Efeméride: 1985, la muerte del Ete de Pancha

34 años…

The 11th hour

The 11th hour

Las causas de los decesos:
Sobredosis de cemento.
Fuentes: (No insistas fip
vete a besar a tu Flamenco.

Coming up in the programming

Coming up in the programming, Bulls on Parade, con las SeVillanas de Sam Stein, the ugliest Mexican en la cuadrilla. —•!•— …[O]ver on the Disney/Miramax Channel, it’s Four non-Blondes and their One Hitter, “Everybody Gknew”. •¡• fip over to the Quentin Tarantino Channel an it’s another edition of “No Service for Viejos feos“, starring Vicente Fox, in this episode, el siempre divertido, “VIEJO LESBIANO” protects the waters of “El Rey”, para USO EXCLUSIVO de sus benditos potrillos. }—~~~\,,,*>  Deer, mr. “Last Word”, beefour “The Eleventh Hour”, just before MidNite: PLEASE BEE ADVISED that “El Soplapitos was not watching The Rachel Maddow Show, however, Eye was.

Oración a los Saint–Ignatius de los WaPos, las WaPas y, por supuesto los soplapitos and early-warning AGUAS GÜEY de todos nuestros benditos imperios del Concejo Mundial de La Lucha Libre en el pancracio del Nuevo desOrden global…

… [A]nd for the record, Camilo Cienfuegos just granted a walk to FOist to Mme. Lagarde, y los técnicos de ayer head on over to Second, where Madge tag-teams Cindy Lauper who just happened to be “bopin” along with The Go-Gos on FOist with a “pinball wizard”, or something like that, and while that Circus–Circus spectacle develops, Justice Sotomayor steps up to the plate… y en las ondas del Sena en parís, La Comadre letty sigue de armada, insistiendo; pero no, comadre lety, el corazón de Camilo le pertenece a Susana sin sus sepultureros, period

Happening NOW, the DOJ is limiting Rachel’s Audio

Over on “the” ms&beeseas,
GNOMES are cutting the AUDIO FEED
Oh, the humanity.

Tin Tin... is that you?

Tin Tin… is that you? Öüï must get the French involved, a Frenchy is locked up without a Lucky Luc Fregón BDO (Banda Dibujada Original).

Mean, while Donald J. Trump is the president of Puerto Rico:

Desde las honduras de las Transnacionales

Desde las honduras de las Transnacionales del Fondo Monetario de La C.I.A., y’all!!!

Sarah Chayes, i remember you.

“Well Did EWE Evah? — Complémént de Affaire, CERFA n° 13473*01

Good Afternoon Marianne.
It’s 4:20 in CET… Shall we continue with this Dance
might as well —i mean— You know, to welcome Ringo Starr and “La Fiesta de La Musica” en toda LA FRANCE… Night and Day, BabyDay and Night.

Dear Marianne: With all due respect, i have already explained several times — sur papier libre — what your people at the 6émé bureau call a “projet de création de plan d’affaire,” and although, Baby, some of the key players* les “héroes de feuilleton” have changed teams in this most non-consequential saga; “The Song,” Marianne — “Remains the Same.” Cordialmente, armando segovia.

Si la foto es buena…

Context on line five follows… it’s the 11th Hour and we send a Shout Out to TRMS and — La larme vue dans le monde entier!

I know, Marianne, — i know what’s going to go through the minds of the reviewers of my most inconsequential CERFA formulaire at le 6éme bureau when they see one of Barbara’s line on a Parisian trash can with a perfectly good and, might we add; sealed « matin léger » six pack… now,  if we [the staff] knew anything about subtilité, we’d tell you that it’s because a « matin léger »  is « facile à digérer »…

What do You say we take a pause from the dance and instead play « hardball », eh?

Issy, BARBARA, whereever You might be, “Si la foto es buena”, sure the theme of the lyrics changed, but the abominable Cruel and Unusual form of punishment patterns are ALL THERE, down to the « President’s Wife », eh? — ScreenGrab is courtesy of The Chris Matthes Show and his access to the archives of the National Broadcasting Company… ISSY, Marianne, the good thing about this most non—consequential blog is that the French don’t have a National Broadcasting COMPANY, eh!

