-nightmare-aclu-sues-trump-administration-over-use-secret-police

John Mill Ackerman, ¿falso su Ph.D???

Por: Pedro Salmerón Sanguinés


Foreward to doña Elenita Poniatowska:

https ://monoaureo .com /2020/07/14/las-casillas-de-ackerman/

El Apalancado

El Apalancado de La Nomenklatura de morena–Francia .:. 113C1A7B-715D-463C-9619-91102BE5E64F 🥜 Ackerman, “no tiene licenciatura en México y que uno de sus títulos doctorales parece falsificado, que no es elegible para ser investigador del Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas de la UNAM por no ser abogado -pero logró la plaza por tráfico de influencias de su suegro, líder histórico del STUNAM…”, con recorte del monoaureo . com (a.k.a. Televisa en monitos).

Lo Cortés no quita lo bailado en La Sorbonne

A ver, a ver, doña Poni, ¿cómo re chingados estaba eso del “gran luchador social” que le presentó al “profesor” John Mill Ackerman?

Del 6 al 13 de julio es National Awareness Frida Theys… Shop NOW!

Previously on, Las Tangas de Frida…

Pour un poignée de dollars
La Fea

La Fea .::. 1BA25328-49A1-4C8D-8417-5409D5B4A81C .::. Starring: Tiffany Cross as the girl from the Blue House over Yonder, —in Coyoacán.

Sponsored by La Casa Azul of Princesse Tam🧶Tam or something like that.

Over at the Washington St. (75008) kiosk, Louis Vuitton just snatched the “V” from George at Champs Élysées, poor George. Over at La République, it’s 2015 and there is nothing to see here.

… [I]ndeed, John Mill Ackerman, in•deed, the mere street setup for the upcoming post Covid-19 Bastille Day celebration, which it is coming up in the programming, following Frida’s day of the dead celebration on July 13, reminds me of that time when Los Hijos de Astérix broke into the Tuileries Garden during France’s version of the Disneyland MAIN STREET Parade on July 14, 2015, when —you guys— sheltered inside of a little theater to watch documentaires about “The Man”. What a güey to herd the sheeple to be heard.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2015/07/15 /15-de-julio-la-placa-de-gilberto-bosques/

Tell Mí Moore

Tell Mí Moore — tell me mo’

… Across The Atlantic, it’s time for Humor and Irony with Willie Geist and just in case you have not heard the News Today, en La Jornada de HOY the News are just like in the Wild Wild West; In•deed Willie Geist, now pass the Ketch-up for them Spaghetti~O’s, Aymen, and give our regards to “La Pundita” who is off today celebrating Frida Day 🦴🦴🦴🐶 in Coyoacán.


El AMLO .::. 7C71FA3F-CB6D-4D7C-9739-DACFBBD8EADE … Aquí no hay ningún BUENO, Blondie, y para colmo allá en El Norte, —puros “Bounties”.

Moving on… don’t forget to close The Doors on your way out

N° 3

So, Ms. Hauc, considering that doña Inti will not read, öüï repeat, will not read this most non–consequential blog we [the staff] are going to bee moving on and let you save the planet on Telemundo’s dime, however, bee four öüï land from our Ayahuasca and Té de Tila trip, we’ll leave this little gema untouched until March Nine:

A ver qué dice el viejo

A ver qué dice el marido .:. 012861FF-4F7A-49F6-89EE-F908D129EBE4 .:. Juan Molino Campos–hombre approved.

Asumo mi crítica — Chuck Todd is obscene, and Eye Likes It!

Golden Boy Productions presents:

Cortesía de Telemundo

Cortesía de Telemundo .:. 355FDA6F-7025-46C2-BC25-A3F77FCC2BB5 —_•!•_— Must show WORK, not the political tutors powerpoints. •|• FOR THE RECORD, don Andrés Manuel López Obrador is not [we repeat] Andrés Manuel López Obrador  IS NOT a  “Politico de « izquierda »”, AMLO es un politico de ZUrDA SUrRADA”.

Triple G is a better boxer, “Canelo” just began to get it! Hat’s off to you Saúl.

Oré, D., “’Cancer does not wait’: Children’s medicine shortage stokes anger in Mexico.” Reuters, via « worldnews »,
FEBRUARY 17, 2020


ARROGANCE .:. 1571C538-8584-4950-A92E-495EF38EC9AE 🍌 “Hey SIRI,” How do you   RIGHT  write… « arrogance » in Polish? 🧶 FROM proceso (now on NETFLIX): CDMX… “En medio de las protestas por el asesinato de mujeres en el país, incluida Fátima en esta capital, la secretaria general de Morena, Yeidckol Polevnsky, rechazó que hayan aumentado los feminicidios y pidió a las feministas que sean más creativas para manifestarse”.

Señora, POLEvNSKI, please don’t bundle an episode of INFANTICIDE on netflix, and FEMINICIDE on le TeleMundo de Le Monde. For more on that, ask Senator Mitt Romney (the most Mexican, and outspoken of The Republicans « UtaH » on HBO) why Tijuana is a hotspot for everything from antibiotics TO children organs for rich Kids in The FREE WORLD. 

Dear, Mayor Pete, you, Sir, are a gift to humanity just like Notre Dame de Paris, as for u.s., öüï ourselves are more of a WordPress Jetpack®️, having said that, anybody who has not D.A.R.E.ed to venture into the Forum’s underground can call on the 21st Century post-it Note.

In Mexico, postit notes come in rolls:

LACE in yellow

LACE in yellow .:. AC7BC9B0-C410-451D-AC24-A815AF74006B Morena en AL ROJO VIVO.

Coming attractions: FOX FORCE fife

Live from Cartoon Network, “Fox Force Five”, starring Senator Amy Kloubuchar, as ‘Daphne’ the Laker girl.

