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El llanero de las flores and other assorted transliterations.


The they would arrive when Mexican basket ballers became a doppelganger version of aspiring French Musketeers in at King James 🏀 Court, inversely proportional but in another PROFILE, a French 🏀 talent is learning the talk that Eugene Robinson 📰 at El WaPo gives his black children when they get behind the wheel of a Large Auto 🎱 Movil and any given Sheriff 🚓  pulls the car over.

96 hours of subs on the floor… 96 hours of, yeah they all are sleeping with fishes, 🎵 and in The End, the plunge you take is equal to any refugee who sunk in the coast of Greece.

I Shot Susana Poveda, but I did not shoot the United States Academy, which was part of América.

And, Ambassador with a difficult name to write… me da güeva escribirTe-te-te, sin embargo it’s time to thread the news of today, with things that I wrote about before, and in particularly, Excmo. Ambassador Asvasadourian, that little weapons smuggling operation from the creators of WACO, Texas, and Ruby Ridge.

But don’t take my blog (word) for it, you sir have the authority and the right to review my motivational letter to the French Consulate in Los Angeles, California, dated November of 2010, in one of the paragraphs you might perhaps maybe notice the part about the weapons smuggling that would come to be known as the “aspersions on Louie Gomer’s asparagus,” have your Twitter®️ Monkees look it up because it‘s as trou 🕳️ as a Whole in on the ground 🎨.

And this is where Mariana X. Rivera comes in… spoiler alert, Mariana is only a note 🎶 on this composition, a thread in the Gleason’s “Films d’altérité”  and of De Obeso’s “Rencontres Cinématographiques Viva Mexico” huipiles y guayaberas.

Eye does knot follow the knews 🇬🇧, said the the Peruvian 🇵🇪 president, according to Osler Amaro en rfpp before he was stopped on his way to Mexico’s güey. Trou 🕳️ story. Plunge in.


And, Cousin Joe… You are such a gay lord.

Note to non-readers at the P.E.N. Club Mo’Naco:

https ://asegovia3 .com /2023 /04/15 /track-7-us-and-themus-and-them/


The first thing that your 🪶 tips should know, is that Armando Serrano~Prieto is 12-years old and of course he finds this entry funny and witty 🧏 not to mention, —pretty.

This message is approved by PBS in 1994… Issy, Mika Brzezinski, that’s only a mere Ten Years after, wait FO’it, wait… PANAMA!


But FO’ist, we now return to RFPP 30th Anniversary Celebration with le PEN Club de France on the March to The Road to Wigan Pier, 🎵 Sunday morning bottle of wine. 

Faul de Mo’Naco… en marcha a Metro 🚇 République, with a “dry-ass” Corona beer.

Track 7: US and THEM

DAS BOOT RECORDING 2011 presents: page 14, La pop dans l’ère du clown. Rolling Stone. Numéro 151, avril 2023 (FRANCE).


Ahora cuéntame una de CLOCHARDS with luxury brand items courtesy of “Un Mundo Raro”.


Hoy no hubo Émission Américas en RFPP . net… nonetheless, the program grill at the Botzaris radio station shows the Osler Amaro logo as being “active”, but Juliette, Malena and Mateo are live from La Parole Errante in MONTREUIL-SOUS-BOIS, naturally, rfpp is NAVEL–gazing a re-run of their 30th Anniversary.

Appropriately enough, two French broads are philosophizing about ‘writers’ and the censorship that miniaturize their efforts in France. The Pen Club is at the mound, and they are talking about Turkey and Irak, without (maybe) not knowing what is happening under their mic 🎙️ (plural).

Hola, Francisco, tu carcajada no paso desapercibida (punto y coma) sabemos de antemano como te gusta estar en El Commando de los controles, no por nada tus bambalinas tienen como telón, a la policía judicial del PRI nuestro de aquellos Díaz [en Montparnasse].

Don Porfirio et les étudiants d’aujourd’hui
Hugo Aboites

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2023/04/15 /opinionopinion /012a2pol

There is money to be made in Charity in France, but you have to be LATINO for that.

