Armando Segovia à Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris — nº 2

nº1: ISSY, c’est une continuation de réponse au préfet de la police à propos de ma situation en France, p.2 de la correspondance de 31 du octobre, 2019.

Shubi–du Bee

Shubi–du Bee Deux bee, hit Mí.:.56D4647F-AB7E-40C6-A780-2B8E806611A5 :|: Profile in chorizo.

« Monsieur Armando SEGOVIA ne justifie pas le caractère indispensable de sa présence en France », Le chief of the Paris Police.

Reply: because of a conflict of interest, which placed Mí. armando segovia, in the middle of the bloodiest body–count in Mexican territory since the 1970’s (guerra sucia) and you (préfecture) though that i was CONACYT lambiscón.

[From the start, it was made quite clear that if i was to wash dishes for a “SnootY” wanna bee frenchie, i would have [tossed salad at U.c.L.A.] instead of the Streets of le 6ème.

Monsieur le Chef de la Rédaction au 6ème bureau

Monsieur le Chef de la Rédaction au 6ème bureau.:.3B73B7CE-5437-4F22-92F1-A5F9B65E764F •|• “Algerian cock” for the fishes follows. Eye is your Gallo Pinto: pura vida 2009; actual snapshot in this particular frame is 6/11/2019.

The Yannick files… only on

BITCH, i am a gift… look it up, said Eye. But seriously, monsieur Le Préfecto de la Polizo, you make Mme. Hidalgo and the Entire cadre of Parisian lawyers look bad; as in not gOOd, let the InterWebs translator for la Loi Toubon explain:

The make–up artist

La redacción de la Sexta sección de la Prefectura de París es un maquillista de DATOS. ISSY (motherfucker) context for the fishes follows.


Armando Segovia à Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris

Objet: Réponse au préfet de la police à propos de ma situation en France.
Ref: Votre courrier du 31 du octobre, 2019.
P.J.: Non applicable jusqu’à ce que je parle à un avocat.

Let's play hardball...

“Let’s play hardball.”

I. Réponse aux faits, selon la préfecture.

a). Sans avocat, je ne me sens pas qualifié pour répondre aux déclarations de la préfecture de police.

b). Cependant, je peux attester que la plainte de la préfecture de police est incomplète car elle ne prend pas en compte un conflit d’intérêts à caractère politique entre le service diplomatique mexicain (ambassade) et le 7ème Bureau Dépôt à la Cité.

Franco–Mexicaine quid-pro-quo

Franco–Mexicaine quid-pro-quo, courtesy of Bruno et Stephanie au 7ème bureau dépôt à Paris, Metro ligne Cité… Foux Du FaFa by any Flight of The Conchords standards. “Ouh Yeah, ouh yeah… nothing really matters to Mí”.

c). C’est ce conflit d’intérêts qui a propulsé ma vie professionnelle et personnelle dans la situation marginale dans laquelle je vis depuis avril 2017.

II. Réponse à la « discussion » du préfet sur les droits de l’homme, ou quelque chose du genre.

Avec tout le respect que je vous dois, je crois sincèrement que la préfecture de police a violé mes droits fondamentaux, surtout parce que j’estime que le conflit d’intérêts susmentionné, est sur le point de me transformer en une personne sans un pays.

"El martes ni te cases, ni te embarques"

“El martes ni te cases, ni te embarques”.:.A23D6E68-840E-4E45-B53F-6F9C880A3C88 •|• « Maxime Mexicaine”. 

réponse Sur les articles L.313-10 3° et R.313-16-2 du CESEDA, par le préfet.

Kafkaïenne irait au-delà et il serait trop prétentieux de décrire le principal argument de rejet du préfet contre mon quatrième renouvellement de visa, Hellerian, si Catch–22 peut servir d’exemple pour transformer un nom d’auteur en son propre descripteur serait probablement trop « étranger », pour un système qui fait un point de rejeter visas pour ne pas être « assez français », —au pays du Goncourt.

Je n'ai jamais été un immigrant.

Je n’ai jamais été un immigrant.:.168FB594-CFDD-462F-8CBD-429FE36C93E2 •|• ISSY, c’est la fin de la première page de ma mémoire pour le Tribunal Administratif de Paris…

Et comme «Tout le monde ne vit pas de la même façon», je vais sauter la raison absurde qui m’a empêché de présenter à la préfecture de police un récépissé d’enregistrement SIRENE. En droit, je suis convaincu qu’un avocat sera plus concis et plus efficace pour expliquer comment un chat “joue” avec une souris, alors que le félin n’a même pas faim.