TimeStamp: 01h00 in CET

… and no Marianne, we [the staff] have not, we repeat—to quote Chris Matthews— have not done a single “backflip” since we’ve landed on the CDG, no Ma’am. Instead, Marianne, what we’ve had to do since day 8th, when the Year of Mexico in France was put in the garbage can is a bunch of motherfucking forward somersaults.

And, as a matter of fact, one of these piruetas pa’lante was a response to Brontis à la préfecture rejection for the renewal of the second part of the permit that we [the staff] identified as a “blank card” to basically swim like fish in water when it came down to gathering the elements of a story about corruption and privilege.

We call these maromas, tangentes interesantes, or Cross Media Tangents.

The Little Red Girl… ISSY, Marianne, soon after Brontis à la préecture confiscated our « titre de sejour » and with it our both of our feet—along with our shoe leather reporting credentials— Donald Trump came into the Mexican scene, and to quote the « Ministry », “THERE WAS ONLY ONE THING THAT I COULD DO” and that was, to “ding–a–ding–long” my SEIS GRADOS de Kevin Bacon, i had to develop a way to keep my honing my craft while keeping the ingredients within the tropes and topics of the “melting pot” that gave Country, and my early “horn of plenty” childhood formation that infused my soul; REMEMBER MARIANNE, Que Yo Soy Un Producto de la S.E.P.—eh!

… in Central Europe Time it’s six hours to summer solstice, right now Robert Zimmerman is strumming the Tombstone Blues, or some “great commander–in–Chief” saying “death to all who shed a tear,” or something like that—hell, Raquelito, Dylan even ended the song with how “Ewe gotta put a Wall—over here,” can you believe how the times seem to not be changing!

TimeStamp 06h29 in CET.

TimeStamp: Flipsville… in Siren Central Time

The Longest Day Follows.

Sarah’s “Slow Motion Nightmares”


So, Rachel, we [the staff] recently learned from a redditor called “Thecoller,” what a slashed “s” (/s) stands for, we did so after reading an incendiary comment that was posted on the comment section
of an NPR story that covered one of the many American issues that really tick-us–off; so there… it’s a good thing that our Rotulista Extraordinaire, “Sego Arma” took his chill pills on that particular day, and only wrote two paragraphs, as a response and not his usual scroll… /s.

Entonces pues, doña Sarah (Chayes) we [the staff] would like to segue into today’s entry by probably anticipating what the “geniuses” [/s] at Morning Joe are going to say about our continuing follow-through of those —your—recurring “Slow-Motion Nightmares” that have been unfolding since January 20th of this, our Chinese Year of The Rooster and, its similarities with many backwards countries forms of Corruption and Institutionalized Graft, which according to you —Ma’am— “it’s SO Familiar from HONDURAS, from Azerbaïjan, [and] from Afghanistan“.

Our educated anticipation [/s]… tells us that given the upcoming Alabama Governor’s Mansion race, Cousin Joe is going to say that Now is Not the Time to question him about that iPhone X, and neither is it the moment to bring back the folly of the 2009 U.S. Backed Coup in Honduras, against President Zelaya’s pajamas.

Foto cortesía de La Jornada [de] Mme. Secretary Rodham-Clinton… en el 2009.

To which we [the staff] would answer to Willie Geist, that we actually wanted to re-take this angle about recurring Slow-Motion Nightmares —particulary South of Tijuana— because [Dr. Chayes] during your brief conversation with Dr. Maddow (October 20th, 2007, TRMS) you explained to Maddow’s audience how the banking scheme in Azerbaïjan is spearheaded by the “president’s” immediate relatives; and, how in Afghanistan the government backed construction industry is colluded with opium drug lords who also control the Portland Cement distribution racket industry, however; Dr. Chayes, will you deny that during that Voice of America segment on The Rachel Maddow Show you forgot to bring out the corrupting variable —that is So Familiar [/s]— with latin American elections since the days that .: Benjamin Franklin :. was flying kites during his “Missionary Work” [/s] —in France… which brings us to a lighting round of our Daily Double Jeopardy segment of… Of Course You Know That It Was The French Who Invented…

– – Your Categories Are:
• French Legacies
• French Patrimonies
•French Glory

– – FOR $5000, which of the French King’s is Responsible for the portrait on the Federal Reserve’s  $100 Bill 

-Contestant presses the annoying buzzard button, and hurries his answer:

— The Martyr King of L’Ancien Regime

-Alejandro Trebek responds:

– – Can you phrase your response in the form of a question?

