Page 163, Which city has the most Michelin Stars at their Préfecture.

The Fabulosos Cadillacs and The fabulous flames Guest Star in a very, Very, VERY SPECIAL Mx–Más KAMAKAZIII Edition of Jeopardy, with Alejandro Trebek.

… and then the News for this coming sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!… for next’s Monday.

Veinte para las nueve de la mañana
Con Tokio Joe and a bad acting blond…
Now, Willie, Mika Kawasaki is a great actress,
but what everyone at the Boys Room knows
is that she’s a bad actin’ W’imen.

It’s December 7th, and tomorrow is a day that will live in infamy, a guy named Chapman left Julian Lennon without a dad. “Hey Jude”, mother Mary is just around the Corner.

UP AND AT’em… it’s NiNe o’Clock in CET
“Sprechen Sie Deutsch?”

Oh, Hey Marianne:
as promYse’d (no later than Friday i’d be sending your Cité office that SIRENE formulaire.
The envelope in the snap-shot here went out last night, later today You’ll Get Part Two Of A very Special “Tailgate” engagement delivery, guest starring:
Jack Rose and The Alejandro’s Rag Time Band.

… Cuatro Veintes Miles, Batman®️!!!

It’s cinco dos veces de la mañana en Central Siren TimesTables to tell decode por ejemplo, Willie Geist, la hora, los minutos, los segundos ; o mismo el número de azules entre La Academia y Los Piolines®️ de París este próximo domingo en Paname.

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