Article R. 776–12 • La production d’un Memoire Complémentaire, parts ii & iii (FOLLOW-UP)

Madame, Marie-Christine GIRAUDON
Président de la 3ème section

For the record:

This entry is a follow-up to the « mémoire » entries of:
October the 4th and October the 9th.
Limitations, as explained in person to the window clerk at
7 rue de JOUY, (75859; CEDEX 17) prevented me, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto, de « faire une entrée » or, input my mémoire to your Télérecours site.



I did, however, ensure that the BUREAU DE AIDE JURIDICTIONNELLE prés le Tribunal de Grande Instance de PARIS time-stamped my intention to deliver a written notification, informing your office, that I in fact have a mémoire to present to the court.

FOR THE RECORD, on October the 5th* at 16h, the window clerk did not accept my written notification in person, as she was « not obliged » to render that “service”, in other words, as I understood from thelittle farts” or « pfbbbbbpt » that French people make when annoyed, she did not feel like going through the motions of her job.

* Correction:

Para la memoria

Para la memoria.:.CEE76AD6-55EA-457B-9CCC-5F9123AA03DE •|• …[A]nd FO’ the record. El día 5 de octubre no hubo Jazz en París (CEDEX 17), period

In any case, I apologize for the delay in the inputting of said mémoire on your téléservice, but as the following screen capture will show, sometimes I have to do things IN-PERSON on account of already established hardships and limitations on my side of the GARDEN, while fighting this “admin battle” from the lowest gutters in Châtelet.

With regards to the Loi « AllGood » of 1994,
please stand-by for the Internet translation.

Article R. 776–12 • La production d’un Memoire Complémentaire, part iii

For the record:

Cutline follows

Cutline on LANCRY ATALIAN SECURITY standard operating procedures follows.:. •|• doryoku dopester is collecting the Seals’, page 265; “double–barreled matinee”, on The Dickson BASEBALL Dictionary, third edition.

We the staff, wrongly assumed that the Préfecture de Paris had gone “postal“.

Bus was re-routed

For the record, last Thursday, at around 14h the bus coming from the Vincennes Zoo was rerouted at Sully’s bridge and so everybody on the electric form of public transportation was instructed to either get off of the bus, or enjoy a non-stop ride all the way back to the zoo in Vincennes; we Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto opted to descend from that tempting offer on account that we were on our way to Clichy in order to get a TimeStamp Seal from the BAJ satellite at Clichy. The deadline to turn–in a “memoire” for the court was the following day, a Friday, and so we thought that (on Thursday) we’bee ahead of the crowd one Full day. History will someday show, that Early only works in the mornings when we [the staff] wake-up, Early on every other occasions seems to not be compatible with our Element.  For the record, we Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto did make it to Clichy (on Thursday) before the Crystal Courthouse security personnel locked the place down, but not before the Ticket dispensing machine (one-each) was shut-down for the day.

We, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto wrongly listened to the “Society” cups, and their poles. We struck-out and assumed (what a Whopper!!!) that because the Knife was from the house that the hit was a “postal job”.

Niño Luc... meet mí at Ebbs Field

Niño Luc… meet mí at Ebbs Field, let U.S. show you how to drink Irony with Ry Cooder and not, öüï repeat, with Alanis Morrisette.

We now know that “el filero” was a fundamental brainwashed hack-job from a religious zealot who misinterpreted the Rhules of the game*.

From the same Page

From the same Page: dope book; ETYMOLOGY derives from the performance of racehorses, it’s basically a book about statistics of a player.

* Life

…[H]owever, meet U.S. (no pun intended) at the top of the cutline.

Las fuentes de Mika Brzezinski’s burger joint, who like Vincent Vega, never walked into a burger joint here, there and everywhere (she’s Polish royalty, kurwa munchie).

Article R. 776–12 • La production d’un Memoire Complémentaire, part ii


Coherence…wait for it, Curly

Admit it Ari Melver, you want me on that Tag Team (en relevos australianos)

Ladies in Gemini: Tom Cruz

PSA for the guards follow.:. to bee fair, the CEREMONY resumed at 14hrs, with nº 93… and the Log won’t let mí lie, it was Window Three…. [A]nd Eye knows that the security chief knows what the PSA is about, eh? But just in case the security cameras at The Tribunal de Justicia en Clichy did not, Eye repeats, did not record the ZafarRancho, it involves the LUNCH BREAK of your automated wait your turn in-line ticket dispenser, the LACK of a Standard Operating Procedure is going to require a TRANSLITERACION of the old árbol caído maxim: entre La Bola ni se supo.

Context fall...ows.

Context fall…ows.:. but first, the Meaning of a motherfucking HasteRisk in Dogertown, here’s the Breakdown… but FOist, more aguita de Toreros Muertos follows, period ;? and for the record, there’s a white elephant in that frame.

But FOist, Society in General would like to send a message to Donnie Deutsch,
courtesy of the Panda Squad
at “the” Luc Fregón Academy

Donnie Deutsch's cup

Donnie Deutsch’s cup… wait one Hot minute, Niño Luc… gotta fill Donnie’s cup with Toreros Muertos Water… BUT HEY, motherfucker, here’s an Internal announcement for you. This blog is dying, it needs 300 euros in order to BEE able and continue to water the rats with: H2O’ita Jaune.

THE RETURN OF: konFUpanda en Aguascalientes TV, vía France 24

Quid pro QUÉ??

Article R. 776–12 • La production d’un Memoire Complémentaire

_en “colaboración” con Aguascalientes TV
y “el” Canal plus 26

Count the Baisies

Count the Baisies

Télérecourse citoyen with Dickey Branna, desde Nice, Alpes Maritimes don’t go away, it ain’t over until the fat lady changes Cardigans.

But FOist, Florence Cassez is at the Plate and it’s la Prmera Caída en el Estadio de Béisbol Geppetto Pepito en Lilas. Genaro García Luna, el “headhunter” de La Geniecilla de Lille, Florance “lencha” Cassez (n° 65) is at the owners box next to Carlos Slim (who is actually a Fat rich Cat) and Canelo Álvarez, the most evil of Gknomes in the ballpark. Camilo is set and Cedes the walk to Lencha, as the hurler sends a signal to Manu Chao (wearing the Armor behind the Pôle–Emploi re-hash) and it’s the Houdini Lightning Round… playBOL!!!

Pobre don Erick...

Pobre don Erick… cómo gozó con Las Travesuras de la condenada Kate. Qué en paz descanse el viejo don Erik

Sean Penn is sending signals to Kate, and this thyme Madge goes full: What The Fuck, Penn!!!

French African guards at the Tribunal de Crystal have no logic, period

Dedos a Tres Caídas...

Dedos a Tres Caídas…
Lancry Atalian á Le Tribunal de Vidrios en CLICHY
Aztlán con acento Lagunero

It’s High-noon and Maria Bartiromo celebrates BB King’s birthday.

Non-binding opinion follows.

Non-binding opinion, and Zulu call follows… for the record, there is a €45.000 fine for meddling in a Palais de Justice, public functionaries duties.

The Thrill is gone… or is it!

Page 3, “the essays”:

… [B]ut FOist, we [the staff] switch it over to Aude “the Stylista” Andante for an update on::

Text follows

Fuck it, let U.S. deconstruct security ContractORs on the €45.000 fine of a them French functionaries en las FRONTERAS de cristal.

Mexican Flat top on a transnational escalator

It’s the bottom of the 8th and Camilo Cienfuegos is at the mound and, whimsical sycophants are at the PLATEAU… for “the record”, Eye did tell y’all that there was a knife in that pouch… this here, motherfucker, is a, “picking–cotton–picker”, noted Uncle Albert. The inning begins after La bendita Préfecture de Police à Cité ( metro LINE 4ª TRANSformación) switched hitters after THE SEVENTH august INNING stretch and called on the “let them eat cake gods,” which of course manifest on this new venue with “contractors” at the door.

Let's eat some Crow.

PAGE 2, N° 2455 « CLES DU JOUR » (CNEWS punto FR », let’s eat some Crow, because “all Eye wanna do” is drive some CARS. —_•|•_— For the record, there WERE no “exceptional traffic  « problèmes » ligados,”  al transporte de la RATP on Thursday, September 12th, INDEED, period… them CONTRACTORS must have changed the Rhules and must have WANTED a long-weekend to CELEBRATE Mexican Independence “mojito” weekend with Marianne Lewis, o Luis Mariano, —maybe even a “guadalupano“.

Here’s an instant replay of how that action went down at the bottom of the 11th Hour in Central CLICHY Thyme… and it’s either part of the PROTOCOL or little “Uncle Tom” in the making thinks that this most inconsequential beaner is just “one–in–a–Million”, just like Donald Trump. Hey, African guard, the TSA is hiring and you will have better opportunities to MAKE-UP the rules as you go, depending on the day of the week, motherfucker!

For the record:
Chingue a su madre Paco I. Taibo 2,
punto y aparte.

Enchiladas dobladas, con queso

Enchiladas “dobladas”, con queso gallego de El Chopo.

2 agosto, 2019… the staff [of this most inconsequential blog] SKIPS the wait, on account of the GREAT Frog Summertime BREAK, which is when the “Beautiful Ones” leave the “lilly pads” in town to head over to warmer ex–colonial LAnDs to get their “Bronceado” on, and we [Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto] headed over to Cité to get an update from BRONTIS à LA Préfecture de Cité, regarding our “Titre de Sejour” stay.