The right side of history

Standing on the right side of History .:. C9B10618-8717-4F81-87AB-8A6F82EB973E

… [O]ver on the C~SPAN’s, it’s:
Cue in the SCOTUS reader; it’s A Long Distance Runaround, YES it is, YES.

Ah, YES! — La bendita Unesco

Deer, BriWi; you Sir, put that cork on the topic better than any Teleprompter or cue card reader can, you must either be a piano or percussion instrument player .:. 991F4398-9DE1-4EC9-8275-C13EF3C1182D 🛬 Please bee advised that beesides the 5G technology dominance over Edison’s “intertubes”, TIM apple and the Chinese have FOist bids en El Itsmo de Tehuantepec, y a La Chingada lo que al Monarca de México (AMLO) no le conviene.

And on Way Too Early, it’s “Hey, Ayman Mohyeldin — Don’t be a dick to Jazz”.

There can only BEE one

Los Hilos de Sasha meet Los Hilos de Hawaii .:. EE8F177B-AE1A-4555-A622-38EF2EED895F 🐁 There can Only BEE One Monarch in Mexico; can you guess WHO it is? 🕊 “Building peace in minds of men and women”, or something like that at the Mariposa Monarca Biosphere Reserve, Mexico (World Heritage Reserve/Site of “El Barça

Meanwhile, en Univision… Jorge Ramos compra tres Series para el sorteo del avión presidencial (arrendado) de “los mexicanos”, mientras que en Palacio Nacional, hay una cisma en el partido oficial (Morena), por un lado está STALIN y por el otro Vladimir Putin; “cierren las puertas Señores” México acaba de CHINGAR A SU MADRE, una vez más, ¡y la culpa es de BROZO!.

Se cayó el circo

Se cayó el Circo, el partido de John Mill Ackerman ya cerró “el changarro” de investigaciones sobre el caso de estos pobres cabrones. Amigos de Morena–Francia, “¡no que no?”, tan bonitos que se veían desfilando por Paris 20éme aquél mes de octubre del 2014, Chihuahua—quién lo diría, verda’ de dios que sí. .:. 0E2631DA-E551-4C46-A9FA-0A54D02D6FA7 ✈️

¡BROZO!… ¡BROZOOOO!, con una chingada cabrón, ¡BROZO!!!. En dónde mingados te metiste, desgraciado. Ahora sí les salió lo Latino U.S. ey‽


Las fuentes para Mi Amiga MINA, en la Unesco, 75014, PARÍS – Francia… Bcc: Vilma Fuentes.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx/ ultimas/ estados /2020/01/29/ hallan-muerto-a-activista-protector-de-la-mariposa-monarca-4628.html

https ://www .bbc .com /news /world-latin-america -51304857 Homero Gómez: Missing Mexican butterfly activist found dead

“Ya me cansé”… dijo el Estado

Al otro lado del Atlántico son las Once de la noche, y en México, las rectas para el ahora exiliado y derrocado presidente de Bolivia se ponen oblicuas, se alejan pues de lo parejo o lo horizontal. Por una de las trayectorias, en Bolivia, la autoproclamada presidente de esa nación organiza elecciones generales, pero sin la competencia, o sea sin Evo. Por otro sendero, se oye eco derechista de por aquellos laredos*, para sentenciar a muerte a los representantes del partido, o de la ideología de Evo.


Dyno~O~Mite.:.DB0D49DD-25CD-4FE5-B645-0F4540DE9733 •|• BOUM!!!

Mientras tanto en Iguala, en Iguala el presidente de Mexico se iguala con el Rey de Francia asegurando que siendo Él, el Estado, el asesinato de Julio César Mondragón no fue perpetrado por el Estado y los narcos; ¡no!. El  desollamiento fue llevado acabo por la “fauna” de la localidad.

¡Ah, que mis “animalitos”!

“Boum”… Deer, Adrienne Elrod — Cc: GiBo París

How’s that “Hamburgers in Paradise” universe working for Mme. Pant Suit? Issy, this too is part of La Memoria… and Willie Geist, the U.S. Code of Military Justice just went the way of the Hippocratic Oath in the State of Texas and, AYOTZINAPA para espontáneos en México Lindo y Querido.

Deer, Adrianne Elrod

Deer, Adrianne Elrod.:.4225AA27-B7D3-4540-A9A4-D20C9F16DE8C -_|_- “Amigos” de la Asociación Gilberto Bosques en París, Francia ; “Camaradas” de El Club del Profesor (doctor en política) John Mill Ackerman ; MORENA FRANCIA y Frente Amplio de Izquierda en Francia: ¡SALUDOS!!! Y por supuesto el CONTEXTO para el PRESIDENTE DE LA CORTE ADMINISTRATIVA DE PARÍS, follows.

Now beeCause Radio France is on Strike, öüì take it upon ourselves to walk and chew non chlorinated chicken soup for the Soul… at the same thyme.

Porky Pig’s Portrait would have done the
“interim” job of The president’s picture.

Deer, Willie Geist, i (armando segovia) can confirm that the President’s pork loin Face picture was not hanged at the U.S.  Embassy in Paris, France  during the 1st quarter of 2017. There is cctv video of mi walking to report a stole SSN nº ( mine),  i (armando segovia) inquired why the Idiot–in–Chief’s mug shot was not hanging by a thread and the legal counsel there (at the Embassy) replied that the official “portrait” had yet to arrive from The U.S., now, of the top of my memory, this personal inquiry happened weeks after after President Macron was elected into office. President Macron’s official portrait by the way, went up all over France the week after he was being congratulated by Vladimir Putin’s “bottom-bitch”.