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Previously on, Pierre Bourdieu’s “Habitus”, i went ahead and put Marie-Ange Schiltz’ 100-paragraph on homelessness from “el ruedo” and not from la barrera de un ESCRITORIO en la SORBONNE off until the Lucha Libre came to town and Senator Claire McCaskill’s “white boots” popped out of Pandora’s Box at the SOCLE of Saint-Merri.  

El hábito no hace al monje: Then comes the ultimate boldness, the generalization of the conclusions in order to identify some constants and probable causalities that would orient the action of men in society. In a word, you would have understood that understanding the social [fabric] through statistics, is to know and accept that one slices, that we cut up, that we lose information at each step, in order to bring some order to the complex chaos Here I am today I have to approach the complex deprived of my usual tools. [Quotidien, sans domicile fixe (SDF), avec domicile fixe (ADF)]. The final part of the Marie-Ange Schiltz’ reflection on page 177 of a Mains Libres .pdf³

³~. Mar 2023 DOI: 10.3917/commu.112.0173ISBN: 0588-8018. French National Centre for Scientific Research

backward difference

Breaking in France… news bulletins coming from Pas-de-Calais relay that the French just invented “the amber” alert. No word yet if the abductor is the father of the abductee, or if the perp is a perv.

Morralla for your thoughts: Vient l’audace ultime, la généralisation des conclusions en vue de dégager quelques constantes et causalités probables qui orienteraient l’action des hommes en société. En un mot, vous l’avez compris, appréhender le social à travers la statistique, c’est savoir et accepter que l’on tranche, que l’on découpe, que l’on perde de l’information à chaque étape, dans le but de dégager un peu d’ordre dans le complexe. Me voilà aujourd’hui bien démunie, il me faut aborder le complexe sans mes outils usuels.

With that in mind, this is an Amber Enlèvement.

Ni Maistro – Ni Dieu…

https ://www .publimetro .com .mx 2023/06/03 / mother-with-baby-in-arms-and-her-teen-daughter-beaten-outside-of-school

And Willie Geist, congratulations on picking-up today’s Word of The ‘Gram: hashtag pedowhore, say your “Silent Prayer” now.

But that has nothing to do with the Soul of America who, Reverend Alphonse Sharpton the Third, because you, out of all honorary Mexicans should know that if VALLE de CHALCO in the Mexican State of Mexico (Edo.Mex) asks Tennessee to slow down, “Mama Karen” in OCALA, Florida will turn around and dust the soul from the kids… It’s a tale of two cities where “el pueblo bueno” and “good decent Americans” live and die, as they did.

https ://www .nbcnews .com /news /us-news /woman-charged-after-fatally-shooting-neighbor-through-door-has-history-of-harassing-children

Ewe got nuttin’!

Jeez Whizz!

Except of course…

The title for:

Le$ ¢lochards de LA OTAN… but like Mexican Militaire Attachés, you $hu’eat well.

A-ha! A Fleshlight–in-sac… a sure sign of a France Music frog.

Did you enjoy your month of May vacation, Cerf-panthére? Welcome back.

Anyhow Cerfie-puss, Eye told y’all, wait scratch that I have been tellin’ y’all since hashtag Nuit Debout that if you pause in May, da’Man is going to TAKE FIVE, but that’s okay, because like I told you at the sobremesa, —hay más tiempo que vino.

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