Peda + gogi… it’s Greek for Barbecue


From the producers of “Madea’s European Vacation… Öüï begin in Mount Olympus », and Niger Nazar’s Gogi Studios in Karachi, acclaimed docu-series “Cops, what’cha gonna do when They come for you?”, comes the story of Benny Blanco from The Bronx, an ex-con turned school teacher.


🎨 COTEJADO, I’m SIRIUS, and next thing Ewe know, Ewe’s knot!


Yada, yada, yada… This film has not been titled yet, however, possible candidates for the frontón are:

— You can’t be Perón about it, but who’s yer Daddy, John?


In Local news, seDuctioN, p. 5; in 20minutes . Cerf-panthére:

It’s like the Mussolini in of PM Meloni in Italy , on the same page, V… paraphrased:

Faire référence à cette catégorie de Français est un poncif de la, communication politique.

this, after Attalejem… after all is the savoir faire that a young lieutenant colonel from Argentina took back to la Milonga de un tal “calefón” from The School od Communication of Il Duce in ROMA.

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /3709 /pub /3596 /page /5



It’s good to be the king… Mel Brooks and The Torquemadas del Toledo de Coronado.

🥸 Eye can’t believe that there’s no such think as a Sanity Clause! Marie Christmas.

Later in the Programming, when Öüï, that motherfucker, Jumps to 21street, Eye asks Johnny Depp if it’s “good to be The King”, or was that the Grape that killed Gilbert, let’s ask Do Caption… Di Caprio, that son of a bitch

Hey, retard! Why’d ya put a mask on The King?

I’m SIRIUS, Leoⁿ… and youse knot!



Our personal favorite:

La Biblia chilla junto a un Space heater, Evangelists in France and other assorted quackery around The Globe.


Never mind the Cock🇲🇫, Sweden, it’s Turkey 🦃with mayo 🥪… Baby Öüï were born to run-off.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /certains-l-aiment-fip /le-grand-ecran-de-bruce-springsteen -7276598

Breaking in Paris:

It’s a gig interview on an Eminence Front


It’s been come brought to our attention that if you are a ticket-holder to The Boss‘ recital at La Défense, you might run into Barack Hussein Obama, and you know that that there choir GO’ill is non other than a former lawyer turned First Lady.

Additionaly, Öüï also got a scoop about an updated version of Tom Cruz’es-ese “Born on The 4th of July”. The new verses on that upbeat ditty will accomodate the RENEGING clauses proposed by politicians who think that Military Service is for losers.

… And, Reverend Al, you of all boot-legged Evangelistas know, You know darn well that James BROWN was a “PERONIST”, you know—Reverend Al, you know. That I know.

HOUSTON… Nevermind the bullshit, here comes VOTER supression. Where is La KUMAR when Voto Latino needs her, where, Güera, where?


After the break, it’s “El Ey is my Lady,” with the one-and-only, “the chairman of the board”, Mr. Tee ♟️ Martínez, a chess militant and, Sinatra’s Melody lover-no-less.


Over on the AlloCine subtitles factory, our most esteemed copy editor, Fenster the copy writer, is sitting front-row on a title-bout fight next to GeekMíMore translator, Fred Le Verre³. Fenster asked the ©Bragelonne word-surgeon, “just what in the fuck is up with NERDS, in this joint?”.

³~. Actually, it’s Frédéric, and the last name is knot glass, but Le Berre, Eye just thought —yes, he did— he thought that Öüï (that motherfucker) could bring for sho’ en Tell, a French Touch memo 📝, period!

Our French Touch demo is a Jamaican Country Bluegrass Blues & Other Jerks From Skid Row.

Jabón del Perro Agradecido de La Calle Stanton en El Paso, Texas… presenta:

En contexto para Marie-Ange Schiltz, it’s like Uncle Willie once said, if you know how the devil’s goose-bumps feel when Hell freezes over inside of a sleeping sack then you know what permanence is supposed to work like.

With all due respect… GÜau—WÜau

It feels fine…

… and unlike that “hound dog”, je suis “high class”…because i’m a mut, ya’bum…

Anygüey, amigo… kind of ran into technical difficulties all fucking day long, Aleluya! Give me more give me more, i grew up where the Dust Storms were the attraction in town, allá en San José de las Panochas, municipio de Mapmí, Durango…

Tumbling Dice Fusion from New Jersey…

Bueno, Jon Henry, un juarense adoptado lo gritaba mejor: Sobre Aviso No Hay Engaño*… te dije que hoy y mañana es fiesta nacional en Francia, y el exitazo de Los Rieleros del Norte ( de Nantes) de la ultima manifestación los convocó para que amenizaran en la Gare de Lyon, y la del Norte, y la del Este, etc., etc., etcétera…

With all due respect… it seems that even the French Information SuperDupper–Highgüey (that’s the IT fellas at La Mairie de París) had a national holyday … }—-~~~\*>  Of course you know, or should know by now, that it was the French, who invented “The  Boss”, es decir, los interWebs…. “Can You Ask For Anything More? …TimeStamp: 21h38 in Siren Time.

the good thing about today’s sundown hour was Bruce Springsteen over the Seine waves. In the mean time, Larry Merchant afterdark is searching por un satelite chilango de nombre Fran Hevia on Derek’s Mexican Drunk History show… Salud!


