I Know It’s Only Rock and Roll — but I like it

The RING = π(R + r) (R – r)


Must show Avi Velshi

A multi-billion USD investment by “Big r” to “little ARE”

Previously on, I Saved Andy Warhol…

Signed, sealed, deliver us from Le PN. Followed by “Pop” music… and, Cerf-panthère, you might think that the ‘straight’ snaking between 1968 and 2347 is missing the 5, but then you would have to factor in what’s at play (punto y coma) The V République, or something like that.

… Let’s do the math


Youse gonna need a NEW FORMULA.

194 turns to FIVE | ✔️🏀🗑️
Don’t forget to add ONE

Shuby Doobie Doobie Bop Bop Thee Wa… pop 🎶 music.

5 + 1 = SIX

And, Lindsey Reiser… Dart this

Knot a fuckING, ing—Gerund, no. Impact is imminent. But FO’ist!!! Lindsey is such a spoiler. Planet Earth has a better chance mitigating impact with a giant My Pillow Guy asteroid defense system, HECK, we already got them CLOUDS up there, LET’s USE these as filling for them pillows /s/. And Avi Velshi… stop hoarding them pillows… do your part in the defense of Planet Earth. Ration your pillows, you bald headed sexy motherfucker… Let U.S. build back better almohadas, that’s 3 bees plus 1 Ey, ese… and call the motherfucking doctor in the morning.

Jesus died for Dick Cheney’s sins, but Knot Mine*.

* CArbon Footprint

https ://apnews .com /article /climate-joe-biden-science-business-environment-and-nature- cc0deca6a28aab21cd4e0aa35ea7b6af

Companies bid $192 million in 1st Gulf oil sale under Biden and in case Ewe is wondering why horses are loaded on the barrel, ask La Fiesta de La Humanidad del año de La COP 21, en La Courneuve.


https ://asegovia3 .com /2017/01/12 /there-you-go-again-cousin-joe/


“Whatch the way Eye Navigates »


Las fuentes de doña Vilma

Las fuentes de doña Vilma, Internal Affaire.:.DBB45F66-5442-40FC-B729-00B7D66A8328

Oh, hey Hallie Jackson, say hello to Phil Griffin and, here’s an “Almost Live” text that won’t make your frequency on account that it was not a “terrorist’s” attack; do say hello to the Welk.

Fucking, Canucks

Eye did tell y’all that there was a Motherfucking KNIFE in that Lot:

Internal affairs

Internal affaire… let’s play Hardball, dear former Senator Claire McCaskell à Saint Louis, Misery; listen here, we [the staff] don’t choose the deck, nor the cards, not even the rhythm, öüï just ping-pong the news back to you, —ma’am, just the (tip) of the facts.

day 3, Month 10, Year 2019 C.E.
TimeStamp 14hrs CET

Context is developing

Context is developing on the Way to Le Tribunal de Clichy, only, On The View.

Transmission cut. We repeat, transmission cut.

Earlier in the day:

Forward Observation Report from Centerfield and the description of the Bowi™️; On The View, with Chelsea Maddow’s blow-out Special; Oh, The Thyming, Matthew Mac Con Augustus Jey*, which brings U.S. to that Donnie Deutsch “dead president” brand of performance that leaves Climate Change deniers feeling “good” about their dead presidents monthly-payment “BeeJeeKohls“.

 Bank books courtesy of

Bank books courtesy of: Crédit Lyonnais 1904 – 1911. Now, when the Ancien Regime slapped a couple of tin stick-ons on a Grand Livre (aprox. dead weight: 15 kgs. one–Each) they were not thinking of Smoke and Mirrors, for the record, the Bowi™️ probably makes the weight at 3 lbs. (American, not Imperial) and can probably store a couple og Giga Cubic Tons of the dried calligraphy in them LOGS there; and Vladimir Putin has copies of each and every motherfunking bit in his “Superb” server, named after Matthew McConaughey*

Metadata and Metaphysical dimensiones of the Obsi™️ follow, but FOist, the Bill on el adorable clima de Finlandia…

Ya llegó Nikki Lauda

Ya llegó Nikki Lauda.:.88178C4C-6835-4E42-831A-F6E8B0C6BE0F •|• Y su MXT Mastretta de Limón, de que Color lo va a querer, you “lazy, feckless, flatulent oaf,” period


… and in Washington, trascendió que los llamados “Gnats” fly in clouds…. GOOOOOOOO, Dodgers!

3 basic buckets of assets at the 11th Hours

Wee!!! Begin with the Americans in Putin’s anti–Trump circle in the former U.S.S.R., “back in the U.S.—back—in the U.S. –back– in the USS AR.