-Contestant, Armando Álvarez responds:

— “Who is The Martyr King of L’Ancien Régime, King Louie XVI?

Anygüey, Dr. Chayes, pending what the other Sarah, of our Dreams, Silverman has to say on tomorrow’s show we [the staff] would like to take this opportunity and try to “fill in the blanks” of that particular Honduras void that you left empty during your Raquelito interview… AMAZING C.V. that follows you, by-the-way [/respect].

Yes we know that given Trump’s crumbling presidency, it’s not “kosher” to talk bad about former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s role in the Zelaya’s pajamas affair, but you know what, Dr. Chayes, We The Staff Did TAKE A LEFT IN ALBUQUERQUE during the Bernie Sanders run, and as a matter of fact, world events don’t just stop because The United States of America is having an Emotional Meltdown, geo politically speaking, —of course… “¡HASTA LA VICTORIA, SIEMPRE!” And, Merry X–Mas, Revolution!


https ://www .reddit .com/r/mexico/comments/7gdvdm/mexico_struggles_to_integrate_foreign_students

Sarah Chayes on TRMS:



Sur Les Traces de Diderot: Issy, Canal Plus es “Tierra de Passion”

… and now, Balzac; pg. 38, “Don’t open ’till Doomsday”

BROZO, aquí la patada en los huevos que me pediste: “Well, why do I watch it, (El Abismo de Pasión) you may wonder? That’s because my host where I have dinner every evening (I work momentarily in Kenya) is watching this before the evening news. That’s why.” Via: IMdB commentaries. En Castellano, pinche payaso, eso quiere decir de que ya para cuando ‘los anfitriones’ llegan a la hora “de Jacobo” su tolerancía a lo que pasa afuera de la pantalla confirma lo que “El Tigre” propusó en “un” proceso… Context follows—if you need it!

Sarah Silverman took a break this week in order to catch up with some old co-workers. She spoke to our favorite Senator from the Great State of Winsconsin (Stewart Little, of course)… also, a very underrated comedienne gets promoted to Colonel; instead of an Oak Leaf or a Full-bird she gets a gavel: SOLD!

The Fishman’s take [insert Law and Order signature gavel playback]… Hey there, Rachel, would you like to borrow a red nose?

In the mean time, Sarah Chayes, we now return to the media mechanics of this Special presentation on the elements of Latin american oligarchies and kleptocracies expanding all over the globe; and so Sarah Silverman, we [the staff] would like to call Your Attention to some breaking news… we don’t expect you to watch, but please don’t forget to Fall-Back one hour with the changing of the hours (Charlie Hebdo, cover follows).

Televisa Presenta:

El Premio de una campaña electoral; Breaking the cycle… con Bernardo Gómez, y Las Manos de El PRI… Starring, Matthew McConaughey.

Palabras más, palabras menos, según el Wall Street Journal, una gran desventaja en el mercado de contenidos (para Televisa) gira en torno de un público que ya se cansó de consumir telenovelas producidas al destajo, y con guiones que siguen fiel al patrón del pueblo jodido (revista “The Nation” en Espagnol) habiendo otras opciones, como por ejemplo “Narcos” y “Más narcos con Penn y Kate”, por las corrientes de los cibernautas de los Netflixes…

ISSY, Paloma, lo que siempre te recordé: si El Times de Nueva York no lo apunta—no cuenta.

…tanta es la influencia del inesperado gigante de los Interwebs, que hasta sacó de la jugada a Blockbuster Video, y por lo menos a un politico mexicano (en campaña electoral) que se le ocurrió “piratiar” una muy popular serie de Netflix (see House of Cards: it’s not a competition…). So much for Televisa being the favorite Soldier of El PRI.