… And Yes, Donald Trump: “I WAS BORN IN THE U.S.A.” pinche presidente de mierda!

Chicken hawk–in–Chief….


All the cool sources lead to Steve McQueen and his motherfucking Triumph, and not to a stupid–ass Trump:

… all the way to Juaritos… “So it goes”.

Coming up after the BreaK it’s : Darkest of the Hillside Thickets

Aquilatadas, Sirenas: the good thing about…

… about this most inconsequential blog, is that y’all—vous ne nous lizes pas… “but is all Right”, at both the sevenTEEN hundred and at the TOP of the hour, in Central Europe Currency por allá por CALEXICO—Baby!

“… and it’s all right.”

Happy Pie Day,

Welcome. Every one is invited to this lonley town on Pie Day, even the cube heads. So if you have six or more faces —don’t delay!

Condenadas… perdón COORDENADAS, no condenadas, porque esa palabra es bien amigota de las canallas, y pues entonces eso es otro pastelito que se acompaña con café bien cargado… Anygüey, las coordenadas del vecino bien mono que ocupa la contra esquina de estas figurotototas del Rock and Roll circus, al otro lado del “roundabout” en la calle Furstemburg, en Saint-Germain–des—Pres, ahorita se las metó más al rato OK, HENRY? Así que Fellas, no se me vayan… deteniendo, y digo fellas —as in Fellows, con una de las dos eles, por supuesto, Corazón, bien MUDA.

Step right in, it’s a musical circus. From Rock to Jazz, Ethnic to Chamber and Classical. You don’t need no ticket and Drinks for all of the Sirens are on Da’House!

Accident on pareidolia street, apophenia was a witness of the scene. According to her, Serendipity was riding her bike, when a yellow car wearing a blue skirt ran the spontaneous muse over. }—-~~~\*>  Algunos dicen que segoviaspixes capturó la escena y la pusó en un marco junto a un par de  ovinos en la rue de l’Échaudé, 75006… CopyLeft, and all that good Creative Commons stuff.

De arranque, el primer track de esta banda sonora para sordos es el soliloquio de un desgraciado que escribe para emborracharse… o que se emborracha para escribir…

(ya no me acuerdo cómo iba la frase, pero la chica venezolana de Issy–Les–Moulineaux que pasa revista a películas en Frecuencia Paris Plural—Emisiones Americas… o algo así, con Osler Amaro y su staff, fue la mina que  me acuñó la primera pedrada… perdon, acuño esa frase primero.)

… no se pierda el primer acto de redempción en dónde se le escucha a este desgraciado gritar al  Universo lo siguiente:

From the collection Hypertunneling with Marianne… context follows:  foto y diseño por armando segovia / segoviaspixes—2018

Hey, You. Are you listening? Can You hear me. If you are,  could You please be advised that my next “Hogar” needs to be on No. 3 Rue de Cardenal, 75006; so make a note of that, and yes, the staff already knows that they are going to have to deal with the “Brown Sugar” and Crack dealers, winos and clochards when we [the staff] hit that ground.

Ewe cow!… said the fucking Wether in sheep talk. Episode One. }–––~~~\*>  Rue de l’Échaudé, 75006, foto por  armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2018. CopyLeft, Gustavo, CopyLeft, my old friend.



Bruce “resortes de la prima vera” SpringsTEEN… Jersey « Mec» is TOPS }—-~~~\*> Uso justo del cancionero « no official » de Las Sirenas de Issy-Les–Moulineaux.

Las fuentes de doña Cyber Vilma, Follows, fellas:

“Shout it, Shout it out loud.” KISS.

fuente follows: in the mean time here’s some tunnel vision for y’all from Storyville on the Seine:

Chuy sin maquillaje en el underground. CopyLeft, Gustavo, copy motherfucking left, amigo. And give my regards to the BrUTEP crowd…. From Atlantic City, 75004.

This one is dedicated to the Sam Donaldson Center at El Paso “U”:

“… and so it was,”… Brozo, la foto es por Yo Mero, pero, pinche licenciado, no me confundas con el güey del PRI que tus patronesquieren sentarcomo presidente… do give my regards to don Bernardo Gómez y Mr. Gary Sanchez (sin acento)… ok, cabrón? 

… for those who arrived to this plane of existance after Springsteen was Born To Run, y’all will find the reference from the composition above in the frame below, in full spectrum, with the squelch on, and of course Raquel, in Listening Silent mode:

La sombra blanca. Merci, Sirens; merci, for the BOOGALOO ∴ 33 ∴ « todo va bien en el Universo »… besos.

The following is a TimeDelay source, because the actual time now is in Millenium Time via (Chicago) on the Seine, on a patchy Thursday afternoon, cette a dire… if Alice, Charlotte, Jane, and guy named Aaaaaaaaaaa–rmand would read us, they would not Let Us [the staff] lie, because this episode of the Rock and Roll circus was Serendipitously synchronized in Real Time with the early evening Sacrosant programming from the Certain Sirens at Issy–Les–Moulineaux, and their take on the deambulatory music of Louis Malle: