Peda + gogi… it’s Greek for Barbecue


From the producers of “Madea’s European Vacation… Öüï begin in Mount Olympus », and Niger Nazar’s Gogi Studios in Karachi, acclaimed docu-series “Cops, what’cha gonna do when They come for you?”, comes the story of Benny Blanco from The Bronx, an ex-con turned school teacher.


🎨 COTEJADO, I’m SIRIUS, and next thing Ewe know, Ewe’s knot!


Yada, yada, yada… This film has not been titled yet, however, possible candidates for the frontón are:

— You can’t be Perón about it, but who’s yer Daddy, John?


In Local news, seDuctioN, p. 5; in 20minutes . Cerf-panthére:

It’s like the Mussolini in of PM Meloni in Italy , on the same page, V… paraphrased:

Faire référence à cette catégorie de Français est un poncif de la, communication politique.

this, after Attalejem… after all is the savoir faire that a young lieutenant colonel from Argentina took back to la Milonga de un tal “calefón” from The School od Communication of Il Duce in ROMA.

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /3709 /pub /3596 /page /5



It’s good to be the king… Mel Brooks and The Torquemadas del Toledo de Coronado.

🥸 Eye can’t believe that there’s no such think as a Sanity Clause! Marie Christmas.

Later in the Programming, when Öüï, that motherfucker, Jumps to 21street, Eye asks Johnny Depp if it’s “good to be The King”, or was that the Grape that killed Gilbert, let’s ask Do Caption… Di Caprio, that son of a bitch

Hey, retard! Why’d ya put a mask on The King?

I’m SIRIUS, Leoⁿ… and youse knot!



Our personal favorite:

La Biblia chilla junto a un Space heater, Evangelists in France and other assorted quackery around The Globe.


Never mind the Cock🇲🇫, Sweden, it’s Turkey 🦃with mayo 🥪… Baby Öüï were born to run-off.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /certains-l-aiment-fip /le-grand-ecran-de-bruce-springsteen -7276598

Breaking in Paris:

It’s a gig interview on an Eminence Front


It’s been come brought to our attention that if you are a ticket-holder to The Boss‘ recital at La Défense, you might run into Barack Hussein Obama, and you know that that there choir GO’ill is non other than a former lawyer turned First Lady.

Additionaly, Öüï also got a scoop about an updated version of Tom Cruz’es-ese “Born on The 4th of July”. The new verses on that upbeat ditty will accomodate the RENEGING clauses proposed by politicians who think that Military Service is for losers.

… And, Reverend Al, you of all boot-legged Evangelistas know, You know darn well that James BROWN was a “PERONIST”, you know—Reverend Al, you know. That I know.

HOUSTON… Nevermind the bullshit, here comes VOTER supression. Where is La KUMAR when Voto Latino needs her, where, Güera, where?


After the break, it’s “El Ey is my Lady,” with the one-and-only, “the chairman of the board”, Mr. Tee ♟️ Martínez, a chess militant and, Sinatra’s Melody lover-no-less.


Over on the AlloCine subtitles factory, our most esteemed copy editor, Fenster the copy writer, is sitting front-row on a title-bout fight next to GeekMíMore translator, Fred Le Verre³. Fenster asked the ©Bragelonne word-surgeon, “just what in the fuck is up with NERDS, in this joint?”.

³~. Actually, it’s Frédéric, and the last name is knot glass, but Le Berre, Eye just thought —yes, he did— he thought that Öüï (that motherfucker) could bring for sho’ en Tell, a French Touch memo 📝, period!

Our French Touch demo is a Jamaican Country Bluegrass Blues & Other Jerks From Skid Row.

Jabón del Perro Agradecido de La Calle Stanton en El Paso, Texas… presenta:

En contexto para Marie-Ange Schiltz, it’s like Uncle Willie once said, if you know how the devil’s goose-bumps feel when Hell freezes over inside of a sleeping sack then you know what permanence is supposed to work like.

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