In local news, David S. Jaggard ate Madame Borne’s pancakes with his thumbs

Previously on, “hilarity ensues”…

Beagle’s Bagels… El Perro Agradecido.

David Jaggard walks into the Culture Rapide and a door is opened to the Mogadishu Multiplex Theater of Operations where a Cougar is going down just like a Blackhawk on a DvD. Jason Borne’s mom stars as the new Prime in town.

And in Washington, D. C., true to form, Nicolle Wallace replaced RNC Steele.

Cadillac Ranch at La Porte de Versailles… according to BFM’ER TV


Note to editors, Öüï does not get lost in translation, and Eye doesn’t need no stinkin’ Braces!

Cuestión de enfoque — WaWa Buffalo

“El Heraldo »…
by: Catalonio Barcelonnette de Peralvillo

Eye call this one

Eye call this one WaDr. Fuck Bob Marley! I Shot the sheriff, slapped the deputy and, found the leak.

At least the Library gods had the common sense to accentuate the “little boys room” in the uniform color of your Los Angeles Dodgers playing at-home.

Beaubourg, Îlle-de-France. By this rag’s estimates*, THREE MONTHS, Évry swinging dick at the Bpi had to stand and wait in line outside of the Loo’s like a fucking pussy on account of a scheduled 25-year structural remodeling of the crappers.

*~. a French semester, at least. Not including vacation and smoke breaks.


And, mister or misses Library director, the 4 bathtubs that replaced the 8 standard porcelain dump buckets is not the reason for this “construction” criticism, i can only hope that your hi-and-mighty position takes it constructively and not like those Sorbonne annex professors at the IHEAL… where my professional guessTiMation says that that is where la Raza ‘latina’ de los banlieues de Paris (🚙75) go an get their ‘maistros’ certificate.

“Piensa, joven”.

“Hay quienes ven la Bpi
cómo un Vaso ½ Vacío…

_ pero hay quienes ven esta Depresión, como un Lavabo more less Plein.

Ver este pinche Sink así, de cette manière, es pensar like a young Alice Cooper when Vince Furnier was 8-teen.


Intermedio between l’Histoire de l’Art and L’Académie française


PREViously on “I Saved Andy Warhol”, Elvis Presley was playing HOPSCOTCH with « La Mala » at THE DECAYING Pont des ARTS in front of THE very FRENCH ACADEMY.

I’ll Never Go Back To Georgia
https ://www .boston .com /news /national-news /2021/11/15 /santa-claus-shortage-2021/

Ho, ho, ho, biches
said Santa Claus, who just moved to France.
The jolly fucker made its way via NICARAGUA, of all places, after he claimed that he was a Cuban tourist, knot a Mariel reject.

https ://www .francetvinfo .fr /france /hauts-de-france /migrants-a-calais/naufrage-de-migrants-la-france-ne-laissera-pas-la-manche-devenir-un-cimetiere-affirme-emmanuel-macron _4857765.html

Santa’s trip was not easy, first he had to convince Président Macron to live up to that big fucking shopping building à La Rue de Rivoli. “Something Persona” is just not gonna cut it no more.

https ://www .reuters .com /world /americas /nicaragua-eliminates-visa-requirement-cubans-2021-11-23/

The answer is yes. A match box will hold my clothes.

OVER at Le Panthéon, not to be outdone by his own MOTHER outside of Le Palais de La Découverte, GORDON SULLIVAN is going to become a STATUE next to the virtual resting place of Chepina La Panadera, aka: Joséphine Baker.

“They” call themselves « les immortels », I will put that to the test… Gabriel García Márquez transmitiendo desde la Universidad de TEXAS en el Harry RANSOM Center de Austin {City Limits}, and no! FLORENCE CASSEZ, nobody is asking for money here, “ransom” in this sense does  KNOT, EYE repeats, does not equate to any pécuniaire exchange with LE ZODIACO of Cerf-panthère, or that COLLABORATOR from Le MATIN: Jacques de Lesdain

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /1806 /reader /reader .html#! preferred /0 /package /1806 /pub /1693 /page /18
https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Jacques_de_Lesdain

Ecclectic fucker that he is, Mr. Sullivan, aka “STING” stole the “DOCK of A BAY” and The Police did nothing about it, THE PIGS instead framed a disgruntled woman who kept screaming G-L-O-R-I-A, the Paris Prefecture id’d the femina as Patty “bandwagon” Smith… THE PREFECT of The POLICE did not apologize for putting a Greek EYE instead of a Latin AY on Smith’s nomenclature.