Noticia de Último minuto: por cuadragésima ocasión, el primer actor Eric del Castillo (q.e.p.d.) sufrió un infarto luego de que el pionero de telenovelas clásicas y películas de Los Estudios Churubusco se enterara de que su hija, doña Kate, optara por buscar foros y sets en otros horizontes… }-~~•> Uso justo de IMdB

Cuentan los que estuvieron presentes allí mero a un lado del primer actor que interpretara a “El Padre Maromas”, que cuando el pobre señor decayó con el patatús se le oyó sollozar: bendito el Eterno porque no permtío que ni Milmo—ni—Viduarreta vivieran para ver a mi hija traicionar a “La Empresa“.

Context follows, blackout approaches

Next on Netflix:

“Los Olvidados del Canal 34″…
Don’t Open Till Doomsday

… Happy HelloWeen on a very Special Blue Moon weekend… Michael Che has the night off.

El cadaver de un hombre muy poderoso en el mercado de los medios de América latina comienza a dar vueltas en su ataúd cuando la señal de origen del espectro mexicano, de ondas radiales de televisión, se mezcla con las barras del WiFi de los nuevos inquilinos en Ajusco y en el mercado de KMEX… GOOOOOO, DODGERS!

Las Fuentes:

… O como diría Jorge Saldaña: la globalización De la TeleVicracia. —•— Uso justo del TéléGuia de Issy-Les-Moulineaux.

La Jornada: “Deja Emilio Azcárraga presidencia de Televisa a Gómez y De Angoitia”;  http ://www .jornada .unam .mx /2017 /10 /27 /index .php?section =economia&article=018n1eco

Carmona, D. D., “Emilio Azcárraga Milmo”,   ISBN 970-95193; en: Memoria Política de México. Instituto Nacional de Estudios Políticos A. C.; vía:

… Contenido es traído a ustedes por cortesía de Pantelion Films y La Asociación de Amigos de México en Francia “Nosotros los Nobles”. •_~  Uso justo de todos ISBN’s.


Télé Guía:  La Revancha de La Diabla

Page 32… By The Misfits.


IMdB; “Abismo de Pasión”. Vía:

“México siempre fiel”, dijo un Juan Pablo II cuando vío a don Eric del Castillo jugar la parte del papá de Diego, antes de que El Vaticano canonizara al vidente del Tepeyac… pobre don Eric; las cenizas de sus últimos Faros (sin filtro, eh) serán esparcidas en la Basílica de Nuestra Señora de “Lucerito”.

Y ahora con ustedes, el segmento musical  para que vayan y chinguen a su madre los de Molotov:

Que no te haga BoBo Jacobo

… y al regresar: Brozo y “El Carnal de Las Estrellas”. —_—. Fair use of Netflix!

YO! Eric

I saw them weapons being transfeed

I saw funerals caused by those weapons being fired…

Sir, the buck stops with you.

So you Must Have Some Interesting thing to Say; because, Baby, you ain’t got no moral authority to go on a PrimeTime night show, unless it is to apologize… hope you like them tacos that i sent you ( fuck Louie Gohmer, also… pandering fuck) those tacos i sent you are of a particular variety that is good for your digestive system. So enjoy

… and Cheers, Motherfuɔker!

———-TimeStamp: 0800 hours CET

Weekend Edition — TV/Stream Guide

Going on right now at the /r/Please Take My Money sub reddit, it’s time for the yearly Elmer’s Horologe Time Pieces 48-hour-watch Blowout Sale. GOOOOO, DODGERS!

Everything in the studio (excuse us) Everything in the warehouse must go, including our Trickle–Down Marine Sand Glass collection, and our exclusive North Korean Doom’s Day atomic (knock-off) clocks.

[General Kelly image follows…]

Shop within the next 15 minutes and receive a complimentary limited edition Trump Tower nuclear pocket “gremlin” watch.

Eh, watcha doin’ Doc?
— I am fixed on making this bomb blow up, one sledge hammering tweet at a time…  Merrie Melodies still courtesy of the Interwebs… and: A Fallin Hare.  —_—. Uso justo de todas las liebres.

Choose from a wide selection of Cookoo and Grandfather clocks, including the “too big to fail Stock-voodoo clock,” made of 100% Canadian Maplewood from our Ottawa Commodities subsidiary, which we ship directly to your doorsteps via our global shipping partners, listed of course, on the New York and the prestigious, Toronto Stock Exchange.

