Penta-Namas-t’esta con Adela Micha

Previously on, ACAPULCO: this is no time for Siesta, en Roma…

The Minister of zEducation in The France got the CLEP Test.

https ://study .com /academy /goal /transferable-credit /credit-by-exam /clep-exams-college-level-examination-program .html?src=ppc_adwords_nonbrand&rcntxt=aws&crt=318281655593&kwd=clep%20test&kwid=kwd-379725720&agid=63515012836&mt=e&device=m&network=g&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4caoj8_f8AIVgQWiAx0_wAcVEAAYASAAEgLJI_D_BwE

Televisa presenta… A Band in Parts (literally) en colaboración avec El Ave María y Los Toreros Muertos, y por supuesto, in the role of El Espíritu Santo: JAVIER.

The ruling party candidate reveals that she too was conceived through Immaculate Conception, and that “El Espíritu Santo” is her dad.

But FO’ist! Live from an Island where i hang around, Eye wants to remind Republican Honcho, Richard Steele, that son of a bitch, that the next time that a peacock makes reference to a Banana Republic do not forget that these were all made possible by diligent Black Ops and of course, International Spy Masters like Avi Velshi and, average fisgones such as Malcolm Nance, of Black Spy fame… at the plate empty seats wonder where in the fuck is Voltaire? Word has not reached Vincennes that previously on this same blog: se volaron a Voltaire, and that motherfucker remains at-large.

It’s all Greek To Mí… CORRE Y SE VA!!!
To the Moon Day, Monday…
and YURI! If you are listening
ay T’va este CASCABEL para celebrar el mes más francés en Roma (colonia).

Sin Embargo, para no perder “el tino”, the Holy See, Eye told you, designates CONSTANTINO as the next at bat.


PAS D’Ticket… Eye is an Anti-christ, and Eye quotes: an anarchist! BRUSELAS ES MÁS “belga”, Siren.

Se Volaron a VOLTAIRE

ATTENTION  https ://www .theproutschool .org /arts /music BEE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR ASPIRING “High School French Horns” seeking admission into your music Academia. 

Intelligent REPORTS relay that them filthy frogs can go by the name of Gonorrhëa, or STD. Fuck with said γονόρροια ουσ θηλ at your own peril [imagine a Period here]


Deer, Golden Spectacled Retriever on The BriWi Train

Whoof, whoof, guau/guau, whoooof!

… [A]nd the phat cats at the Rainbow Niche went:

— Miau?

And The Intrepid Teeny Tiny Cat (accept no re-prints and/or forgeries) purrrrrrrr-Ed.: he said, That he Wants A Bucket of CHICKEN, first, period!

Deer, Brian Williams, you feral puss, the phrase that you deflated on the Third Quarter of your transmission was: they went off-the-Rails of a Crazy Train.

Now go get Sharon Osborne “cholo-gardening” team to the Maiden Voyagers… and if you can distinguish between The Alamos and Los Olmos, then you also know how to distinguish between a Dove and a Bat… so don’t get caught being the Last In Line, on account that Öüï knows From-The-FO’ist Time—From The 1st Time, BriWi, if youse Evo or The Vaina…. “Feeling lucky, Punk*?”


President Joe crosses The AXI[O]S and swings on le pen!!! Oh—The Humanityyyyyyy!!!!

… in our little hide-a-güey beneath La Seine .:. DFB1C934-FD37-4A23-9863-B6F9E4E9BBE1 🐙 🎶 Ahh-ah ahh-ah Ahh– Ahh A.

While that ink dries, we switch it over to the classified ads; page 46, REAL ESTATE with Katy Kay.

… [A]nd Willie Geist, before i switch IT!, over to a Mexican Radio and the Evil “Chivo” Anagram–ah Gah-ma Rah-ma –mah, —ANA! I’m going to show Mr. Kevin Williamson at The National Review how to properly, and by-the-numbers, show your motherfucking WO’ik On the Run, on the run Willie Geist, on the run 🐐.

Indeed, Mr. Williamson, in•deed. You didn’t think that Öüï was going to Put On a Pair… of jeans, just out of the Blue. Of course Knot—you foo’, i actually been to Nîmes and that’s why that one time when we never met, and you didn’t ask: hey, numb nuts! Where you coming from? Eye never winked at yo’Sorry ass, “De Nîmes–es, ese ». De Nîm es, get it?


Chewin’ Chocolate, Mascando Bubble-gum, Eating Cake and, SKIPPING like a giddy 46th Vice-President of The United States of América.

Did you know that it was the Very French who invented The Jean Genie? It’s TROU!!! And then like Evry thing in France it was turned into a motherfucking Dish. 🍔 5D0EDC4F-EDCD-4C54-B4EA-0DF0F0CDA1B2 👖

* Must squint eyes like Raquelito on the Rachel Maddow Show, because Evry body wants to play it Left Hand (Luke)… “Like some KAT from Japan”, FROM JAPAN! Willie Geist, from Japan.

🎶 HAPPy birthThey, Mr. Président… in the Voice, of Marilyn Monroe (Doct.)

