Previously on the PABST BLEU SCEAU… Fable CLXXXII* 2e Planche

You Dry SOCIETY³, pronounced Oudry, as in:

Les Années FIP
Are you serious (2016)

https ://www .grimmstories .com /language .php?grimm =020&l=es&r=fr
Le vaillant petit tailleur (Sept d’un coup) on Page 8 below, of course.

El Último Sastrecillo Valiente De Fontana near LA… A See Plus Canal Más Production in colaboration with RUST in Arizona and the Rittenhouse “Fusil de Cha{s}se” in Oregon.

Jupiter Et Le Passager
page 33 of FABLES
of don Juan de La Fuente
Illustrees par:
J & B OuDry… as in Canada Dry~Oudry ese.
Diane de Selliers, Éditeur, 1992

And did Öüï happen to mention that Sophia Loren sang the Mexican National Anthem to the beat of “El Respeto al Derecho Ajeno es la Paz, Baja California Sur, o La Paz, Bolivia, o La Pas de Calais… if you want »

So gather along the previously identified Eco-Jardin de La Nouvelle France (PLANK #12) and meet Mr. Flip-flop, REYNOLD ARNOULD, who in 1938 got the second place in the “go to ROME” painting contest with his most depressing and Eye quotes:

GAGNARAS TU PAIN con el sudor de tu frente. A frame that depicted the Garden of Eden right at the time when Jim Morrison was telling EVE to eat from the Flame of Prometheus, or some mythical son of a Titan like that.

As Öüï {probably had} mentioned {before}, the prize for winning the “Go to Rome” paint prize was a RESIDENCY to Rome; in artistic terms this is like a sabbatical for an academician from Mexico in Paris. Room and Board and all the chicks for free. For Free, Eye tell Ewe!!!.

Since Arnoud could only obtain the second stand at that gig, Arnoud did not go To ROMA, instead he ate cock in France.

Unlike Marcelo Ebrard², who thought that he could change the mood for the original THEME of REYNOLD ARNOUD painting for a happy one, Arnould took the first prize to Rome in 1939…

The Gall of France to deny REYNOLD a trip to the SEVEN HILLS and the Irony that it was with the framing of the Fall of Humanity on oil and canvas, not on a wall. But hey, Reynold was, like most artists a fickle fuck, and so he changed the THEME and the mood for a HAPPIER one, like the ONE that CARLOS SLIM just pulled on the Mexican front, with Mika’s Big Hairy Pussycat.

In 1939, REYNOLD returned to the Trip to ROME Residency prize and, did Öüï mentioned that the former Culture Minister Arnoud was a fickle fuck?
His winning obra in 1939 was a version of THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, but with Super Bowl Stadium-Grade lighting. Es decir, Susana Sirena Puveda:

LA PAIX, QUI RAPPROCHE LES PEUPLES. Un cuadro that was inspired by The Horn of Abundance or Cor{azó}NuCopia.

And ISSYn’t, It! IRONIC — Alanis Morri…seth, motherfucking Germans lost the first WWI so, says one plank along La AVE. FDR right in front of the Berlin Embassy, and so the Krouts went ahead and started a new ONE via POLAND. But Öüï has nothing to do with that.

Sin Embargo, the world and its CURRENT EVENTS [at the time] liked the first painting that Mr. “I rebuilt LE HAVRE” {} after the Brits bombarded that port following the liberation of Omaha Beach, why? Ask Vonnegut… “So It Goes.”

Can you say BREXIT, wait for IT!, wait.

The thing is, because THE WORLD was at WAR and ITALY occupied by Charlie Chaplin, REYMOND didn’t go TO ROMA, instead, Mr. Arnoud went to NICE, Côte d’Azure near Ventimiglia, not Ventimille , where the Culture Minister probably ate French cock throughout his RESIDENCY near La Promenade des Anglais.


Así es, Pablito… Jean de La Fontaine (1621-2021) is a fag!

400 years del futbolista le plus fabuliste… it’s on page 56_oh L’Humanité Nº spécial 23222 (Dimanche).

COPIEUSEMENT IGNORÉ PAR louis xiv, and here is why, mr. Pérez… Page 9, nº 23222 de L’Humanité:
Let’s hear it: “This is the problem. All the literature of the seventeenth century has given a magnificent description, which perhaps corresponds to the glory and pride of French royalty, but not in the least to the state of France.” J. Giraudoux¹

¹.)– NOTHING, and as a matter of fact, remarks Jean Giraudoux, “on the  misery, the poverty, the anguish, and the exhaustion of the nation…” And if, “The first BIG OPERATION of State propaganda succeeded it was thanks to Molière, Racine, Boileau and consorts…”, page 9/10 ibid.

… Four (stars) Out of Five:

July 16–24, 🚀 1969 was the spaceflight that first landed humans on the Moon. Establishing Aussie, the first Hotel and Casino on The Moon! ON the MOON ALICIA! El La Luna.

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Hey, Mairie de Paris Tourism Board bearded Monkees listen to The Arctic Monkeys. It’s for your own good for it appears, judging from the Stars, that they have read Rosecrans Baldwin’s very funny look at Melle’s Pitch pub world in, “Paris, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down”, and check it out, there is a chapter in there that explains why there are only Four and not Five stars at Major Thom’s Tranquility Base circumventing The Globe.

Anyhow… Tiff Cross just turned 25 and she wrote an essay, —silly Cross! Nobody reads in El Ey. But Eye tells you what Girrrrl, that Charlemañe fellow has a point, It’s hot up in this Mutah*…third district.

* mUTAH’s third district is of course, the UTAH Jazz (gremlins are in fully engaged, Tranquility Base was assaulted via ipSEC protocols and what should have been published last night 10 pm CET has to be salvaged from ruins and completed in HAWAII Standard Time)

Should have registered the trip as a relic bounty delivery to La Bourse district.

Apollo 11 in Black: A small jump for Man kind, a raised fist for L’Humanity 🖖🏼 but FO’ist! Don’t You (izquierda en Paris… including the neo-Zapatistas de Ayotzinapa de Saint-Denis en Jour et Nuit de La Fuente de Saint-Michel) forget that–This–is–HOW the Mexican foreign service works. Just like Old Cuba, but then Mexico never got a Sin Embargo point of view embargo.

Coincidentally, to They in History:

1954 U.S.A. “Operation Wetback”

1954 : Operation Wetback” is launched by the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to remove about four million illegal immigrants from the southwestern United States, with a focus on Mexican nationals. The operation began in California and Arizona sweeping northward through agricultural areas with a goal of 1,000 apprehensions a day.

Let me guess, it was because of a fucking, “Guioncito”, right?… más hipócritas, only los Amigos de don Poquelin en La Bourse de la AFP.