For starters, full-disclosure pre-cautions, before doña Vilma Fuentes at La Jornada (quotidien) gets her calzones³ all up in a bunch, require that we mention that Öüï has never-ever_EVER_ever-been to SPAIN, therefore Eye can quote from LOS HIJOS DE RICHELIEU:

Sa présence en Espagne devient chaque jour plus naturelle

³.~ hechos de LANA [$] y HIERRO [£]

El Puente de RAYUELA en Solitude —!— File Photo of N° DCCXXXVIII ; fauteuil N°XVIII… alias: don MarioVL”, y no señor Díaz~Balart en los msnbc’s, that is not Louis Vuitton al revés, but rather N° 45 in Times New ROMAN. Louis Vuitton al “revés” en la academia de La Sorbonna Nouvelle es un SUEÑO guajiro en MA°CON°DO, period.

https ://genius .com /Elvis-presley –alla-en-el-rancho-grande -lyrics

https ://www.lemonde .fr/culture /article/2021/11/26 /patti-smith-et-sting-deux-voix-au-pantheon-pour-celebrer-les-50-ans-de-fip_ 6103776_3246 .html

Los Hilos de la noche más larga en el Palacio del Elíseo

… [A]nd Lynyrd Skynyrd goes ⬇️

Good evening Avi Velshi, do you have a clear view of the Stars? Hope you do on your commute back home, anyhow, in Hilo Hawaii it is 19h and at the BD Arago (Paris XIII) it is 7h.

We now return to NORMANDY in reel time to bring you our regular schedule programming of “Ancient Aliens — Hell Mutts” anniversary edition.

Now, if 2020 would have gone without a hitch (coff, coff, coffin, 🦠) the celebrations for Mr. Macron’s 43rd birthday celebration would still have 5 hours left, before “the after party” crossing into La Navidad, which happens to^ start at high noon later today.

^ Dangling participle if taken out

Don’t believe Flava’s Clock… it’s High Noon, Manu.

Public Enemy (reticle included) goes HERE.., [O]n The Rachel Maddow Show; you are going to like the way you look, i guaranTEE, IT! .:.

… Tell me that i don’t know what i am talking about… [P]£€A$€.

Live from the Westfield®️ Giuseppe Pepito Sports Complejo

Take Mí Out to the Ball game

Las ColapSOlogías de Las Fuentes

Las ColapSOlogías de Las Fuentes

Rachel Maddow stars as: motherfucking Clint Eastwick:

International Reality

International Reality, because THE Galaxy, —never mind THE Universe— ever thought that WE humans would make it this far, period

Welcome to another edition of the Sports page, narrated by the American of them U.S. ambassador to those Mexican E.U., the one and only Country Fried HIStorian:

Maestro Jon meacham


La Ruptura de Got Ham?

La Ruptura de Got Ham Travel… en Londres, Thomas Cook, el Cocinero de BoJo Brexit quebró los platos de la COCINA y deja a 21,000 sous-chefs sin trabajo; y a 600 mil comensales con indigestión. Liberty, Liberty, Liberty: PAY ONLY FOR THE TRAVELERS INSURANCE THAT YOU KNEAD, punto y aparte

— It’s the middle of the Eight y la Primera caída de Tres sin–limite–de–Tiempo (it’s 8 a.m.) in Central Europe Thymes and Mme Christine Lagarde is standing next to “los tecnócratas” on FOist; Justice Soto-Mayor is at the plate and, Camilo Cienfuegos is pitching a no–Hitter.

Fucking Canucks

Fucking Canucks.:.FCDD9E87-7B5F-4CC0-83F8-990921052AC6 •|• …[N]ot to BEE outdone by the Canucks in Ottawa, las palomas de París inventaron el “bronze face” para una mascarada contra encabellada, plus the D.O.V.E. looks swell sporting the Afro in that frame, eh.

At the top of the 14 hundred hours at Rockefeller Center, Cousin Joe went on STRIKE and took his set into a Swedish sauna, mean, while Trump is about to get a big RED EYE on his presidential legacy. Over at the gazebo, Mika just went [along] for the Ride.

Not to bee outdone, by Mika’s gazebo and Cousin Joe’s Swedish sauna, Chris Matthews went outdoors.


