“Special delivery for Mango,”… The Saturn Episode³

³~.  Breaking Bad. SE 4, EP 11

La partition et l’engagement
From “A They In The Life”:
If the sun don’t come you get a tan From standing in the English rain.

Previously on BREAKING BAT y CAN:
Dicen que el chile es bueno para la memoria…”, México Para Chile.

Cabine Sauna for the ISS…

The Saturn is KNOT what you think episode. Off-course and in order to synch-in, or rather, freq. hop your way onto this channel you must know the Key of Saturn, for details ask the lizard people on the David Icke spectrum.


Not to be outdone by Artemis-es commode, The International Space Station asked Alfonso Cuarón to deliver a sauna to the International Space Station.

After the break:
It’s better call Saúl Hernández and his number Won hit ⚾,
“El Diablito ».


Batteries not included y, que chingue a su madre Eugenio Dervéz y sus dévoluciones.


The instructions are to install the cabin where Commander Pesquet used to listen to the Beach Boys as he circled a square… or something like that 🐰

Ya se me olvidó el tema… any how, México para Chile y chile para Juanito Guanabacoa

Breaking Bat y Can

Seasoning: 4; Old EP: Ate

Ta’ Pelona… Have a seat, señor Gallina. 🦗🦗🦗🦗


Hoy, as promised, no hubo SoFy Velasco en rfpp… Los 🦗 Bitchos 🦗 de 🦗 Juárez 🦗 follows, 🤠 Yee-haw!

Mientras tanto ayer en el 3éme del Tercero y porqué no decirlo; del Tercer Milenio in The Blue 🔵 planet.

Peace Crown llegó en un caballo volador.


… Una de vaqueros contra GERONIMO en rfpp 106.3 de fm, de arranque ahorita en el 19⁰ de la rue Botzaris en rfpp, Juanito Guanavacoa va a “negrear” a un Negro, así son los Judiciales de Vicente Fox. Chocolate Jesus is the opening act.

¡Qué feo hablan!
Bananarama en la mano de Amandititita for size.



Breaking Bat y Can – Ya Encontré Mi Ojo de Venado

To the Moon

Producciones BARDO may lick my aguacates y No Hay chileno 🇨🇱 Que Aguante Un Cañonazo 🇪🇺 de 50,000 Vernissages.

15 de abril, i forgot the year🔥maybe 2024

Tonite on the Way to The Dark Side of The Moon

Issy, Flaco, lemme’ tell Ewe how it will be, Honoré is going to SHOW you cunts that Eye is blacker than Youse, Issy–Lagunero-Soy.

Corrupción Actualizada

El hermano de La Negra Tomasa


Avi Velshi, did you know that Erasmus was a fag? Erasmus in 2022 is the patron Saint of Vernissages à Paris, and Texas, —aussi.

Note to Santiago… de Chile 🇨🇱:

Full Disclosure: the staff of asegovia3.com is UNDER the impression that Chileneans from the 1970’s Generation en Viña del Mar no saben lo que ES la Diferencia entre FORGET and Érase³ que se ERA.

Just dropped in to see what condition, my condition WAS in.

³~. Borrar according to Sophie Velasco, en rfpp.

If You Can Erase this… you might be a NAZI

Ni perdón ni olvido… Narrated by Henry Kissinger.