12:34 … de honduras a guatepeor. — Merry Christmas, Sarah.

2da Edición, 25 de diciembre, 2017

Bufón, de Trump, entretiene a Netanyahu.

The Best Rendition

Someday at Christmas men won’t be boys
Playing with bombs like kids with toys
maybe not in Time for You and me
But Someday at Christmastime. [1]

Enter: Gael García Bernal, he takes–on the role of Alejandro Trebek, or the bilingual personification of Alex Trebek, a Canuck with an uncanny ability to deliver dead pan questions on the American Spectrum on the television game show series, Jeopardy. In this particular “Blitzkreig Round,” Alejandro Trebek also tackles French as a third language. -•—_!_—•-  Uso justo del mundo de Le Monde.

ISSY, Sarah Chayes, esto resultaría chistoso si no se hubiera venido anunciado ya, desde Wikipaedia, —¡faltara menos!, o como dicen en La Alianza Francesa* de Banderilla en Veracruz:

On a quitté la fosse hondurien pour entrer au Guatemala et sortir à Guate…PIRE.

* La Alianza  Francesa de Banderilla es la memoria de don Jorge Saldaña.

… No es ninguna casualidad, más mejor, es la regresión evolutiva del proceso de la Elección del 2016 en los EeUu, because Jimmy morales, the guatemalan president, not the legendary Mexican Circuit Car Racer is an expansionist occupier like the goons that follow Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump’s decision to move in on Jerusalem was the best Christmas present that el chapín Morales could have hoped for; more details on the next lightning round of Jeopardy, with Alejandro Trebek. •—_!_—•  Fair use of All French Print Media.

[Man’s voice]

Ladies and gentleman:

It’s time for another lightning round of Jeopardy, with Alejandro Trebek.

[Intro Music]

[Alejandro Trebek]

— Uuuuuh, Lightning round, for $10,000, according to Jimmy Morales, the Guatemalan President, what was the worst crime perpetrated on The Country of “Watemala”:

— Forced sterilization of women by the Government of the United States? [3].

— The British annexation (or cockblocking) of a big chunk of Honduras, today known as Belize.

— The fact that Mexican President Adolfo López Mateos was a “chapín” himself and he never got recognized for it.

[Man’s voice: Armando Álvarez]

With his trademark jubilatory anticipation, Armando presses on that stupid fucking prop, and buzzes in his response:

— What is the fact that López Mateos was born in Guatemala!

[Man’s Voice: Alex Trebek]

— Uuuuuuuuh, Better luck next time, because the correct answer is: The British annexation (or cockblocking) of a big chunk of Honduras, today known as Belize.

[Man’s voice: Armando Álvarez]

— Darn it, my stolen Cadillac was traced to that jungle, and that was my Second option. The British Honduras, eh? Who would’a—thunk it!

1. Hondura – de “hondo” / “depth”; plural = honduras / depths.
f. Profundidad de una cosa, ya sea en las concavidades de la Tierra, ya en el Mar, Ríos… pozos, etc.
As in: Before entering the DEPTHS of Hell, Dante was lost in a “Jungle”… source: La Real Academia Española . com

2. Miller, R., Wells, B., ” Someday at Christmas“. Cover by Leanne Rimes vía: https://youtube.com/watch?v=Sqks5ZrAj9I (la “e” es muda)

3. Honduras: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honduras

You get it all for the trifling sum of 38 Billion USD


"You know You always Have the Lord by Your side". TRS | Uso justo de una canción sobre el fastidio de no poder harmonizar en una región.

“You know You always Have the Lord by Your side”. TRS | Uso justo de una canción sobre el fastidio de no poder harmonizar en una región… “Yup”… http ://www .chron .com /cars /article /Ford-confirms-small-car-production-moving-from-US-9222371 .php

We interrupt the continuing coverage of the Mexican Independence celebrations to bring you an update on the definition of Deplorable. Regardless of who gets to sit on the throne* of the oval office, it is evident who gets to Run the United States of America: the ISRAEL-Military/Industrial Washington lobby.

* From the Cato Cabinet Files
Code Name: Cato White Jazmin Elongated
Jet Technology


Uso justo de la Ley de Herodes, [O te chingas] y de todas las cláusulas abrahámicas [O te jodes]. | Fair use of an Hardware Store. || The ↑ above ↑ treaty ↑ is not a definition of quid pro quo, or a Fair ExchangeAn Awesome Flush, —YES— but

Good Morning. It’s Thursday, September 15th —2016
… and after the Chabelo** [en familia grade] 3 minute interview
that Cousin Joe and Mika Brzezinski had with Former Mx. President Vicente Fox, the staff [who remains on vacation] is just flushed with the softball [how ironic] questions roladas a ese señor.
Right now, we [have] already passed the MidNight Hour in Central Europe
and TRMS is on right now. She [Rachel] delivered on ‘the’ newsWeek and found some weird news about the Cheney’s… good news from Flint, Michigan: Donald Trump was stopped on his tracks. That’s always good, because if he wins… well i don’t even want to think about where  some of the train tracks might lead.

 … in other news, my cat Suki has got a feeling that someone is listening to her. And in the Former Distrito Federal, Donald Tromp is seeking another meeting with “el Lic.” Enrique Peña Nieto; synopsis, Tromp needs to figure out how Mexican leaders have historically*** been able to avoid conflicts of interest¹ when push-comes-to-shove and the necessity of a BLIND TRUST fund [kind of arrangement] pops-up. [Contexto desde el Estado de Coahuila, Guanajuato, Chihuahua, Nuevo León, Veracruz, Baja California, Quintana Roo y puntos intermedios →sigue].