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Based on a George Clooney story.

“I saw your bait, Tyrone Biggums, at the quai… before the Lebanese place, outside the McDo’s street-level deck when the employee was closing there. I saw Tyrone before you even got up this morning”…


Recruiting S.O.U.L.

So, back to Esteban’s introduction to Uncle Venn’s Diagrams.

At The Time, all of our non-readers might recall that our content monkees were beginning to frame the run-up to our non-observation of the American General Election from abroad. Eye cites LOREM IPSUM as exhibit one…

Why is this important, because the quickest way to explain to a systems and programming analyst how to READ this most non-consequential blog was as a PaNoRaMA with pieces of L R.E.M. i.p.Σ strategically scattered as commentary or criticism of a handful of sources that the research chimps of our Hoy No Hubo Jazz have been BENCHMARKING for at least a DECADE… yeah, Buddy.


Nigga please… Eye knows your name is Pedro Cerrano, that’s Serrano with a “see” because youse Dominican, pappi! Don’t wait for Mí to Exhale, man!!! Eye told you it was un Toqueknot un chapeau: Let’s Play Jeopardy!

[And John Bronco beats Armando Álvarez to the buzzer]

— What is Major League.

Thursday, September 10, 2020 — *They say the fires are the reason you have beautiful fucking Sunsets

And in Washington… Priority One does not include a deadly pandemic, or the West Coast all–day and all–night “beautiful sunset”, or “the economy, stupid”, —no’Mam— PRIORITY NUMBER ONE is what United Statesians callfootball”, now D.A.T.! That D.A.R.E. is exceptional.

“Don’t wanna end up a Cartoon in a Cartoon WOODWARD graveyard…”


Al Simon, in:
Al Simon’s Greatest Hit Jobs on

Hello, I am your host, Alejandro Trebek, and for 100 dollars, it’s a BriWi Zinger related to the feline world.

The Pope in Rome:
— What is Catsup and empanadas mexicanas.

Minino means pussy cat in Guadalajara

What’s New Pussycat? 🐈 A19FD332-42E9-4867-8290-16521901B845 🇻🇦 Minino means pussy cat in Guadalajara, y cualquier parecido a lo que Canelo Álvarez alega en contra de su Golden Boy dorado es pura coincidencia con la denuncia de don Garay, ¡caray!… OFERTA NO APLICA a francesas, and BritBox need KNOT apply the lesson to a Katty Kay news brief.

https ://www .leprogres .fr /societe /2020/09/09 /le-plaisir-culinaire-ou-sexuel-est-simplement-divin-assure-le-pape-francois

[Pre-recorded track for the 19 o’Clock timestamp of 10/09/2020 in CET]:

Just add Text

Soup Wonder Bread®️ Sandwich à volonté .:. FF9CEA60-0B48-4755-BBCB-2FA91AA5911E — just add text.

… [A]nd Willie Geist, the staff left a time-delayed memo directing Studio 3-A at The Rockefeller Center to last week’s Mars line-dance with The Moon, just in case anyone is wondering why The Sun did not rise on the West Coast shoppers and why the sky was all RED, aussi:

https ://www .lequipe .fr /Medias /Actualites /Canelo-alvarez-attaque-de-la-hoya-et-dazn-son-diffuseur /1169940

AP LeMire, please relay to Mr. Charles Joseph Scarborough that if, AND ONLY IF,  them united states (de los gabachos) was, as Mr. Scarborough states and restates time–after–time, after time, that, the U.S. of A. is IN FACT, “exceptional”, THEN, the president of los gabachos, Donald John Trump, would have been escorted IN CUFFS from “the peoples house” and straight into the chambers of a Night Court for arraignment for crimes against humanity and for treason on account of recent declarations to “El WAPO Grande”, Alfonso Arau, who is playing the role of Bob Woodward for the “little Havana” crowd.

Mean while Trump, “Liberty was dependent on…

Welcome, to another edition of Jeopardy,
with your host Alex Trebeck.

Note to Editors, British double agent, Edward Izzard takes on the role of the English Channel franchise version of Alejandro Trebeck: Alexis de Tocquebeck.

