It was about THYME! Brother, Brian!

Fire and crackers, Seattle Edition.

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AirLand Battle change 3
Eminence FRONT

Eminence FRONT .::. E315F474-DF5D-4F82-BCDF-4931F4E2CC11 🥋It’s a Put ON! —_”¡”_— WHO is on FOist? AirLand Battle on the HomeLand Streets, that’s W.H.O.

It was Twenty Years ago today, when Dr. Cornell West showed his face. Now if Chomsky is allowed on the stage, then we will know that The Nation will be spared… shoes are optional, according to Old Flat Top.

Over at the Seth Meyers set, Michael Che is making a movie… for the Playboy Channel.

Meanwhile over at burner N°2:

Chocolate wheels - Cuéntale las muelas a Cantinflas

Chocolate wheelsCuéntale Las Muelas a Cantinflas .::. 15BFA88A-DA28-4F27-BCC3-82D3549898FD 🚘 Dear, John Mill Ackerman it’s too bad you don’t have Keyleigh McEnany’s cute sexy ass, Eye means… you sure are one fuckable propagandists 🚙 “Luxury vehicles” mis pelotas, —John Mill Ackerman— more like Salvaged vehicles a.k.a., NAFTA’s vehicular consolation prize for the extinct Mexican middle class”.

¡Oiga usted, mi profesor! no me levante la voz, because aquí y en China (Nuevo León), “I’m Your Huckleberry”, Chato.

https ://www .elsiglodetorreon .com .mx /noticia /1474662 .onappafa-se-une-a-morena .html

TimeStamp: 11h45 in Central NATO Times

Here's your visual

Mr. president… here’s your Visual, ya’CUNT! .::. C59892DC-45D4-433F-9C3B-327E3ECF41E7 🖕🏾 For the visually impaired, Donald John Trump has a throat tumor in the shape of a mini donald john trump bending over and spreading his cheeks, quite noticeable is a dangling mushroom-shaped penis and a pair of tiny Chinchilla nuts.

Deer, John Meacham, is D.A.T. a Gulf of Cortéz map? Or are you just happy 2–SEA–MÍ‽

Thing ONE: Dear, Early Jaz… wanna know when it Ends? Wait For thing Three, and please stop crossing your ARMS, you make feel like a pervert, Eye likes porn but not the kind that you think.

Anyhow, Professor West, the good thing about this most non-consequential blog is that your colleagues at The Nation and, especially Professor John Mill Ackerman and all of his “beautiful” in–laws working for the federal Mexican government, —from the beautiful Sea of Cortéz (La Rumorosa) to el hermoso Istmo de Tehuantepec (Gulf of México, casi esquina con « el 🚂-tren•e•cito » de La Riviera Maya) is that Katrina Vanden Huevel won’t read, IT! And neither will you… But the Administrative Tribunal in Paris, Home to the Picpus “square” where @therealLafayette lays, probably will, because in due-time The President of that Court will get a BING translated copy of this riff. It’s part of the process… K?

Dystopia, Colorado… across a bridge on I-25 at Loveland, City of Bronze

Dystopia, Colorado… Southeast of Fort Collins on State Route 34.

Time delayed Irish

Time delayed Irish .::. 5FB61F41-0E1B-4163-92B9-46B6AC9F91A5 💋 “I’ll make you famous,” William H. Estevez, a.k.a. “Billy The Sheen”.

Dystopia, Colorado… call Mí crazy, but Eye Shit You Not, Rachel Maddow (“semi colon”) there is a MAD RUSSIAN Golf Course, D.A.R.E.