— Here’s an After Action Review of that pop-up to Centerfield where Gene Hackman in the role of a French “rock star” Lawyer just shamed a House into seating next to each other, in the House that the Red Rocker built:

Live feed on SCOTUS

Live feed on SCOTUS, here’s how the Pop-up went, Camilo pitched a parábola to Justice Soto-Mayor and on her reasoning on why John Heilemann can’t produce a “Circus” from the Bench… Camilo noticed Mr. Noa Noa agreeing with   Sonia’s (with–all–DUE–respect) point of not seeing a live feed of herself from the inside of her courtroom, –of course, a Talking Head would say that. En resumen, la Tremenda Sonia culpa a los avances in both the field of COMMUNICATIONS (Ones & Ceros, Input–Output, AC⚡️DC) y a el ramo de la Comunicación (Signs & Symbols, Inverted Pyramids, KC☂️DC) y no a los representantes de una República, here’s the argument…

For the record, Mel Brooks never billed himself as a simple Prophet; a King? Jew betcha!

Release Alexi!!!

Release Alexi!!!.:.BB05A1DB-1926-420F-AA5C-382F640C0DF6

Release the Macammound, Sonia MabRook!!!
You are not foolin’ any of your non-reader CNEWS Matin followers*, eh.
RELEASE Alexi Axios, right now!!!

México – México – Mhe’jiCº … “Yo tengo otros datos ».

Buenas madrugadas tengan todas sus mercedes, hoy es el 16 de septiembre, and Kool & The Gang wish[es] to ask “Oh Sheila”, if Trump is going to make the ballot in 2020?

The Poles as seen in Australia

The Poles as seen in Australia… HASTErisk* •|• And in Boston, tuba player Katharina “grillos” Clarkson doubles-up on Impeachment

In Washington, Ayman Mo breaks the  news, « al revés* », but them poles stay the same, and Natasha Bee (politico) reports the news while riding a pony, TRASCENDIO, según el Voto Latino, y la voz de las mutualidades de la libertad, que el pony de Natasha no puede obtener parte de la “Totalidad” de la pantalla de KC⚡️DC a razón de que “Emu”, quien es un cliente de Donnie Deutsch, tiene un contrato de “exclusividad” con “los” Em# es en B.C., period

Coming up on Quesadillas con queso:

Quiche, what a fuck is it? Ayman travels to Santa Fe to ask French ex-pat chef, Sal Quichotte:

Summer 2008 — Philadelphia, PA

Summer 2008 — Philadelphia, PA .:. F732D591-693F-4D4D-BA45-83A0E439FD6F — FATWA DIS non-binding legal opinion; fatwa AUSSI, this little West Texas town of El Paso, Drum enSAMble line.

Summer 2008, Philadelphia —PA

Salman Rushdie offers a “coloquio” in the City of Brotherly Love, or some passionate motto like that, during the event, a member from the audience asks the celebrated writer some advice for aspiring writers, —His answer, when we [the staff] return and, when Congressman O’Rourke explains the ROLE of guns, arson, and his BEAU PAPA, Bill Sanders, on the attacks strategically launched against a community of “the ORIGINAL maquila workers” at a PLATEAU called “Lomas del Poleo”.

It’s like blazing saddles, but with a concertina-wired perimeter, and at least one scorched toddler que ni pinche ruido hacía.


3 basic buckets of assets at the 11th Hours

Wee!!! Begin with the Americans in Putin’s anti–Trump circle in the former U.S.S.R., “back in the U.S.—back—in the U.S. –back– in the USS AR.

Liberty, liberty, liberty

“Liberty, liberty, liberty… pay only for the Best WAWA in Newark, New Jersey.:. Now, you’ve heard about the Classic Alfred E. Neuman’s Spy vs. Spy novels; it’s not Önë of those.

Meanwhile in a New York Minute, Young–White Jabouki dons Alec Baldwin’s “gig” and takes on the R.O.L.E. of the president of Russia’s Backyard… wholet’s see… [A]s of September the 10th, of the Year that the inventor of ALASKA died and went to Acapulco, (according to SOURCES at The Rachel Maddow Blowout) the ACTING president of Putins Backyard is Donald John Trump Inc. Fuentes cercanas a doña Vilma y Pedro Picapiedra comentan que*, “el reinado de la DINASTIA donald trump inc.” que llegará* a sus primeros 1000 días de 24 HOROTAS cada uno « Volks! », luego—_•¥•_—luego pasando Halloween. In fact, Cousin Joe,  Eye tells mí that these “here” DAYS are not your REGULAR run of the mill (Ackerman) 24/7 “automated TENURE track” days; no ma’am, these here 1000 days are a salute to the Hitler’s rise to power.

x). HECK, Eye tells you what, Cousin Joe, had it not been for “La Corrida en La Quebrada de Dorian“, where full–time Ugly Mexican, and part-time Daily Beast, Sam Stein

1. Burló al Chupacabras en Puerto Rico, period

2. Se llevó Oreja y Rabo en Nassau, punto y coma, period

* incluso tuvo HASTA TIEMPO de dejar a los siempre entretenidos valentones ENANITOS TOREROS DE TORREÓN hacer una FAENA EN ALABAMA.

3. Para cerrar con broche de la banderita solapera de políticos y políticas en los USA, Sam Stein donned el traje de luces de Fermín, y luego “El Horrible canalla tuvo la osadía de exigir el indulto del tercero de La Jornada, un Toro de 1000 ton tons de nombre, “Dorian” allá en el Banco de Nova Scotia.

Donald John Trump would have taken his public–funded entourage to Poland (via Scotland) to celebrate the Birth of a 1000-year Nation. Anyway if impeachment doesn’t materialize in the NEXT 40 days,  Donald Trump’s will be remembered as the first President of the United States of America who descended from an ESCALATOR… sources close to Sarah HuckaWASP Sanders say that the escalator that usher Donald John Trump to the role of Putin’s backyard president is the same Elevator that the Inventor of El Noa Noa used when he invented ALASKA, gove’nor, dijo Guy Ritchie in the role Sean Penn and, Madge went: What?


Oh the Boricua IRONY at Camp David, and the humanity of Afghan negotiators at the Oval Office.

… In Louisiana News, the Inventor of ALASKA dies, and NOAA goes to the Department of Commerce, and ALABAMA continues to get Pounded by the hurricane.

“LIBERTY, liberty, liberty,” sponsored by WalMart; pay only for the donald trump resorts that a corrupt american PRESIdent coaxes from the UKRAINE.

A Kansas original

A Kansas original, period

Response (Draft) to: L’adjoint au chef du 6éme bureau

ARRETE response:

Tenga su instagram!!!

¡Tenga su instagram!!! .:.

I, Armando Segovia, born on the first day of February of 1971, in California (Etats Unis), hereby challenge the subterfuges and/or « chicanery » used by the chief of police at the prefecture of Paris, (France) in order to tag me, —Armando Segovia/ Armando Serrano–Prieto— as a «persona non-grata » on French soil.

Article 1 : Given that a request for a resident’s visa has been denied by the executioner at the Prefécture de Police at Cité, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto will be presenting what Marianne calls, « un recours en annulation » in front of any designated hitter …. in front of any designated TRIbunal, period

Live with Marion l'Heure

Live with Marion l’Heure… and the Right to FACE your accusers in front of a Fifth French Republic Tribunal ; a comparison study between the Demands from the French Republic of François Hollande and Manuel Valls made to Mexico with regards to Florence Cassez, and a LIVING NARRATIVE of an American in Paris in front of an Emmanuel Macron  tribunal en Nanterre ; FOR THE RECORD, Marion l’Hour is one-hour behind. Time Now in London is 10 a.m.

Article 2 : Given the stratospherically shallow summary with regards to the time period of the past EIGHT YEARS OF Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto from L’àdjoint au chef du 6émé bureau, monsieur Philippe MARTIN – X3; and,

For the Record: CATCH-22

Así que ahorita que “calienta el sol” aquí en lo que próximamente seran las playas de París, could You believe that the very trade that brought me here is keeping me from filling up a CERFA form?

the circular logic from the 6éme bureau with regards to presenting the 6éme bureau with a CERFA form:

a). The sabotage and GESTAPO-like personalities, [who are mentioned on ARTICLE 3] paid-off in April of 2017 when this blog began to be written from the streets of Paris. During that Spring all of my belongings were stolen [there is a police report in the FRENCH system regarding that episode].

b). The “Essential Documents“, which monsieur Philippe MARTIN – X3 notes as missing, are missing because the ONLY BONAFIDE and/or REAL copy of the documents, WHICH are needed to obtain said “Essential Documents“, are nested in the ARCHIVES of the PREFECTURES de BOBIGNY (Pablo Picasso) and PARIS (CITÉ).

c). In lieu that the 6éme bureau (Cité) knew way back in JULY of 2017, and then again, knew on December of 2018 that this most inconsequential blog would be publishing from below Les Halles de l’infamy, and THAT THE 6éme bureau WOULD NOT ; we Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto repeat, WOULD NOT BE PROVIDING us wit the ESSENTIAL DOCUMENTATION to obtain the registration that your office (1511 à Cité) required for the Visa Renewal,  it NOW seems a bit cruel to time your decision of expulsion when Paris is on Vacation (16th August, 2019) and expect me to be gone BY THE TIME THAT MEXICO’s big bal á BALARD dockets another edition of Don Porfirio’s birthday with his most excellency of excellencies: The Mexican Ambassador shouting at the top of his lungs (at the 11th Hour on September 15th):

Vivan los amigos de Mexico en Franciao algo así, period

Article 3 : Considering that in the flick of the wrist of Stephanie Menou’s superiors at the « Dépôt » section of the 7th bureau of the Préfecture at Cité (Paris) and,

The Politicizing of objective pressures

Objective pressures, and the functionaries who politicize aGREEN card » in FRANCE, period .:. For the record, our playing field was mired with mines from the Get-Go on account that in 1971 MEXICO’s socio-economic VARIABLES (of PORFIRIO MUÑOZ LEDO and his boss) did not account for any wetbacks in the United States, now;  if any pendejo challenges that very specific Mexican Embassy FACTOID, then that’s a problem for the good Mexicans in France, FOR THE RECORD, if you are ever at the Latin American House at Saint-Germain-des-Press, ask for the architect Leo Orellana, if the gentleman is available ask him if, Mexicans from GringoLAndia have the same CHARACTER and/or Political FLAVOR as do, our brothers from the EL GRAN ESTADO DE CUERNAVACA?

at the request from the Mexican Foreign Service at the Mexican Embassy in Paris and,

with the aid of a NETWORK OF « l’association loi 1908* » such as the Mexican cinéphiles from France Inc. (Barbara Carol de Obesoand Films d’Altérité (Pablo Gleason; with the collaboration of the WIFE of an editor/correspondant of the Agence France Presse)

my options to where the executioner of « le Préfet de Police » could “deliver me to” have NOW, —in 2019— been seriously JEOPARDIZED and,

said “executioner” from Le Préfet de Police could very well choose to DELIVER me, Armando Segovia, to the ARM OF THE LAW CONTROLLED BY THE very SAME people WHOM, I, Armando Segovia denounced in the course of my « visa de long séjour », previous to the IGUALA massacre of 2014, in the Mexican state of Guerrero.

Oh, by the güey, hoy no hubo noticias.

Except that a Flying Hombre crossed La Mancha, but not one single American cared.

Oh, the humanity

Oh, the humanity.:75B89B44-D42D-4D82-8B30-2DDCF310D04B •|•

The Chinese, however, were watching and now, the WOKE Dragon has the template for WINGS.

In A day with no news, Hear mí out FRANK, the enemy is Australia, AUSSI the markets plunged today, now go get your Crystal Gut and give me a fucking call.

Shifting gears, Sam Stein is a beautiful man, Man, but Eddie, he (Sam) is an Ugly Mexican. Good Golly, former Republican Florida Man, Samuel está más feo que Tomás [Ché Pillín goes here].

And still to come, the ROLE that Nicolle Wallace played on Beto’s potty mouth when it went off on when a reporter’s leading question  popped–up. The good thing is that just a few steps from his downtown El Paso office, Laboratorios Camacho has unlimited stocks of “Jabón del Perro Agradecido”, and now, Laboratorios Camacho introduces: Hold On A Second, Listerine®️


Make American Terrorists Muslims. Because Americans, since Oklahoma, are “exceptional” and excepcional people are protected by the SECOND AMENDMENT.

Dear, Kasie Hunt: gonna go watch Sponge Bob with Chuck Todd. Have a nice show, and Eye hopes that Philadelphia finds the God that the Daily’s D.A.R.E. are asking help from.

Dear, Marianne: meet Merri et la tal “Hemeralopia”

For the rue des Archivas:

In this section of Finals Weak, the student will revisit El Día de los muertos de Coco y don Memo del Toro, en París, Anno Domini 2015.

Black Pumas follow

Black Pumas follow, so let’s do the maths:
top line is [2+4] + [3+8] brackets off, so it’s now 6 + 11 or, 2 for shorthand, which of course is INFINITY FOR you left Chuy dangling en 8, o la mitad del 16, which happens to bee a pretty solid Cubo ; BEEcause 6 + 2 = 4 + cuatro.

TimeStamp: 22:22 the perfect SQUARE to go to México, en dónde la ironía de lo que IWALJA Klinke dice que es “la incapacidad de VER*”, con los ojos abiertamente cerrados ; o algo así, es pan nuestro del Centro FOX en Seine-Saint-Denis.

The Big EYE count

The Big EYE count

The Student will give Credit to ProMexico, El Tec De Monterrey (campus Casa de España en Cite UniversiquiénSABEdequién en París) y a la Embajada de Méjico en Francia por haberle dado al clavo en el SUPREMO RE-branding del PRI, onto Morena via The Walt Disney corporation in Chessy-sur-Marne.