… context follows, TimeStamp: 14.20 in CET

[Transmission is already in progress
do not try to adjust your settings].

Armando Álvarez just hit the buzzard for a Daily–Lightning–Double round on the category: The Soul of America.

— Alexis de Tocquebeck:
For $100.
“Liberty itself, meanwhile, was dependent,” on what? According to Machiavelli when it came to matters of governance.

— Armando Álvarez:
What is A very rich daddy and good ol’criminal moxi!!!

[Wrong answer buzzer sound
goes here]

— Alexis de Tocquebeck:
Ohhhhhhh. Sorry about that, the answer is “what is Moral Disposition”, better luck next time, Armando, and remember, Your Government is only as good as the sum of all its “tired, its poor, its huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” and of course its quickly forgotten  sonnets.

TimeStamp: media para llegar a la hora del Jazz.

Previously on Grèves graves and El Año de Hidalgo

It’s Time:
CHE GUEVARA will preside
—We Repeat—
the Next Cannes Film
[This is a time-delayed Bullitin
it’s 15h in CET

A las once de la mañana las autopistas y carreteras de las grandes ciudades de Francia se encuentran embuchonadas como mesa de fiesta de rancho en Santiago Papasquiaro o en equis coordenada near Mazatlán…

Buchon de Ultramar… para una Fiesta Nacional; context follows, right now, the staff’ got’s to break a cap’s—mhuaaa!

… ISSY—right now we are traversing the original, 11th Hour in Siren Central Time.

Got milk?

[Voz de hombre
Larry Merchant]

Previously, on asegovia3


[Voz de hombre
Alejandro Trebek en el rol del padre Amaro
alabado sea el mundo de la política ficción]


… anygüey, Mr. Vargas Llosa you hit your Nobel Prize counterpart Gabriel García Márquez, first, but came second to Armando’s speed when it comes to pressing buttons; what says you about the “Mexican bureaucratic” meaning behind ˋEl Año de Hidalgo‘?

Vargas Llosa

Thank you, Gael, loved your portrait of the cop trying to nab Pablo Neruda; anygüey the answer is, what is:

que chinguen a su madre los periodistas que le pisen los callos al diablo, eh? How ‘bout that, Gael, do you agree?

Alejandro Trebeck en el rol del inspector Óscar Peluchonneau:

Uuuuuh, lo siento “Vargas”, that response applies to your spineless political counterpart in the State of Chihuahua, El Gobernador Javier Corral.

Foto de archivo, 22 March, 2018 à La Gare de Nord… Foto por staff. Copyleft.

[Voz de hombre
Alejandro Trebek en el rol del “charolastra” Julio Zapata]


Well, this leaves you, Dr. Chomski. Would you like to give it a shot, could you please educate the rest of the panel on the meaning, for those “in the know” what —El Año de Hidalgo, really is?

Noam Chomski:

Certainly, Mr. Zapata. The so-called Año de Hidalgo is a complement to don Carlos Hank González’ maxim, which states that an austere politician is a poor politician (“un político pobre es un pobre político“).

As a consequence of this misguided notion of public service “El Año de Hidalgo” is the warning to all public servants and office holders that during the last year in office of any given president of the Mexican Federation (o sea “el supremo gobierno), if he or she should leave any portion of the budget or resources to the next administration: SE PUEDE IR A CHINGAR A SU MADRE, which in French, Alejandro, I believe that it transliterates into a very individual and direct instruction so that the honest public servants CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVES


That is correct, professor Chomski, and this makes you Today’s Lightning Round Champion. Congratulations.

Sonny Rollins with red eye… 75001 casy esquina por donde mataron a un Rey; allí mero, en Châtelet.

We now return to the regular beat of the hour, and for a follow-up to yesterday’s “crying all the time,” about how investigators, researchers, or just plain curious people wanting to see what the Internet looked like before anyone, or anybody, fathomed the idea of having Donald Trump running the Oval Office like a fucking Banana Republic, eh… anyway, a picture is worth ONE RED HOT MINUTE, ¡a huevo que sí, SIRENS!

Los Buchones también afectan los carriles del Information Super-hygüey dela Mairie de Paname.