Goooooooooooold MORNING, Mr. Président!
Now, Sir, before Öüï begins the beguine, i am going to give Sammy Davis Junior a little time to really, really, Really—Really fill in, that girl from BARCELONA, CHRISTina… or was her name Mademoiselle Johansen, —Javier?

SHOW Nº 1794, feedback from SPOT FIVE at the Stairway to the de Medici’s Agro Bolsa Building à Les Halles .:. E00BA42F-39C7-478A-A67E-18E7BF46F200 🗣 Deer, Tiff Cross, consider this my FO’ist WRAP ALBUM Draft for the title: Undercover brother — cover of the Night.

And Bardem goes:

¡Majo! Pero como jodes con esas patatas en Bréves à la mode de Ketch-up! ¡Ya os dije que yo no me llamo Javier, coño!!!

In case you haven’t noticed Leslie Jones, it’s an “Anniversary Themed” birthThey for Mr. Macron, and we begin IN NORMANDY on “D-Day” or as THEY say in this motherfucking dimension, “the begining of the End of a War”, SO, i guess what i am saying, Avi VELSHI, is that anybody can draw a parallel with tonight’s alignement with CHRONOS, but Velshi… you better show your receipts, work, and most of all, motherfucker, your WITT!!!


Show #1791
Episode 6 / Season(ing) 46
Dave Chappelle (Monologue)

Deer, Congressman O’Donnell, there is a FESTEVUS desk sale in Nigeria, shop now ’till Epiphany arrives… sources close to La Soupe Popular say: 🎶 Wish You Were Here.

Come get your nigger lessons
Dave Chappelle
November 7th, 2020
Studio 8A, 30 Rockefeller* Center
New York, New York.

Musical Guest:
The President of Africa
Opening Score:
WaWa get No Enemy

 France Culture 2021
(intro to La CHAPPEllE* on SNL)
When: Winter 2020 – Summer 2021
Where: All over the Hexagone and all French territories.
Hours: depending on SigNal.

* For this course, the student must show proficiency in parallology, tangentology, and of course inter-dimensional  traveling (Without Moving). NOW, it is very important for the student to show their work, lest you run the risk of being-in Sports and accused of racism… por ejemplo, Leslie Jones, did you happen to catch our strategy to fill your “shopping cart” à Paris?

OF COURSE, with Leslie Jones and her “shopping spree show”, now on the backburner, i must tell you Mr. President, that after 10 years of trying to tell a story that is now beginning to unfold (that is part of the reason that you former boss’ colleague, president Enrique Peña Nieto, is laughing on the dentils of recent snapshots in this blog) and part of that reason includes BERNARDO GÓMEZ’ instructions to DUNCAN BRIDGEMAN, director of “Hecho en Mexico”, to end “his fuck-you-mentary” (in true TELEVISA STYLE: para la gente jodida en México) with a version of EL PERRO ANDALUZ anthem, which happens to be titled “What are you aiming at, when you dream, —mexicano”.

This why, Mr. Macron, i know realize that one must be French (or something like that) to reach one goals when the aim is exposing INSTITUTIONALIZED CORRUPTION. But yes, i prefer child surfers, as opposed to child soldiers, and that is all that i am going to say, about that, before your boys in blue pick me up masturbating à La Concorde.

¿A qué le tiras cuándo sueñas africano?


Later on The Last Desk, with Congressman Lawrence O’Donnell:

It’s plural because each dimension has its own Constitution and ANAtomy, and Rachel Maddow, if they thought you “Phenomenology of The Spirit”, like the French used to do —in fucking high school— then you’ll know why the Brits don’t mind showing their faces in public, i mean the teefy’s on them rosbifs, good Lorde!.

Caption: “I wanTWObe a DOCTor”.

When the levee breaks…

¿Por qué entregarse a la Gran Costumbre?

Se puede escojer la tura, la invención… asi es como París nos destruye despacio, deliciososamente triturándonos entre flores viejas y manteles de papele con manchas de vino… [etc., etc., etc…]

Julio Cortázar
50 Edición conmemorativa
[Énfasis en los etcéteras son cortesía del Staff].

24 de enero, 2018
Sabbatical Day N° 20

…asegovia3 is experiencing technical difficulties…
as soon as things get back to normal the lovely Sarah Silverman will catch up with del Toro’s “The Shape of Water”, while kill joy Sarah Chayes will brings us [all] up to date with the developing crumbling down of the Honduras post-election debacle.

Mientras tanto en MéxiKO, pues en MéxiKO no pasa nada, querida, Rachel Maddow; absolutamente nada. Todo es del color de los dientes postizos de Vicente Fox, y brillante como la pista de aterrizaje de la puta frente de Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

Should the levee break or Carlos Salinas de Gortari appear; then, context should follow… let’s hope neither follow.

In the mean time, and on the occasion of The Seine once again flirting on spilling and moistening everything around its banks, please enjoy this flashback of Two Ducks duking it out, — al lado de una pinche pata comoda… de cualquier manera pase lo que pase, y en honor a “Los Toreros Muertos“, esta magnana el staff se aseguró de meterle al río por lo menos otros 35 à  45ml. de “mi aguita amarilla“.