Last Week Too They — … “Grizzly Adams DID* have a beard!”

Chinese Food… Hey, P.E.N. CLUB de France: tomorrow is Taco Tus Days. Sin Celery, Mao TSE Tung.


So, never mind that fellow with the stone 🪨 on his back, according to the Brittany Tourism Board and the Le Mans Pantomime Institute of La Sarthe, la Panoramix on this one is of little cultural value, at this rate Mickey Mouse will in fact, said Lee Treviño 🏌️, “turn into La fucking Vache, mister Bowie.”

The Brotherly LOVE Bridge… yup, Eye burnt that one down, Aussie… it used to be the city of one bridge, now Ewe Got Nuttin’!… Sincerely, The Brooklyn Bridge.

Previously on the 30th Anniversary edition of rfpp 106.3 fm:

Les prix de Traduction du PEN Club français
(2° édition-2023)

The Rulhes des Rhunes and other assorted Procédures for entry:


La convocatoria de texto para los precios los grandes precios del 2023 se extienden desde el 1 de abril (April’s Phish) hasta el 1 de julio (Bastille They pre-nupcials).

Las solicitudes en toda su totalidad son para el beneficio del hijo de Juanito Guanabacoa en Canadá.

Mexicanos, “traguen su maíz 🌽 Transgénico® y sus 🌮 tortillas que sean de Play-Doo®”, dijo el wambo-jambo-Colorado-red-Mexican Greaser, Ken 🪶 Salazar 🤠 en el Chamizal.

Sin Salarie

Billy “Esta Vez” d’Kid…

I’ll make you famous.

Cualquier parecido con la política de París Fréquence Plurielle es mera causalidad para la gloria del ex-agente de la policía judicial de Tijuana, Baja California, Francisco Belmont; o mismo para el provecho del cinito mexicano tijuanense en Annecy…sur Savoy-Truffle.

The translations must have been published within the last two years from the publication of the call for papers (April 2023).

these translations can relate to texts from all eras and languages. Translations must be published at the publisher’s expense, in French.

Zeppelin needs not apply.

https ://www .golfchannel .com /news /lee-trevino-wishes-he-had-not-made-cameo-happy-gilmore

For those just joining us, please be advised that Fenster the copy-editor reserves the right to revise each post on an Hilo—Paris time-delayed fragmentación, and in Hilo, Hawaii it’s is Primetime right now, in la Finistère it’s Second Amendment news, ahora en Francés y narradas por un Leprechaun 🍀.


The stupidest hitlerian* Autobahn on in the world 🛣️, period! President B.

*~. All freeways, toll-roads, and AuTo-pistas are a NAZI invention designed for tanks and to kill public transportation… My name is Clint Eastwood, and in Washington, “Eye prefers public transportation.”

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