Anygüey… Viva el departamento de gráficos del New York Magazine, neta que sí.

Dicen que el problema con los EEUU no es la Colusión de Rusia para que Trump ganara la elección, nope …

Dicen también de que el problema con los EEUU no es la  Crueldad que Donald demuestra de sobra por doquier, para nada.

Dicen también de que el problema con los EEUU no es la Incompetencia que a Donald LE ESCURRE DE SUS genes, como para que él continue siendo el Commander-in-Chief de la guardia nacional de Delaware, ni de pedo.

Ahora resulta, mis Chatos, que es la bendita: CORRUPCIÓN..

Corruption from the “Donald”… nah… Ya’ think! —_— Fair use of all media.

TimeStamp: 17h11 in CET


Fuck it Bill Maher… It’s Time for Grand Theft Barco

Classified/Personal ads
Edición Paname 75 SDF

🐏   Meeeeh: i was docked near Pont Marie with a near empty bottle of amber rhum by my side. A rock-a-billy band played next to an improvised stage catty-cornered to a city utility room that during summer of 2017 transformed into a bar, your transparent friend waved at me… me thinks that he was Kin to the near empty spirits bottle next to me, i couldn’t tell because my eyes got fixed on you. }—-~~~\*>   Ewe: Strolled erratically, screaming obscenities at something or someone that for regular passerby’s seemed to be invisible or that they simply ignored because not one got out of his/her way. You were wearing some rather beat up blue jeans and a black torn tee under what any qualified coiffeuse could call a month-long Keith Richards–binge ‘do… me thinks you were sailing on Vodka and pair of Vans, or maybe they were Converse… can’t remember, because my eyes were fixed on that cutest caboose that you have for bum bum cheeks that grace your ass.

Anuncio de ocasión:

Ladies in Gemeni, this is an intermission and an SSA (streaming service announcement) all rolled up into one passionnata procession. Please be advised that next Friday, BMRT (Bill Maher on Real Time) and BTSC (Brozo The Shady Clown) are going to be off the interwebs in order to observe The Passion of a thing called International Hygiene Week, we repeat: Bill Maher en Tiempo Real y Brozo El Payaso Tenebroso van a Cesar sus actividades por los interwebs para poder observar la semana de Poncio Pīlātus… el lema del tema será: que chingue a su madre el que no se lave sus manus.

[Voz de hembra
Miss March as Laughter’s Mom

… previously on:
“Another Lightning Round of Jeopardy
Alejandro Trebek”.

[Voz de hombre
Jeff Goldblum
recaps how Armando Álvarez, playing the role of Will Farrell gave an answer on what el Año de Hidalgo signifies to “People in the know”… like say ex presidentes like Vicente Fox]

— Will Farrel as Clown Penis:

Because in the last year of a Six-year Mexican presidential term the masses always shout: ¡NO NOS VAMOS A DEJAR!

[Voz de hombre
Alejandro Trebek

— Ok… but can you put that in the form of a question, Armando… i mean this isn’t the first time riding this horse, eh.

Here’s the thing Bill Maher, or rather a Mexican Maxim for you: DE QUE LA PERRA ES BRAVA, pues hasta a los de la casa muerde. Ask “the distinguished gentleman” from El Paso, BETO O’ROURKE TO TRANSLATE THE SAYING FOR YOU. Tell him that Armando sent you… anygüey, Bill, this cutline is within the context of your rather naive and silly question to Presidente Fox on whether he was worried about the Russians meddling in the next Mexican presidential election… Bill—You Dolt! Fox got it right when he answered to you that “We” [as in the Mexican political class, not we the staff] have our “own game”, our OWN COSA NOSTRA with El PRI; and Bill, here’s “thing two,” —YOU fucking Dolt!— Vicente Fox was the equivalent of the Russians in the last two Mexican Presidential Elections, he’s been cock blocking Andrés Manuel López Obrador since 2006… Vicente Fox is “the” VERBO TO YOUR USUAL SUSPECTS IN el PRI. }—-~~~\*> Bill — You Dolt! You hosted Keyser Soze disgused as a former Mexican President. You are worst than Kurt Russell on Tequila Sunrise.

