Thursday, September 10, 2020 — *They say the fires are the reason you have beautiful fucking Sunsets

And in Washington… Priority One does not include a deadly pandemic, or the West Coast all–day and all–night “beautiful sunset”, or “the economy, stupid”, —no’Mam— PRIORITY NUMBER ONE is what United Statesians callfootball”, now D.A.T.! That D.A.R.E. is exceptional.

“Don’t wanna end up a Cartoon in a Cartoon WOODWARD graveyard…”


Al Simon, in:
Al Simon’s Greatest Hit Jobs on

Hello, I am your host, Alejandro Trebek, and for 100 dollars, it’s a BriWi Zinger related to the feline world.

The Pope in Rome:
— What is Catsup and empanadas mexicanas.

Minino means pussy cat in Guadalajara

What’s New Pussycat? 🐈 A19FD332-42E9-4867-8290-16521901B845 🇻🇦 Minino means pussy cat in Guadalajara, y cualquier parecido a lo que Canelo Álvarez alega en contra de su Golden Boy dorado es pura coincidencia con la denuncia de don Garay, ¡caray!… OFERTA NO APLICA a francesas, and BritBox need KNOT apply the lesson to a Katty Kay news brief.

https ://www .leprogres .fr /societe /2020/09/09 /le-plaisir-culinaire-ou-sexuel-est-simplement-divin-assure-le-pape-francois

[Pre-recorded track for the 19 o’Clock timestamp of 10/09/2020 in CET]:

Just add Text

Soup Wonder Bread®️ Sandwich à volonté .:. FF9CEA60-0B48-4755-BBCB-2FA91AA5911E — just add text.

… [A]nd Willie Geist, the staff left a time-delayed memo directing Studio 3-A at The Rockefeller Center to last week’s Mars line-dance with The Moon, just in case anyone is wondering why The Sun did not rise on the West Coast shoppers and why the sky was all RED, aussi:

https ://www .lequipe .fr /Medias /Actualites /Canelo-alvarez-attaque-de-la-hoya-et-dazn-son-diffuseur /1169940

AP LeMire, please relay to Mr. Charles Joseph Scarborough that if, AND ONLY IF,  them united states (de los gabachos) was, as Mr. Scarborough states and restates time–after–time, after time, that, the U.S. of A. is IN FACT, “exceptional”, THEN, the president of los gabachos, Donald John Trump, would have been escorted IN CUFFS from “the peoples house” and straight into the chambers of a Night Court for arraignment for crimes against humanity and for treason on account of recent declarations to “El WAPO Grande”, Alfonso Arau, who is playing the role of Bob Woodward for the “little Havana” crowd.

Sarah’s “Slow Motion Nightmares”


So, Rachel, we [the staff] recently learned from a redditor called “Thecoller,” what a slashed “s” (/s) stands for, we did so after reading an incendiary comment that was posted on the comment section
of an NPR story that covered one of the many American issues that really tick-us–off; so there… it’s a good thing that our Rotulista Extraordinaire, “Sego Arma” took his chill pills on that particular day, and only wrote two paragraphs, as a response and not his usual scroll… /s.

Entonces pues, doña Sarah (Chayes) we [the staff] would like to segue into today’s entry by probably anticipating what the “geniuses” [/s] at Morning Joe are going to say about our continuing follow-through of those —your—recurring “Slow-Motion Nightmares” that have been unfolding since January 20th of this, our Chinese Year of The Rooster and, its similarities with many backwards countries forms of Corruption and Institutionalized Graft, which according to you —Ma’am— “it’s SO Familiar from HONDURAS, from Azerbaïjan, [and] from Afghanistan“.

Our educated anticipation [/s]… tells us that given the upcoming Alabama Governor’s Mansion race, Cousin Joe is going to say that Now is Not the Time to question him about that iPhone X, and neither is it the moment to bring back the folly of the 2009 U.S. Backed Coup in Honduras, against President Zelaya’s pajamas.

Foto cortesía de La Jornada [de] Mme. Secretary Rodham-Clinton… en el 2009.

To which we [the staff] would answer to Willie Geist, that we actually wanted to re-take this angle about recurring Slow-Motion Nightmares —particulary South of Tijuana— because [Dr. Chayes] during your brief conversation with Dr. Maddow (October 20th, 2007, TRMS) you explained to Maddow’s audience how the banking scheme in Azerbaïjan is spearheaded by the “president’s” immediate relatives; and, how in Afghanistan the government backed construction industry is colluded with opium drug lords who also control the Portland Cement distribution racket industry, however; Dr. Chayes, will you deny that during that Voice of America segment on The Rachel Maddow Show you forgot to bring out the corrupting variable —that is So Familiar [/s]— with latin American elections since the days that .: Benjamin Franklin :. was flying kites during his “Missionary Work” [/s] —in France… which brings us to a lighting round of our Daily Double Jeopardy segment of… Of Course You Know That It Was The French Who Invented…

– – Your Categories Are:
• French Legacies
• French Patrimonies
•French Glory

– – FOR $5000, which of the French King’s is Responsible for the portrait on the Federal Reserve’s  $100 Bill 

-Contestant presses the annoying buzzard button, and hurries his answer:

— The Martyr King of L’Ancien Regime

-Alejandro Trebek responds:

– – Can you phrase your response in the form of a question?