Liberty, liberty, liberty

“Liberty, liberty, liberty… pay only for the Best WAWA in Newark, New Jersey.:. Now, you’ve heard about the Classic Alfred E. Neuman’s Spy vs. Spy novels; it’s not Önë of those.

Meanwhile in a New York Minute, Young–White Jabouki dons Alec Baldwin’s “gig” and takes on the R.O.L.E. of the president of Russia’s Backyard… wholet’s see… [A]s of September the 10th, of the Year that the inventor of ALASKA died and went to Acapulco, (according to SOURCES at The Rachel Maddow Blowout) the ACTING president of Putins Backyard is Donald John Trump Inc. Fuentes cercanas a doña Vilma y Pedro Picapiedra comentan que*, “el reinado de la DINASTIA donald trump inc.” que llegará* a sus primeros 1000 días de 24 HOROTAS cada uno « Volks! », luego—_•¥•_—luego pasando Halloween. In fact, Cousin Joe,  Eye tells mí that these “here” DAYS are not your REGULAR run of the mill (Ackerman) 24/7 “automated TENURE track” days; no ma’am, these here 1000 days are a salute to the Hitler’s rise to power.

x). HECK, Eye tells you what, Cousin Joe, had it not been for “La Corrida en La Quebrada de Dorian“, where full–time Ugly Mexican, and part-time Daily Beast, Sam Stein

1. Burló al Chupacabras en Puerto Rico, period

2. Se llevó Oreja y Rabo en Nassau, punto y coma, period

* incluso tuvo HASTA TIEMPO de dejar a los siempre entretenidos valentones ENANITOS TOREROS DE TORREÓN hacer una FAENA EN ALABAMA.

3. Para cerrar con broche de la banderita solapera de políticos y políticas en los USA, Sam Stein donned el traje de luces de Fermín, y luego “El Horrible canalla tuvo la osadía de exigir el indulto del tercero de La Jornada, un Toro de 1000 ton tons de nombre, “Dorian” allá en el Banco de Nova Scotia.

Donald John Trump would have taken his public–funded entourage to Poland (via Scotland) to celebrate the Birth of a 1000-year Nation. Anyway if impeachment doesn’t materialize in the NEXT 40 days,  Donald Trump’s will be remembered as the first President of the United States of America who descended from an ESCALATOR… sources close to Sarah HuckaWASP Sanders say that the escalator that usher Donald John Trump to the role of Putin’s backyard president is the same Elevator that the Inventor of El Noa Noa used when he invented ALASKA, gove’nor, dijo Guy Ritchie in the role Sean Penn and, Madge went: What?


Oh the Boricua IRONY at Camp David, and the humanity of Afghan negotiators at the Oval Office.

… In Louisiana News, the Inventor of ALASKA dies, and NOAA goes to the Department of Commerce, and ALABAMA continues to get Pounded by the hurricane.

“LIBERTY, liberty, liberty,” sponsored by WalMart; pay only for the donald trump resorts that a corrupt american PRESIdent coaxes from the UKRAINE.

A Kansas original

A Kansas original, period

Response (Draft) to: L’adjoint au chef du 6éme bureau

ARRETE response:

Tenga su instagram!!!

¡Tenga su instagram!!! .:. https://asegovia3.com/2018/06/13

I, Armando Segovia, born on the first day of February of 1971, in California (Etats Unis), hereby challenge the subterfuges and/or « chicanery » used by the chief of police at the prefecture of Paris, (France) in order to tag me, —Armando Segovia/ Armando Serrano–Prieto— as a «persona non-grata » on French soil.

Article 1 : Given that a request for a resident’s visa has been denied by the executioner at the Prefécture de Police at Cité, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto will be presenting what Marianne calls, « un recours en annulation » in front of any designated hitter …. in front of any designated TRIbunal, period

Live with Marion l'Heure

Live with Marion l’Heure… and the Right to FACE your accusers in front of a Fifth French Republic Tribunal ; a comparison study between the Demands from the French Republic of François Hollande and Manuel Valls made to Mexico with regards to Florence Cassez, and a LIVING NARRATIVE of an American in Paris in front of an Emmanuel Macron  tribunal en Nanterre ; FOR THE RECORD, Marion l’Hour is one-hour behind. Time Now in London is 10 a.m.