… no se vaya, pero deteniendo y continue con nosotros por que al regresar:

[Voz de hembra
Sarah Silverman

“El Verbo” a.k.a. “Chente el Zorro”, alias Keyser Soze en El Yunque y en El Opus Dei… }—-~~~\*> Uso justo de HBO (hobo en espagnol) y Real Time con un Dolt.

… it’s part two of:
“Another Lightning Round of Jeopardy
with Alejandro Trebek, and it is Mario Vargas Llosa’s turn at figuring out what « El Año de Hidalgo » means to a Washington guard dog, eh.”

uso justo de los de la casa.


Las fuentes:

Lookin for Gemini: https://nytimes.com/2018/03/23/business/craigslist-personals-trafficking-bill.html?referer=https://www.google.fr/

International Hygiene Week: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pontius_Pilate

12:34 … de honduras a guatepeor. — Merry Christmas, Sarah.

2da Edición, 25 de diciembre, 2017

Bufón, de Trump, entretiene a Netanyahu.

The Best Rendition

Someday at Christmas men won’t be boys
Playing with bombs like kids with toys
maybe not in Time for You and me
But Someday at Christmastime. [1]

Enter: Gael García Bernal, he takes–on the role of Alejandro Trebek, or the bilingual personification of Alex Trebek, a Canuck with an uncanny ability to deliver dead pan questions on the American Spectrum on the television game show series, Jeopardy. In this particular “Blitzkreig Round,” Alejandro Trebek also tackles French as a third language. -•—_!_—•-  Uso justo del mundo de Le Monde.

ISSY, Sarah Chayes, esto resultaría chistoso si no se hubiera venido anunciado ya, desde Wikipaedia, —¡faltara menos!, o como dicen en La Alianza Francesa* de Banderilla en Veracruz:

On a quitté la fosse hondurien pour entrer au Guatemala et sortir à Guate…PIRE.

* La Alianza  Francesa de Banderilla es la memoria de don Jorge Saldaña.

… No es ninguna casualidad, más mejor, es la regresión evolutiva del proceso de la Elección del 2016 en los EeUu, because Jimmy morales, the guatemalan president, not the legendary Mexican Circuit Car Racer is an expansionist occupier like the goons that follow Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump’s decision to move in on Jerusalem was the best Christmas present that el chapín Morales could have hoped for; more details on the next lightning round of Jeopardy, with Alejandro Trebek. •—_!_—•  Fair use of All French Print Media.

[Man’s voice]

Ladies and gentleman:

It’s time for another lightning round of Jeopardy, with Alejandro Trebek.

[Intro Music]

[Alejandro Trebek]

— Uuuuuh, Lightning round, for $10,000, according to Jimmy Morales, the Guatemalan President, what was the worst crime perpetrated on The Country of “Watemala”:

— Forced sterilization of women by the Government of the United States? [3].

— The British annexation (or cockblocking) of a big chunk of Honduras, today known as Belize.

— The fact that Mexican President Adolfo López Mateos was a “chapín” himself and he never got recognized for it.

[Man’s voice: Armando Álvarez]

With his trademark jubilatory anticipation, Armando presses on that stupid fucking prop, and buzzes in his response:

— What is the fact that López Mateos was born in Guatemala!

[Man’s Voice: Alex Trebek]

— Uuuuuuuuh, Better luck next time, because the correct answer is: The British annexation (or cockblocking) of a big chunk of Honduras, today known as Belize.

[Man’s voice: Armando Álvarez]

— Darn it, my stolen Cadillac was traced to that jungle, and that was my Second option. The British Honduras, eh? Who would’a—thunk it!