Any güey, Beto O’Rourke won’t let Mí lie… take I-10 to Las Cruces and you will hit I–25… this screenshot is in-progress… wait for it, wait; but for starters, the good thing about OUR strategy, is that Beto O’Rourke has never read this most non-consequential blog, and because Beto can be a lot of things, one thing that he is not is vain, so D.A.R.E. is D.A.T., Beto would never ever think that this screenshot is about him because, —well, because he does not read this blog (punto y coma)… but as The Ragin’ Cajun will say: It’s The Range Rovers in the Economy, stupid! W.H.O. cares how many records The Great State of Texas breaks with them AUTOMOBILES on the food lines, it’s The Range Rovers that count!!! —_•!•_— Anyhow, Rachel Maddow, as mentioned before in this OUR CINCO DE MAYO marathon, May3 also observes D.A.T. particular JUNCTION between I-10 West and I–25 North, indeed as we [the staff] play CATCH-UP you’d be forgiven if you think that this here is a “Tactic” in order to “Make Shit Up As We Go”, but dearest Rachel, öüï is used to them blows, indeed! Which is why we demand that Evry motherfucker must show their work before earning that 1% of the grade (punto y coma), and if Brian Williams assumes that the “grade” is a written record, then he’d be forgiven too, because in order to obtain any part of the remaining 99% of that grade, the student would have to discover that the grade is a slope and one must show up at the top to claim it, on account that many get there on helicopters (parents / trust funds / “recommendations” ) to claim la Calificación.

May3 Catch-Up: Las CrucesCruz de Mayo / MAY CROSS

And… because we covered the Statues of Loveland, in Colorado (2009), and here in Paris last year (at Scarlett Johansen’s arrondissement… ask her) we can tag tonight’s TRMS, but HEY, VERONICA ESCOBAR (U.S. Rep. for El Paso, Texas), why worry about things that happen in the BIRTHPLACE of the CHICANO UPRISING (The State of Colorado), right? It is not as if a shitload of “blue collarEl Pasoans work at a CHILE cannery across the border with, —New Mexico, eh? It used to be called Old El Paso, but Eye forgot what the name of that outfit is called now.

Here you go

Here you go Mr. G .::. AD051D0D-39D5-43D0-A7B4-CAA9D46503C0 🦋 🎺 🤹🏼‍♂️ Take a Bite out of Solitude, and then melt a motherfucking Ice Cube… “be water, Grasshopper”, that’s what a KILLER HORNET* said, while David Carradine was on Set “h” in Old El Paso taping “Kung Fu” with a pregnant assassin called “The Bride” ….  🎥 ACTION!

I (armando segovia) tried to log a freelance report from there, but at the time in 2009 nobody cared. Eye wonders, BETO O’Rourke, if the conditions at that CANNERY are as deplorable today, as they were, 10 years ago. Right now, EN TIEMPOS DE COLERA, it should be closed, but what about when it opens back up? WILL IT BE back to “normal” operating conditions?

Kool Arrows

This section of the blog is being sponsored by: COOL ARROWS, culeros. .::. 396CB830-A55C-4567-8ED2-4E79E119BDB8 🏹 Cool Arrows, your one–stop shop for Dream Catchers and Tax Free COVID–19 bustin’ Tobacco imported from France.

“W.H.O.’s to say”, that is what Donald John Trump will say if that sonofavitch  gets re–elected “in PLAIN SIGHT,” again.

Estimada alcaldesa Hidalgo — LeBrin James (23) is a fucKING ignorant player

In local soon to be known news
by: Mamba (24/8) Bryant

No Two min. Delay here

In Reel Time .:. 3A324859-D548-4B36-9A81-03307AE0254E 🔦 No Two min. Delay here, pundit, however, nothing under King Louie (Suns) will convince u.s. that a former president of the French (V) Republic (with a Mexican army at his command*) does not moonlight in the role of John Oliver on Monday mornings in reel–time east of Lisbon. As a matter of fact, nothing can convince u.s. that Mr. Hollande is not in fact, Australian.

Paris, France_ Events and tribulations continue to delay the continuing testimony of Dexter from the Municipal showers at the Beaubourg, in recent days as “öüï are here — as you are he — as you are Mí… etc., etc., etcetera; anyway Mme. Hidalgo, a more clear and present danger was unleashed by the Rosbif central at HoBO TV and the “Last News Tonight” with Australian doppelgänger, John Oliver, so we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] have to postpone that big jam in Paname, in the mean time, öüï will continue to March into Madness (in brackets].


