Happy Birthday, PATRIOT ACT!!! — Yeah… take your fucking shoes off!

Tonight on Deadline, Italian pistachio ice cream for all… the locked-up kids.


Because doG so loved the world
D.A.T. She gave her only green-colored pup…
not to mention Kasie Hunt,
—asteroids the size of refrigerators—
and of course, the aforementioned:
escaped cloned female mutant crayfish that took over the Belgian Père Lachaise.

Because Green is the color of Hope, the “migra” agent at the check-point.

Still to come:

And Kate McKinnon replies to Jay

And Kate McKinnon replies to @ Jay Pelaer 🛎 728B2D28-B707-4B29-B5C7-5ED90F3E13BB 🙈 … ”Ah, yes, the mountains”.


Previously on, “My honey went to Mount Kilimanjaro and all that I got was this shower cap”…

Replying to

Mountain climbing while Joe was eating fast- food after 3 days of silence was the funniest thing I ever heard. HAHAHA!!!!! I love you two