-Contestant, Armando Álvarez responds:

— “Who is The Martyr King of L’Ancien Régime, King Louie XVI?

Anygüey, Dr. Chayes, pending what the other Sarah, of our Dreams, Silverman has to say on tomorrow’s show we [the staff] would like to take this opportunity and try to “fill in the blanks” of that particular Honduras void that you left empty during your Raquelito interview… AMAZING C.V. that follows you, by-the-way [/respect].

Yes we know that given Trump’s crumbling presidency, it’s not “kosher” to talk bad about former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s role in the Zelaya’s pajamas affair, but you know what, Dr. Chayes, We The Staff Did TAKE A LEFT IN ALBUQUERQUE during the Bernie Sanders run, and as a matter of fact, world events don’t just stop because The United States of America is having an Emotional Meltdown, geo politically speaking, —of course… “¡HASTA LA VICTORIA, SIEMPRE!” And, Merry X–Mas, Revolution!


https ://www .reddit .com/r/mexico/comments/7gdvdm/mexico_struggles_to_integrate_foreign_students

Sarah Chayes on TRMS:

Any minute now…

…Yo ya extraño a Buzzfeed, on MSNBC.
… and Power edition, on Jeopardy.

Earlier in the Election Coverage at Mr. Peacock pundit ring, one of the troops with a microphone asked a Chilean citizen why she supported Donald Trump.

 Here’s some trivia for Mr.Todd:

      Raul Velasco was perhaps the precursor to the Don Francisco Show
AKA, “Sabado Gigante”…
It happened during the Augusto Pinochet days, name the ‘iconic quote’ that Mr. Velasco coined regarding the relation between Chile and the ‘then’ backyard to Henry Kissinger’s U.S. of A.?

… José Diaz-Balart beats Chuck to the button and answers:

What is : Ayer, en México salió el sol.

… Alex Trebek says, “Ohhh, sorry. That was attributed to Velasco’s partner in Communication crime: News Anchor, Jacobo Zabludovsky, with regards to the 1968 student massacre at the Three Cultures Square… “The more you know…”, José, “The more you know…”.

… Chris Matthews jumps in, and answers:

What is: Tú eres mi hermano del alma realmente un Amigo.

… Alex Trebek responds, “Ohhhhh, that was the opening to a song dedicated to the Pope.” Must be the Catholic in you.

… Chuck Todd gives it a shot:

What is : Badges!!! We don’t need no stinking badges!!!

… Alex Trebek responds, “Ohhhh, now that my friend —is a quote way out on left field.”
The answer is:

What is: México para Chile,
y chile para México.

… Alex goes on to say: chile, in Mexican street jargon has the same connotation as sausage, in say, —an all-male party.

Any minute now.


THE TELEPROMPTER SPEECH“. | Uso justo de los medios from the only local news at 6 p.m. in El Ey… Donald Trump talks about the PPP. and a bad deal called the Transpacific Partnership.

Word comes from North Dakota that Bernie Sanders takes 6 Delegates from that State.

No word from a Navy Yard in New York where Secretary Clinton is programmed to give a speech…

In L.A., however, a party is already getting on the way in Hillary Clinton’s honor.

Uso justo de Aljazeera.

Uso justo de Aljazeera…. because “bridges are better than walls,” Hillary Clinton.






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The last word on the Daily News. | Uso justo del Instituto Electoral de NBC News.

TimeStamp 07h50m CET: “Next Tuesday we continue in Washington D.C.,” said Bernie Sanders to a raucous crowd.  In  spite  of  negative speed  reading  of a Politico magazine, by TRMS—Bernie commits his campaign to go all the way to Love Park in Philadelphia PA… The STRUGGLE CONTINUES.

Thank you Mr. Peacock for the opportunity to see ‘The Rage’ [Steve Kornaki] express himself as an artist on that damn board.

Dear Mr. Matthews, Bernie is going to take elephants into Philly… Hannibal reloaded.


Earlier today.  |  Sooooo,  i  left  the big top right about the time that Nicolle Wallace exited the stage to change costume for a morning show.  Woke  up  [fell out of bed, stuck a fork acrros my head  ♫ ♫ ♫]  and  learned  that Speaker Ryan remains steadfast on the Trump stranglehold.  ||  Uso justo de todos los M-I-E-D-O-S en el monitor de los interwebs.   |||   Fair  use  of  media  and  a  weather-capsule.