Los Angeles, California_ Superstar basketball player, Lebron James lost an O in the character form of his first name to the letter “i”, from now on, the most entitled player in the NBA will be known as LeBrin James, also, as an ironic retribution for abandoning his Fans in Ohio, LeBrin will lose the “i” in his Call Sign and as of this moment King he shall be no more; Ladies and Germs, EYE gives you:

You are wearing my number

You are wearing my number .:. 33CED878-BDB3-4CE8-B56E-9973E4E5C543 🏀🗺🦠🔬

ACTS i, ii, and iii from the Kong LeBrin Bible

But FOist… we [the staff] regret to inform our distinguished non–readers of this most non–consequential blog that tonight’s Jazz session will not be available, Sumo Wrestling and Aikido warriors are having a showdown at the forum, y eso quiere decir:

Fast>>Forward to 2020

Fast>>Forward to 2020 .:. 7650BDDE-7936-49D3-9F71-9D79AA7E9B92 🛎 Deer, Cousin Joe, please have the lovely Mika translate the following, and then Time-delay the effects to this morning’s medical assessment of “quarantining” the contagious 48… the 48 contiguous States in the Union; it’s a funny thing, especially in French… « We are 10 days from getting Cream in the hospitals », said a medical expert in the United States, to which Mr. Bourdieu, a martial arts practitioner replied, in a Bernie Sanders voice, “On nous dit: vous n’êtes pas drôles. Mais l’époque n’est VRAIMENT PAS DROLE ! Vraiment il n’y a pas de quoi rire”.

Hoy no hubo Jazz…

Over at the “little girls” room, coodies are at an all time high, and Nicolle Wallace is now transmitting in a time–delayed fashion so as to not contaminate the time zones east of Iceland.

It's like a gated community

It’s like a gated community .:. 3AD367E1-D9A8-4ACE-B807-71C0C8A51973 ⚒🛠 _with Armed Guards, infra red with het–seeking CCTV, German Shepard X breeds; THE WHOLE NINE YARDS!!! C’mon America, don’t believe the hype of the Big Great Junior Showdown, that’s only “entertainment”, while that happens you won’t even feel the moment when MARTIAL
LAW (curfew) sets in because we the Sheeple have been conditioned for this specific (National Crisis Scenario) since the THEYS of “We are The World” was were saving Bob Geldof.

Over at the Car Men distict, Dave Mustaine was blatantly plagiarized!

“Next thing you know,

THEY’LL take Mî Guns Away!”

And, over at Manchester City, the sport that brought you the “magic spray” for pussy–ass Premier League fútbol players is now suggesting that fans suck it up, and get to the stadium to get their DOSE of Corona Especial.

Sin comentarios

Sin comentarios .:. 37F7F14B-C934-42ED-8EF8-E6C8039A96FF ⚽️🦠🚑⚰️ Puhto 🎶 Puhto 🎶 ♾,♾,♾…

Any güey, Franck — Let the poles talk!

You know, Franck, the Dreyfus affair was not the only affaire where the Ministry of Culture has condemned a regrettable decision by the Cesar (sin acento; not the Verb… as in Pete–Cesa; Elizabeth–Cesa; MIKE BLOOMBERG–Cesa, etc., etc., etc…).

Tropical parallels

Tropical parallels… Le mardi 10/03/2020 “La Sociologie est un sport du combat” dans le Forum Des Images – dans le forum des Halles; 75001.  .:. followed by: Politicks is The Art of War!… motherfucker.

It’s the 20th hour over in WaWa Land, where James CarVile just proved that he is not The Cult follower D.A.T. öüï had previously pictured, Indeed… and in the voice of Brian Williams « the ragin’ Cajun » could be forgiven for sporting an official ‘U. S. M. C.’ headgear*.

Previously, in the vicinity of the 20 arrt.

Previously, in the vicinity of the 20th arrt. .:. B88B9A5A-3BA3-4D7B-96B6-B381499970B1 🏍

* USMC headgear:
u suck mí 🐓
or something like D.A.T.
—in French

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/02/29 /espectaculos /a05n2esp