One thing for sure is that the censorship from The Préfecture de Police does not happen (as it applies to my DOCKET there)  without the SOLIDARITY of the Caviar-gauche de La MAL27 at Saint-Germain-des-Prés,  “Siempre en Domingo” en la rue des Cascades, La Juventud Venezolana (de Guadalajara, Jalisco—México), Morena-Francia, Los Amigos de México en Francia, and of course, the Superstar himself, Juanito GUANABACOA…

If you tune in right now (Saturday 15th of April in Paris) the president of the navel gazing club at Cruz de Caballos, Metro Line 9, is covering Actes Sud and the Afghan Wings 💸…

https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2023/4/11 /anulan-condena-de-50-anos-de-prision-de-el-mochaorejas-su-banda-de-secuestradores-305187 .html


As we rant, 🇲🇽 Juanito Guanavacoa and Florence Cassez 🇫🇷 are gathering the necessary paperwork to bring  DANIEL “mocha orejas” ARIZMENDI to France, where no doubt mister “ear chopper” will get his Early Retirement and double RSA check, plus “logement”.

Now we know where the CURRENT Mexican president’s FRIENDS reside in France:

Raphaël Morán directing a question to the then 🇲🇽 presidential candidate Andrés Ma. lópez O.:

—Tiene amigos en Francia?< /p>

I will get back to that after I remind The PEN CLUB that LA FRANCE might have a law defending the Freedom of Expression, but I know-know, and can argue, that if you practice Journalism as a foreigner in France, [he/she] one or two, must report all sources to the Préfecture de Police sous PENA de una condena to feed the doves from la banqueta.. And if The PEN CLUB in France has any doubts or wishes tto challenge my know-know, just switch your motherfucking dial to those “politically correct” gringos at politico . com, ibid from China.

RAYUELA-Aeroplane-Marelle en La Jornada dominguera de La Universidad Autónoma de John Mill Ackerman³:

🇫🇷 Plusieurs 🇧🇷 vont à 🇨🇳 Pékin. Pékin n’est allé qu’à 🇷🇺 Moscou. Intéressant, non ?

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2023/04/15

In this sense, Pen CLUB de France… You are all NIGGERS with a microphone. Now go ahead and call me a racist, just don’t think that I, Armando Segovia, is “Comfortably Numb” in France… and Fuck BARBARA aussi.

This is not an inter – mission.


And, Reverend Al… Eye is not crazy

So, Ohio… i personally think that Cousin Joe’s analogy regarding Nina’s supposed “rejection” from the Irishman Establishment with pretty pink houses for Ewe and Mí, —for you and Mí! Is ideal to unwind the Pretenders among U.S..

Over in LAGOS, Mika is making the final arrangements to keep us from gettin near Zhe* Eiffel Tower. in a concerted effort with none other than French President, Emmanuel Macron, The global citizens want only perfectly cookie-cut concert goers who have no fucking idea who Fela Kuti is.
On deadline, no word if Chaka Khan fans will be branded persona non-gratificada on account of her Black Pumas past.
Trascendió que El llamado Global Citizen event is the “ÖÜÏ are the World” for the 21st centrury and adidas (the three stripped motherfuckers) is a sponsor and puma wearing fellows are not allowed anywhere near Metro Line 9 to Trocadero.

* La hache es como La Muette

And Rev. Al, don’t get me wrong, Belinda and The Go-Go’s are a big part of my wasted hours on the MTV, sin embargo my Honorary Mexican, how can you be the protestor-in-charge in the Era of BLM, and then, when the so-called Heartland is ready to put Praxis into law, You Sir, are going to call for a kinder, gentler, legislator who’s track record at the local level is A-plus in charity, but as BREONNA reminds you from Kentucky, let’s see how she performs with JUSTICE.

Por ejemplo, Avi Velshi, one of the “issues” that these Global Citizens supposedly take action against is this thing written everywhere here in France, it’s called equality and not to bring down or minimize the drama of The George Floyd episode of American History, but as seen from abroad, Reverend Al, the killing in Kentucky (the one that featured Breonna on the nightly news) did not get as much coverage and, as The New York Times put it in this paywall : https ://www .nytimes .com /2020/06/04 /us /breonna-taylor-black-lives-matter-women .html, The legally dead/murdered Black WOMAN’S coverage seemed a bit on the DISSCONNECTED side.

The NYT blamed it on a macho-centered culture that shuns anything that is not down with the GHETTO, in other words, RAP Music… not the GOSPEL sounds of the CRENFLO DOLLAR Ministry.

In Local News, the French are disposing of perfectly good mattresses and pillows like it was the Event before a national holiday. I mean just look at those “SLEEP NUMBERS” and blue pillows below, 24France in WaWaCaliente Canal 26 reports:

Mátelas… del verbo matar, o sea, forma cordial (no igualada, tú) de dar una orden a un matón (dentro o fuera de la Ley)… Matelas sin el acento diacrítico is nothing more than a Sleep Number Mattress. And if youse one of them Global Citizens, then Mr. Pinault-Hayek you would know that good cardboard is one of the biggest commodities around your Dome, which brings me back to that GROUNDED BENCHMARK TEST at La Bourse de Châtelet… please stand-by for El Recorte del Día….NOTE TO EDITORS: all times are in HAWAII STANDARD TIME, knot CENTRAL EUROPE.

In recent broadcasts, you asked to the four winds where all the LatinX’s, the Asian and Pacific Islanders, were? When it came down to march down to Austin and protect Democracy from the power grip of a governor who is killing more people than Pol Pot… Sure, Governor Abbott did not kill them with his own two working limbs, but like Pol Pot, his political manifesto in The Great State of Texas is not much different that that of the Khmers rouges, except that instead of Guerrilla Warfare, the good governor there is utilizing Guerrilla Welfare, and isn’t it IRONIC. Governor Abbot is not alone, the guy from Florida is even running the operation as a DEATH CULT.


Dear, President Macron… may i have a private Louvre tour?

Pleased to meet you .:. 2AFAF168-120B-44C4-99FB-28B1E8D79C53 🗿By the numbers, context follows for Mediapart.

Pretty please! Come on, Mr. Macron, you can explain it to doña Vilma Fuentes as a “riderexpenditure to the OCDE 60th Anniversary tribute to THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

« C’est un cadeau (du Louvre) à l’Humanité”, a déclaré l’ancien maire de l’Indiana, adding, « just like that fucking cathedral with Le Coq de Le Duc on top… long live La Concha de Catherine Deneuve!!! », period!

https ://www .dailymail .co .uk /news /article-9050121 /National-Security-Advisor-taking-wife-romantic-tour-Europe-pandemic .html

In Local Motion News, French President Emmanuel Macron proposed a referendum (AMLO’s* favorite political tool) to declare the Environment (and the development of said environment) a French patent, donc, the public questionnaire seeks to place The Environment right next to The Humanity on Marianne’s read the Rules of the house —how to documents— version 5.0.

The political strategy arrives after Proposition 24¹ and, in TWUE* American fashion, The French marching Republicans (band) slipped a sneaky little overture on that same referendum asking of the Very French, if they would like to see FRENCH BASHING² become a punishable crime at The Opéra House between Garnier  y La Bastille.

* Pronounced with the French “hole” sound it’s « trou ! ».

Coïncidence? Only if you believe that the leader of the band’s name (ALICE, with or without Chains) is today’s Sainte du Jour on page 31 of 33 in Defendente Génolini’s Direct Matin on CNEWS with Felipe “el labrador” Labro.

In French Zodíaco news, Les voleurs de Voltaire jouissent toujours de l’anonymat de la criminalité, et n’est-ce pas ironique, Mayor Pete, that the statue robbers would censor the authorities by not issuing a ransom note‽ Indeed, Mayor Pete, WHO is going to speak on behalf of “el vuelo de Voltaire”, —en el 6eme?… Nobody, DAT’s WHO.


1_ The don’t Click the camera Snap button on the porc law.

And this is where Agent Angle comes into the picture, Leslie Jones, and here’s why:
one cannot just go uppity invoking Santa Catarina Deneuve without merit, because if the « clocher » is good enough for the cock, then it also good for “La Concha de Cecily Strong”, period… and point that Bitch WEST!

2_ French bashing is the equivalent of a good old fashion roast on the Comedy channel.

2 de septiembre (Actualización audiovisual 10/09)

… oscuridad en tus consulados.

Continuación a la adaptación
de un proverbio que sirve de jabón
para lavar la ropa sucia,
—afuera de Casa.

huelga en consulado

Fair use of media | Uso justo de los medios con el fin de seguir examinando lo que piensa una ex “freelancer” del Servicio Exterior Mexicano. La captura del titular —y de la imagen— de Sin Embargo, sirven de apoyo para seguir explorando la dinámica del síndrome: mi país es más santo que el tuyo.

Los brazos caídos“, así le pusieron a un grupo de contratistas —que funcionan para el Servicio Exterior Mexicano. Al principio se pensó que se trataba de un estallido laboral, —una huelga pues— en los consulados mexicanos situados en los Estados Unidos (americanos). Sin embargo, se supo que los ¡¿… casi empleados!? regresaron a sus funciones después de tan solo 60 minutos; inconformes al parecer, por que un contrato tipo “renta-servidores públicos” no garantiza: ni prestaciones, ni beneficios laborales.

Aquí de seguro los inconformes se han de estar refiriendo a los contratos de sus cuasi colegas, aquellos los que en efecto tienen ese… <<  je ne sais quoi — yo no sé qué? >>, al que los estudiosos de la grilla y de la política ficción suelen llamar: El HUESO.

Sobrina de Salinas

Fair use of press release information | Uso justo de los medios para mostrar ‘pictográficamente’ como ‘jala’ el asunto de EL HUESO en la Federación de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos.

Una vez más, cuando se trata de lo que hasta ahora sigue siendo << la función pública en México >> no sé a ni a quien irle yendo.  Por un lado, la falta de prestaciones para contratos laborales a corto plazo, —se sabe bien— forma ya parte de las escapatorias fiscales en las que una empresa —o los libros de gastos del Consulado— por lo regular tienen que rendir cuentas; una esfera si usted quiere, donde las necesidades personales y económicas de la mano de obra salen sobrando:

Dime a dozen“… cantaba un muñeco de Azcárraga Vidaurrieta,

traducción: la docena a diez centavos.*

Por un lado, y de acuerdo a las aproximaciones que se arrojan desde el ejercicio —casi heurístico— por los que he tenido que pasar en cada visita a la Sección Consular de la Embajada de México en Francia, me inclino a pensar —sintiendo desde la sala de espera— que del otro lado de la ventanilla —y como regla general— ya con gafete oficial, pues todos los gatos tienden a ser pardos, y por supuesto —patrón— que cierran filas entre ellos.

Acta | Recibo | Matricula

Acta | Recibo | Matricula… se dice que para saber a qué sabe el atole administrado con el dedo, hay que hacer de la práctica y de la experiencia… también una parte de la teoría. En otros rollos, la imagen capturada de recibos del Estado Mexicano cuenta con una licencia de Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional, y forma parte del trabajo sin fines de lucro de


Será sarcasmo, será ironía, será el cinismo ilustrado del otro día, pero visto desde la panorámica de un espejo retrovisor, la simpatía por éste movimiento —de huelga en el consulado— en lo particular ni me va ni me viene. Por casi cuatro años, luego de haber recuperado mi nacionalidad mexicana, yo he venido solicitando un pasaporte mexicano —a través de dos consulados— y lo único que desde ese cuadro de trabajo [institucionalizado] se me retroalimenta como información pertinente para mi tramite de documentos de identificación, pues termina siendo especulación que confecciona un sin fin de evasivas con las que se puedan ignorar las clausulas III y IV, de un Convenio firmado en La Haya, un 5 de octubre de 1961**.

Desde el año 2000 [en el Consulado Mexicano en El Paso, Tejas] y luego en el 2011 [en San Bernardino California], servidor público—tras cuasi servidor público han venido ignorado las Apostillas que llevan el sello de mi madre [tierra] California.

Hoy, ese proceso se detiene —según la ‘vice cónsul de París’— por un trinche guión.

Enlace a un breve enredo.

Enlace a un breve enredo, vía youtube.


Aguilar. A., Tu muñeco. Vía: Youtube.

Conférence de La Haye de Droit International Privé., Convenio de 5 de octubre de 1961 Suprimiendo la Exigencia de Legalización de los Documentos Públicos Extranjeros. HCCH, 1951-2015; vía: