Man City… Nevermind Abu Dabhi (Dab Hi)

Réservoir Tanks from The Pundita Bonita‘s Yankees Season Ticket holders … 🚒 in New Jersey. “Let’s get some tacos, Mr. Pink, and then maybe a Margarita in Juárez.

Évry thing will be alright.


France’s President Macron overrides parliament to pass retirement age bill from worldnews

May they, May They!!!

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip /club-jazzafip-du-jeudi-16-mars-2023club-jazzafip-du-jeudi-16-mars-2023-1900761

Please be advised that from LIMOGES to BORDEAUX la Su on fip is sprayin’ gas on the Dronne… eye witnesses on that frame relay that even the Black Limousin got a whiff out of Su’s gas. Intel reports reveal that Su’s pedos had a hint of Su’s last vacation at the Infamous Rivera Maya, where Su had a daily dose of Sargassum, and chicken eggs past their expiration date, MAY THEY! MAY THEY!

https ://www .palmbeachpost .com /picture-gallery /news /2023/02/14 /sargassum-palm-beach-county/

Gas Lighting in Cyrillic…


Ladies in Gemini: Robinette the plumber visits the Leprechaun 🍀… what are the odds?

In this section, MARÍA Hinojosa, María Teresa Kumar, that Chilenean chick who takes care of Mika Brzezinski’s, Rolodex 📇, and of course the Dominican sista’ from Axios TV on HoBO TV, will draw a parallel (if any) between 1st and 2nd generation wetbacks* and the “TRANSPORTATION” rejects from ol’Éire.

*~. And, Daniela-Pierre Bravo 🇨🇱, please be advised that for ol’Gringo 🇺🇸, all people south of the Río Bravo are “wetbacks”, consequently, all people’s north of the Río Grande (except for the natives) are “French Frontier people”.

And, bitches… nevermind the BREW 🎺, Ewe better show your work, complete with scratch paper drafts, scrolls, or in the case of Daniela, the motherfucking Rolodex®️, period!

San Patricio was of course… 🍻 a fag 🇮🇪


… 🎤 don’t call, IT!, a come back 🎚️

and, SOUTH BEACH, fuck you too… Enjoy my Schacasm 👻🥚

No Manches: Manchester Lepe’Auchan


Goooooooo Dodgers.

⚾ DiazAster ☄️follows… and Zeppelin goes here.


Over at La Place de La Concord, it’s already Friday, March 17th, or as they say at Chochrans pub, “LEPRECHAUNS EVE”, and both the sans-dents and thee former President Hollande’s “niggas” in Toulouse are staging a skirmish against Le Palace du l’Élysée following the current president, Emmanuel Macron recognition that CARLOS GARDEL (Gardés) was in fact born under a URUGAYAN 🇺🇾 drape.

Capturas: Presidenciales [+33] 2017

Martes 25 de abril 2017
París, Francia… Métro L3

Al filo de las 13h [tiempo local] se supo que las Izquierdas no iban a realizar, o más bien no proyectan por el momento fusionar a las huestes del sindicalismo que tradicionalmente las une cada 1 de mayo para abarrotar el trayecto que conecta a los monumentos de La Bastilla y el de La Nación… la fuente de ese chisme llega desde los “news tickers” de BFM TV, cadena oficial de [casi] todos los restaurantes, cafés, bistros, expendios de tabaco y billetes de la Lotería Nacional, de bares y me imagino que de los salones de masajes también. Doña Vilma Fuentes¹, por cierto colega del escritor Pedro Miguel en La Jornada, una vez escribió una reseña de esos lugares donde se practica la relajación, pero lo malo de este blog [y por eso es bueno] viene siendo el hecho de que doña Vilma nunca lo cotejó. 

En los alrededores del Museo de Louvre, al pié de las pezuñas del monumento al caballo de Juana de Arco, aún no se sabe como se van a poner las cosas para el desfile del Día del Trabajo*, allí en ese punto es en donde se juntan los del  Partido Acción Nacional  Partido del Frente Nacional… Front National; Acción Nacional es otra cosa pero si los partidos políticos fueran pejumenes las dos marcas hiederían más o menos igual.

*  Did you know that it was the French  who invented the International Holiday for Labor… a long while ago on the first day of May, in Chicago,  Illinois —of all places…

[The more you knew, baby…
The more you knew].

News Porn /r/. —|— Uso justo de todos los medios.

1. Fuentes, V., “Los barrios de París”.

<< Si hay ladrones son de cuello blanco. Y si hay prostitutas, no son peripatéticas. Cierto, desde hace tres o cuatro años, han surgido, en callecillas discretas, establecimientos acogedores de masaje chino. Como anunciaban un masaje baratísimo, me decidí a ir. El pago por adelantado me hizo dudar. Sin insistir, una chica me indicó la salida. A mi marido, en cambio, le ofrecieron insistentes, por un precio más alto, masaje cuerpo a cuerpo. >>

Fragmento vía:
http ://www .jornada .unam .mx /2013 /05/ 23 /opinion/a06a1cul

Forecast for Tuesday calls for tornados

April 22, 2016 (Earth Day)
por: staff

Espacio musical Radicalmente abierto. | Uso justo de los medios y el arte urbano en París: (Stairway between Rue de l'Ermitage y la Calle de Las Cascadas, Paris XX).

Espacio musical Radicalmente abierto. | Uso justo de los medios y del arte urbano, en París: (Foto de OZANA capturada entre el Stairway between Rue de l’Ermitage y la Calle de Las Cascadas, Paris XX).

It’s been happening for a while and evolving with every passing day. And last night, we [all three of us, and Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo] ran into Michel. If you’ve been around the city for more than a day, say, you probably know him better for his hand-sewn jean fabric outfit and the fully functional Fountain spearheading his modded bicycle… nothing to do with the doped bikesfeatured just the other day on the mother-fu…nctional BBC.

If you still don’t know who i’m talking about, Michel is the poet who recites his thoughts on the bridge that is the link between Notre Dame and the Häagen-Dazs_FR store. Sometimes, depending on his mood, he’ll just bring out a musical instrument and fill the superficial waves above the Seine with woodwind sounds that often times —i swear— make it all the way into the Hôtel-Dieu garden space.

Spring-scaping at Hôtel-Dieu. Foto por: armando segovia / segoviaspixes. CC, share-alike, Big Joe: if you copy-paste please give credit and don't profit from my work…

Anyway, the issue of clinic closures at Hôtel-Dieu has been going on for a good while now, [if i understand correctly, the issue is about austerity and the consolidation of services… something where apparently public services are certainly diminished] in my photo log the permanent protests date back to 2011, that however, is another story that was seen through the lens of a little known Mexican institution known by its initials as: IMSS, and whose developments where recorded as the 2012 Mexican election process rolled on.

Our coverage right now involves labor reform in France, and an election in the U.S. where a centrist-democrat*, who quite possibly embodies a 21st Century [friendly face] Benito Mussolini could potentially occupy the White House.

Fair use of current affairs, and an obituary page.

Fair use of current affairs, and an obituary page. Vía: http ://www .msnbc .com /rachel-maddow /watch /peerless-prince-legacy-also-political-671331907702

*This, according to Joe Scarborough’s radar on MSNBC.
Does Andy Jacksonfrom the $20 greenback— ring a bell?

So, getting back to the recap of Nuit Debout, here’s how i saw the night approach on that day, which by the way seems like it happened such a long time ago:

Dios mio cabrón!

Dios mio cabrón!  |  Print public notice en Espagnol. | Anti advertisement campaign at an occupied bus stop. | Republic Plaza. Paris France.

From my point of view, the most recent conglomeration above the tunnels of Métro Stop République was made possible by a bunch of get-off-your-ass politically minded high schoolers.

Plaza llena.

Plaza llena. | Foto por: staff.

At first i thought that the crowds on the streets were going to be the usual suspects [the Left, the Unions, the inter-university solidarity movements] but no. The spark this time was spread by the next generation of voters… in a country [mind you] where the political system [i would be willing to bet…] does not depend on the seduction, the longevity and the circus caliber entertainment of a race for the delegates [as a prerequisite] to get to be, the President of the U.S.A..

Stylist Magazine [Double Cover Issue, April 21, Nº 131] and Science & Sante Magazine [Back Cover March/April, Nº 30].

Stylist Magazine [Double Cover Issue, April 21, Nº 131] and Science & Sante Magazine [Back Cover March/April, Nº 30].


Entre el crepúsculo que separa las horas en nuestro calendario de todos los días, el fin de semana nos recordó que se cumplía otro año desde que se registró la muerte física de Saavedra, luego, as twilight turned into madrugada the celebration of The Year of Shakespeare —por el cumpleaños del tal Memo—  began to rang.

Nuit Debout… continuamos en unos instantes… nos vemos en Andalucía.

Combat Rock segment: Overpowered by Funk. The Clash.

Combat  Rock  segment:  Overpowered  by  Funk.  The Clash.  |  Photos  by:  staff  (segoviaspixes).   Creative  Commons  and  all  that  Copyleft  stuff . . .  Funk Power—Over and out.