Later on C-SPAN 2112, the Los Angeles Philarmonic performs an orchestrated rendition of “The Wabbit That Came To Supper.” Gael García Bernal, conducts this performance at the legendary, Teatro Blanquita.


Dear, Sarah Chayes*: might the content in this commentary piece, from a contributing attorney-at-law, at La Jornada in Mexico City be on the same ball park of what you talked about yesterday night, October the 20th, during your segment on The Rachel Maddow Show? … P.S.: thanks for bringing up Honduras as a show-and-tell exhibit “A”,  for your “how to spot corruption… outside of the Continental United States. —¡—. We [the staff] hope that the link to this (most accurate) opinion on “The Fast and Furious” gun-running program (contingent to The Merida Plan, no less!) serves as a homework assignment to the good folks at TRMS, —for Monday night’s show… Cheers!

Primetime on Monday the 23rd over at The Rachel Maddow Show, it’s another round of “Aspersions on Louie Gohmer’s asparagus.” Ari Melver promised that he would be there.

Don’t miss, “Aspersions on Louie Gohmer’s asparagus,” guest-starring “Fast & Furious” Mexican Gun-Runner VoBo**: Eric Holder. Show starts at 9pm on the EST, on ‘the’ msnbc’s.

“INCUESTIONABLE”… hold… er, that thought, y de paso Cousin Joe, dile por favor a Vicente Fox y a Salinas de Gortari: que por favor vayan y Chinguen a Su Madre!. Muchas gracias.

TV/S Guide dish of the week:

Fusion Tacos, half the soul, but packed in wholesomeness.

A highly recommended “antojito fusionado” for this upcoming episode of TRMS… Dear, Rachel, the tacos are supposed To “Cool off” any “Fast and Furious Aspersions on Louie’s asparagus,” y pues, mi apreciada Raquel, son unos tacos de espárragos ‘chamuscados’ bañados en crema adobada y cebolla roja curtida (o en vinagre) que si no es lo mismo, pues, es igual)… Bon dégustation!

Context on ugly bearded guys —and a couple of broads, also — follows…



Aspersions on my Fusion Tacos •—• “You don’t want to go there”… https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QkbgJGZTVP0

Cousin JOE…  hold… er that thought.

Sarah Chayes, on TRMS: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pN_LFIgSozA

The Echos on the Larry O’Donnell Show

Good Morning Rachel, Today® is already Tuesday, January the 31st…
Tomorrow it is, [one more again] it is supposed to be Direct-Deposit day. It remains to be seen if your trademarked zinger “Bureaucratic Siberia” trickles down to the CS-1 pay scale.

Y así, —precisamente, muy estimada Raquel— arrancan los godinazgos institucionalizados, pero en Inglés; purgando y podando la parte del erario que remunera a los funcionarios. —|— Uso justo de una Sesión de Emergencia en El Show de  Raquel Maddow,  en  New York,  New York [ Zip Code: irrelevant ].   —|—   TimeStamp:  09h30  10h25 CET.

If time could be saved in a bottle, then —and only then— Ricardo Arjona diría que las brumosas desiciones  disecciones  decisiones de Bobby McNamara durante la guerra, y sus memorias después de lo que pasó en Irak, no califican como una objeción de conciencia [en reversa].

Yemen is the new Syria
and Brian Williams is occupying the entire 11th Hour tonight…
For what it’s Worth,
TRMS is covering the 6am on CET….
Mientras tanto, al mismo tiempo que la primera hora
del Show de Raquel Maddow ocurría, En El ICE
nos fuimos desde Guatemala a guatepeor.

Meanwhile* at the Veterans of former CIA director’s Wars, not necessarily affiliated* with the Veterans of Foreign Wars, or the DAV —as Nicole Wallace pointed out during the occupation of the 11th Hour— for that matter, “a BuzzFeed Editor” is going to be writing counter-policy for ‘the’ msnbc’s.

Note to editors, directors and copywrite staff:
this is a rushed copy of a Borrador.

Have you, as a non-participant in political discourse, ever heard of the argument to get rid of the journalism trade? it’s the same that it’s made for the legal guild.

…al regresar: Deportes con John Milton.

Invocación y captura en proceso. Uso justo del Horizonte en Monterrey.

Invocación y captura en proceso. Uso justo del Horizonte en Monterrey.