1. Hondura – de “hondo” / “depth”; plural = honduras / depths.
f. Profundidad de una cosa, ya sea en las concavidades de la Tierra, ya en el Mar, Ríos… pozos, etc.
As in: Before entering the DEPTHS of Hell, Dante was lost in a “Jungle”… source: La Real Academia Española . com

2. Miller, R., Wells, B., ” Someday at Christmas“. Cover by Leanne Rimes vía: https://youtube.com/watch?v=Sqks5ZrAj9I (la “e” es muda)

3. Honduras: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honduras

Sarah’s “Slow Motion Nightmares”


So, Rachel, we [the staff] recently learned from a redditor called “Thecoller,” what a slashed “s” (/s) stands for, we did so after reading an incendiary comment that was posted on the comment section
of an NPR story that covered one of the many American issues that really tick-us–off; so there… it’s a good thing that our Rotulista Extraordinaire, “Sego Arma” took his chill pills on that particular day, and only wrote two paragraphs, as a response and not his usual scroll… /s.

Entonces pues, doña Sarah (Chayes) we [the staff] would like to segue into today’s entry by probably anticipating what the “geniuses” [/s] at Morning Joe are going to say about our continuing follow-through of those —your—recurring “Slow-Motion Nightmares” that have been unfolding since January 20th of this, our Chinese Year of The Rooster and, its similarities with many backwards countries forms of Corruption and Institutionalized Graft, which according to you —Ma’am— “it’s SO Familiar from HONDURAS, from Azerbaïjan, [and] from Afghanistan“.

Our educated anticipation [/s]… tells us that given the upcoming Alabama Governor’s Mansion race, Cousin Joe is going to say that Now is Not the Time to question him about that iPhone X, and neither is it the moment to bring back the folly of the 2009 U.S. Backed Coup in Honduras, against President Zelaya’s pajamas.

Foto cortesía de La Jornada [de] Mme. Secretary Rodham-Clinton… en el 2009.

To which we [the staff] would answer to Willie Geist, that we actually wanted to re-take this angle about recurring Slow-Motion Nightmares —particulary South of Tijuana— because [Dr. Chayes] during your brief conversation with Dr. Maddow (October 20th, 2007, TRMS) you explained to Maddow’s audience how the banking scheme in Azerbaïjan is spearheaded by the “president’s” immediate relatives; and, how in Afghanistan the government backed construction industry is colluded with opium drug lords who also control the Portland Cement distribution racket industry, however; Dr. Chayes, will you deny that during that Voice of America segment on The Rachel Maddow Show you forgot to bring out the corrupting variable —that is So Familiar [/s]— with latin American elections since the days that .: Benjamin Franklin :. was flying kites during his “Missionary Work” [/s] —in France… which brings us to a lighting round of our Daily Double Jeopardy segment of… Of Course You Know That It Was The French Who Invented…

– – Your Categories Are:
• French Legacies
• French Patrimonies
•French Glory

– – FOR $5000, which of the French King’s is Responsible for the portrait on the Federal Reserve’s  $100 Bill 

-Contestant presses the annoying buzzard button, and hurries his answer:

— The Martyr King of L’Ancien Regime

-Alejandro Trebek responds:

– – Can you phrase your response in the form of a question?

-Contestant, Armando Álvarez responds:

— “Who is The Martyr King of L’Ancien Régime, King Louie XVI?

Anygüey, Dr. Chayes, pending what the other Sarah, of our Dreams, Silverman has to say on tomorrow’s show we [the staff] would like to take this opportunity and try to “fill in the blanks” of that particular Honduras void that you left empty during your Raquelito interview… AMAZING C.V. that follows you, by-the-way [/respect].

Yes we know that given Trump’s crumbling presidency, it’s not “kosher” to talk bad about former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s role in the Zelaya’s pajamas affair, but you know what, Dr. Chayes, We The Staff Did TAKE A LEFT IN ALBUQUERQUE during the Bernie Sanders run, and as a matter of fact, world events don’t just stop because The United States of America is having an Emotional Meltdown, geo politically speaking, —of course… “¡HASTA LA VICTORIA, SIEMPRE!” And, Merry X–Mas, Revolution!


https ://www .reddit .com/r/mexico/comments/7gdvdm/mexico_struggles_to_integrate_foreign_students

Sarah Chayes on TRMS:



Mientras tanto en las Estrellas…

Good morning Cousin’ Joe… no, the Staff here did not forget.