Article 2 : Given the stratospherically shallow summary with regards to the time period of the past EIGHT YEARS OF Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto from L’àdjoint au chef du 6émé bureau, monsieur Philippe MARTIN – X3; and,

For the Record: CATCH-22

Así que ahorita que “calienta el sol” aquí en lo que próximamente seran las playas de París, could You believe that the very trade that brought me here is keeping me from filling up a CERFA form?

the circular logic from the 6éme bureau with regards to presenting the 6éme bureau with a CERFA form:

a). The sabotage and GESTAPO-like personalities, [who are mentioned on ARTICLE 3] paid-off in April of 2017 when this blog began to be written from the streets of Paris. During that Spring all of my belongings were stolen [there is a police report in the FRENCH system regarding that episode].

b). The “Essential Documents“, which monsieur Philippe MARTIN – X3 notes as missing, are missing because the ONLY BONAFIDE and/or REAL copy of the documents, WHICH are needed to obtain said “Essential Documents“, are nested in the ARCHIVES of the PREFECTURES de BOBIGNY (Pablo Picasso) and PARIS (CITÉ).


c). In lieu that the 6éme bureau (Cité) knew way back in JULY of 2017, and then again, knew on December of 2018 that this most inconsequential blog would be publishing from below Les Halles de l’infamy, and THAT THE 6éme bureau WOULD NOT ; we Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto repeat, WOULD NOT BE PROVIDING us wit the ESSENTIAL DOCUMENTATION to obtain the registration that your office (1511 à Cité) required for the Visa Renewal,  it NOW seems a bit cruel to time your decision of expulsion when Paris is on Vacation (16th August, 2019) and expect me to be gone BY THE TIME THAT MEXICO’s big bal á BALARD dockets another edition of Don Porfirio’s birthday with his most excellency of excellencies: The Mexican Ambassador shouting at the top of his lungs (at the 11th Hour on September 15th):

Vivan los amigos de Mexico en Franciao algo así, period

Article 3 : Considering that in the flick of the wrist of Stephanie Menou’s superiors at the « Dépôt » section of the 7th bureau of the Préfecture at Cité (Paris) and,

The Politicizing of objective pressures

Objective pressures, and the functionaries who politicize aGREEN card » in FRANCE, period .:. For the record, our playing field was mired with mines from the Get-Go on account that in 1971 MEXICO’s socio-economic VARIABLES (of PORFIRIO MUÑOZ LEDO and his boss) did not account for any wetbacks in the United States, now;  if any pendejo challenges that very specific Mexican Embassy FACTOID, then that’s a problem for the good Mexicans in France, FOR THE RECORD, if you are ever at the Latin American House at Saint-Germain-des-Press, ask for the architect Leo Orellana, if the gentleman is available ask him if, Mexicans from GringoLAndia have the same CHARACTER and/or Political FLAVOR as do, our brothers from the EL GRAN ESTADO DE CUERNAVACA?


at the request from the Mexican Foreign Service at the Mexican Embassy in Paris and,


with the aid of a NETWORK OF « l’association loi 1908* » such as the Mexican cinéphiles from France Inc. (Barbara Carol de Obesoand Films d’Altérité (Pablo Gleason; with the collaboration of the WIFE of an editor/correspondant of the Agence France Presse)

my options to where the executioner of « le Préfet de Police » could “deliver me to” have NOW, —in 2019— been seriously JEOPARDIZED and,

said “executioner” from Le Préfet de Police could very well choose to DELIVER me, Armando Segovia, to the ARM OF THE LAW CONTROLLED BY THE very SAME people WHOM, I, Armando Segovia denounced in the course of my « visa de long séjour », previous to the IGUALA massacre of 2014, in the Mexican state of Guerrero.

Dear, Cousin Joe, Steve at Chartres is full of shit — Deer Steph Rhule, meet Armando

Breaking The Rhulesthe Rules to Stephanie, Vía, Hey Hallie Jackson, who is going to bee kneading a knew PassPort to get on THEM faulty American Boings

Dear, Ronald Reagan, please stand-by for context

Dear, Ronald Reagan, please stand-by for context.:F0663914-2D34-4394-8AA0-3EC2E1406DBB •|• THE KNEWS OF THEM THEYS! Starring: Joe Scarborough. —•🦷•— THE KNEWS OF THEM THEYS! es una Producción redundante de Producciones Le Beaubourg avec Le Bon Regard De VenDAME…. de Vendome, not VenDAME porque’SO es otro rollo De los Cinco Continentes de don Napoléon.

Hola Güapa! Do you know who else, beside Flo’s Insurance Agency ; aka, the Mexican Embassy at San Bernardino, California? Issues passports with a different NAME,  Donald Trump’s Lolita Express swinging pal insurance Company, at BDO financial advising, —of course.

Pay for it

Pay for it. Pay for it Corporate Amerikkka. Look here Donnie Deutsch, if your company’s commercial about FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT is going to blatantly feature a Rich fellow with his precious little princess bragging about how BDO is going to fuck the Tax System by moving money between relatives and have Fellow Big Corporations pay for the Medical School of their “future family” doctor, instead of giving those grant from say REVLON, to Medical Student Candidates who live in the suburbs or in subsidized agro sectors, then Amerikkka deserves to be like MONACO and The AMERICAN HOSPITAL IN PARIS.  TRUST FUND MILLIONAIRE KIDS SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO PICK FROM THE TAX DEDUCTIBLE GRANTS THAT COSMETIC AND PHARMA COMPANIES GIVE FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH And/or tuition when it applies, just sayin’.  Monaco and the American Hospital in Paris are like the “THEIR Spa”, if you are Rich in France, the first place that a retired millionaire will go to is to Monaco or The American Hospital in Paris ; it’s like a Mar–A–Lago, the rich go and pay the Big Cosmetic and Big Pharma companies “Their” tribute, and then, HALLIE JACKSON these motherfuckers will switch to the French Public Health System to save money. They Save Money Of Course, for their precious little precious Trust Funds and personal wealth. Of course when the French do it, this sort of moral decay doesn’t come out smelling like Shit. It comes out smelling like LAvender and Savon de La MarseYES’ah. In the end it doesn’t matter. “Same as it Ever Was” and yes Corazón “Psycho Killer” follows. Psycho Killer, meet Jimi, he’s gonna paint a lab partner’s Pieds del color de la noche. Hey, Jimi, use a Louisville Slugger for that big brain of (mejor ya no digo nada porque la línea roja se vuelve cada vez más y más esbelta, esa línea a de ser China, como las sandías francesas del otro día en el 16eme).

So The Question, Steph, for your boss, is if Donnie Deutsch Enterprises, cares if his clients, (all candidates) use little strokes to sign checks or, if Donnie prefers Big “Donald Trump” strokes on THEM BDO shares in the SiNDICKAte.

WHICH, brings mí to Steve Rattner.

Hola, Heb (don’t shoot the messenger!!!) Donald prefers bean counters like you, a jew, instead of a jew in the Lighter Shade of Frank, dijo Sammy Davis Junior.

All money that goes to EVERY candidate goes to the M.E.D.I.A. syndicates. This is why the political circus goes for Four Birthdays at the Ozarks [at] a Thyme.

Ein, Zwei, Dre‽

Generalissima Elise from The Jordan know your body [SPA] or something like that [Reports].

Steve From Montana blames the [big] pharma for not giving toothbrushes to teachers. Insulin for undocumented persons is to expensive to just give away, BIG PHARMA and Halliburton prince Of Eric enterprises are doing a great job killing the flora and fauna where undocumented persons are being sent TO [from] the U.S. at $750 per child/per THEY. So no, No Toothbrushes for Bill Clinton or any Honduran kid sent to Betsy School playgrounds.

The Betsy School playgrounds is of course, The American University Syndicate in Paris. Indeed, motherfuckers, Indeed.

mientras dure esta canción*, as background music — Sponsored by Crystal Mountain Open Ski Tours

Here's to another 500

F.T.K.:21B1C32F-5A7B-49B6-915B-92319F3EF482 •|• Make it an even Kilo. Paul McCarthney and friends are going to circle–jerk on the Maid–of–Honor: Vice-President Mike Pence. [it’s Thruuuu!]

Finals Week, 2008 – 2019
Intro to Jazz: from Bach to Black
Style: (Yes, please… and for the sake of Sarah Silverman) Modern Language  Association 1801.

La Mano de Sn. Bdo.

La Mano de Sn. Bdo. 🃏

* Background music refers to “El Fondo” musical a una de las únicas ventajas de contar con una aplicación como “el teléfono de lata” en un WatchSeries… o algo así. Por ejemplo, Raquelito, for the Khashoggi INTERNATIONAL MURDER investigation, the student could select, —para la libertad— un “árbol caído”.


#gangbangdaddyfuck at Bill Maher’s wedding to Republican strategist, Hobita* Liz Mair–de–Maher.

Retoñarán aladas de savkia sin otoño,
reliquias de mi cuerpo que pierdo en cada herida.
Porque soy como el árbol talado, que retoño
y aún tengo la vida… but Eye Am Going off the rails on a crazy train!!!

… or, if the student is the son of a former war hero (the kind that go to WAR to profiteer) then the student is allowed to incorporate onto this pinche puñeta mental the underappreciated TOOL known as the:

Till’eye-com Emerald
Puyallup jet city Inc. style

—– more —–

** Savia sin Otoño: https://dle.rae.es/?id=XMIpFZm