Exit thru El Changarro —but if Ewe break it…

From the Producers of :
I Love You Paris, but you’re bringing me down.
and the writer of what Time Magazine called:
The Death of French Culture.

Stayed tuned for:
If you break it, you buy it.
By: armando segovia.

… but first a word from our Sponsors.
TimeStamp: veinte para los Once años.

The perfect gift for any of Jupiter’s Sirens.
Satisfaction Guaranteed y toda la cosa.

TMMT is dying 2 take Ewe a güey… “ Ahhhh, Roll up for TMMT, step Right This Way”.

Act now and we [the staff] will throw in
A Magical Mystery Tour.
Next boarding cuando faltén Veinte para:
El Medio Día.

What friends?

“Amarillo no me pongo, amarillo es mi color”.
El nuevo macanzo de Los Vikingos del Norte, en la voz del Güerquillo del Sueco.
Escuche al huerquillo del Sueco en Radio menonita.
Radio menonita, la estación de los menonitas de Chihuahua, —en Argentina.


It’s High–Noon at the Forum’s Underground Squat

In París, Chappie and Yellow Jacket were about to get scanned, tagged and treated to the infamous Mohammed bin Salam slashers and then sent over* to the spare parts bin, as the Piolines®️del Glove Compartment closed in on our Freejack heros.

Emilio Estevez, in the role of DJ Nu and his brat–pack bro, Pomo, playing the role of  Michael Anthony Hall… or some Dead Zone thespian from the Ridgemont High Universe sprayed the Piolines right on target and, with the right purple hue to cover the Yellow ‘rouges’ who in their Third Saturday Night Live, scored their third frenchperson CASUALTY * at one of France’s VINCI’s Via–Carita, which in PIGS Latin is CODA for Expensive Peaje, pues…

Anygüey, Jupiter is back from La Milonga, and right now, he and the Versailles League are having a meeting in the French War Room, which is appropriately refered to by the Frogs, as The Love Shack.

Wait, MARCELLO, wait.
Ewe just can Get Quinn out of a Box, baby…
ISSY, “Como el Viejo decía”… si los pedos se arreglarán facilmente, cualquiera los arreglaría.
A lo que Zimmerman respondío:
ISSY, si los perros corren libres, por que los Civics, no?

And Now:
El Son de las TRES DE LA TARDE
Wait for it, wait.

… no—Pos si, “pariente”: it’s High Noon à Saint–Jacques

Al regresar…
El pronostico de Tina y el reporte de los puentes.
El pronostico del Tiempo y el reporte de los Turner.

El Pronostico de el tiempo
El Reporte de los puentes

Featuring, the lovely Brown Sugar Tempest reporting live from The Fo’Seasons green screen set. Mean, while the never irenic, Ike Turn’er, *amps up, the Ozarks nos traen el reporte de los puentes, desde Burned Bridges, of course: à Cité.


… a material wolrd,” dice Richard Cheese, en un mundo de Vikingos. It’s 14.20 à Cité… FAROS A LA DISTANCIA, follows. Don’t Try to Adjust Your Settings.  }—~~~\*>  PROPERTY OF GAUMONT GloboVisión LLC/Loi 1901… or something like that.

EPISODE 410… This series tiene piso under “the” pact between THE UNITED STATES, and other countries, y por eso (pongan atención, pues) its unauthorized duplication; distribution, OR (su puta exhibición, pues) may result bajita la mano en una calentada, o de plano en los extremos en una carne asada en Samalayuca, o igual un pozole en Guadalajara.

Lost in translation — Intermedio

Los mentores orientados

Lost in translation ¿cómo le hacen “los mentores” populares para guiar ideas y opinión?

TimeStamp: 09.30 in Central NATO Time

Soup of the day:
Funky chicken consomé pour la soul de les frogs.
Pan francés a volonté.
     * Served from Veinte después de las Once
jusqu’à the end of the MorJo Show.

It was rather difficult to watch, throughout the show, Mika Brezezinski was afflicted by something. Either something of dire consequences happened on the way to the Rockerfeller Center, casi esquina con W. Houston Street, or Donaldo’s REGAL POWERS (which, Mrs. Jeff Sessions, THE FIRST UNDERCOVER/closeted TranSexual at the U.S. Senate, and The FIRST CLOSETED/undercovers Vice-President of the U.S., Mike Pence seem to think that he has‽‽‽) “are really, really, really, that’s three realies!!!”, out of whack*, which have really brought Mika down.

TimeStamp: Veinte para las Seis de la tarde en Tiempos de La Europa Central.
Donald Trump es un hijo de perra: that’s Son of a Bitch in Eastern Standard Time.

can think of that SACRED DOCUMENT
as his own His-tory draft.

Coming up at the top of the V o’Clock hour:
JOE “motherfucking” STRUMMER 101
“It’s a rocking world…”, Willie Geist.
Ewe betcha!