One year ago, the world learned that San Bernardino was just more than a passing gas-stop on Route 66. | In Seattle, reporters are printing words that reflect a certain frustration with the California Department of Industrial Relations, which according to a reporter called Richard Perez-Pena, "oversees workers' compensation" in that county.

One year ago, the world learned that San Bernardino was just more than a passing gas-stop on Route 66. | In Seattle, reporters are printing words that reflect a certain frustration with the California Department of Industrial Relations, which according to a reporter called Richard Perez-Pena, “oversees workers’ compensation” in that county.

Today is Friday, December the 2nd of 2016.
Según el Huffington Post [en México], “Si le va bien a Trump, le va bien a  Slim  a México”, según Carlos Slim³.

Uso justo de un boleto inmediato [captura de "Las Soldaderas de José C. Orozco] a la Galerías Nacionales Clemenceau [París, Francia]. -|- Billetería cortesía del INBA, y el sistema de transportes RATP.

Uso justo de un boleto inmediato [captura de “Las Soldaderas” de José C. Orozco] a la Galerías Nacionales Clemenceau [París, Francia]. -|- Billetería cortesía del INBA, y el sistema de transportes RATP. | Querida Francia: independientemente de los tropiezos de haber tenido que ‘lidiar’ con un aparato de gobierno [corrupto] como el de las últimas DOS administraciones mexicanas de Gobierno.  El staff de la ‘revocada’ Carta de Talentos y Habilidades  [2011-2013]  aprecia la oportunidad de haber tenido la oportunidad de ver, vivir, y de proyectar [a nuestra manera] La Historia de una nueva Era, mientras pasa.  Je suis vraiment un témoin privilégié.  Merci. Je vous en remercie beaucoup  à La France [en primer lugar]  ensuite à Wordreference . com

“What a World—What a Life…”
Frank Sinatra

En Fin*, la política de los colegas de Anne Sinclair en la CDMX se cuadra en que “Crece el riesgo de una dictadura militar en México”. Manuel H. Borbolla has the details.

Uso justo de todos los medios.

Uso justo de todos los medios. | TimeDelayed screen capture posting. 

[Coming Up…  the post that huffs,  and puffs, and set the trend for grabbing other media’s pu… pu… puL—sos*]:

*San Diego Luna Productions
Arrogant Bastard Ale’s
capture follows…wait-for-it
[TimeStamp: 5 to 1 in CET]

El Canal de Las Estrellas  “Las Estrellas”:

!Órale!… Uso justo del Antiguo "Carnal de las Estrellas", y de Televisa también. | Captura cortesía de TuTubo… y YouTube, también…

!Órale!… Lic., ¿ansina como si fuera camarón?… Uso justo del Antiguo “Carnal de las Estrellas“, y de Televisa también. | Captura cortesía de TuTubo… y de YouTube, también… || Brozo: el staff de este pinchurriento medio siempre ha sido fan de tu Genio… te esperamos en “los interwebs”. ||| Vía: https ://www .youtube .com /watch?v =CWepn3SbMlA 

*m/wat… ahhhhh, es’que’so se tiene que cantar como el Charro del Cuadro de Arriba.

The Seattle Times source:
www .seattletimes .com /nation-world /san-bernardino-victims-fight-california-workers-compensation/

Dear Bambi: En El Granma hoy es sábado de Gloria

And, Derek*

[Frame in progress… Orlando Bosch file follows] | Uso Justo de Todos los Medios.

[Frame in progress… Orlando Bosch file follows] | Uso Justo de Todos los Medios.

here’s another One For The Ages
—and not in a good way—
but first, it’s time for a Doble Diario
Bonus Jeopardy Round, con Alejandro Trebek.

They have the distinction of having a direct-to-the-Oval Office hotline for harboring and getting terrorists out of Jail. One of them was a Governor for the Great State of La Florida and the other ran both the Texas Governor’s Mansion and The White House. For 10 dollars, can you name who their father is?

– Who is Poppy Bush.

For the Doble Diario, what is Bush 41’s relation to former Attorney General of the United States, Alberto Gonzales?

– What is the reprive
and/or cancellation
of a federal immigration ruling
against BAMBI.

Correct… Bambi was a Wetback ! Too.