Juanito Guanabacoa, tú y China, chinguen a su Madre!

That was then…
https ://www .france24 .com /en /20200726man-questioned-over-france-s-nantes-cathedral-fire-arrested-again

The follwing is a time-delayed continuation on Yesterday’s post, and before any EX-PAT at la Colonia Roma and/or La Condesa gets their LATTE in bunch, know that ALL Mexicans by pure heritage, knot race, are/somos y seremos HIJOS de La Chingada.

This is now:
https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2022 /jul /
29 /firefighter-chasing-adrenaline-hit-started-french-wildfires-say-prosecutors

[Y] de antemano, sorry if i misspelt your name … que chingue a su madre Russia en Porte des Lilas también; junto con RFPP.


La historia de la entrevista entre el periodista más prestigioso de México y el capo narco más buscado.

https ://www .infobae .com /america /mexico /2018/09/01 /la-historia-de-la-entrevista-entre-el-periodista-mas-prestigioso-de-mexico-y-el-capo-narco-mas-buscado/

la voz del pueblo [Peru flag goes here]

… and Madame Hidalgo, the fact that “LA” francE, will issue a refugee card to Death Squad “intermédiaires” on accout of making LA FRANCE harmony be in tune with “diplomacy” just goes to show why FRENCH BASHING is a very clear and present danger.

But given that the current LEADER of Energy in MEXICO was COMPLICIT in making RAFAEL CARO QUINTERO the myth that he is now, it only goes to show why CHARLES de GAULLE is spinning in his 3rd Base position… pleybol—PUTOS, play ball.

God Bless Champagne.
and the GESTAPO legacy at CITé.

106.7 fm PARIS


AkorDaoZ d’eso 🇦🇷 … no tiene nombre, y saben qué? Es su culpa de vos, BOLUDOS… ¡Pinches perfumados!

In Local News:

El Cinco de Mayo

¡Haz PATRIA!!! Mata a un chilango… En Paris.

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