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uh-ah uh ah ah uh ah ah… You’ve been THUNDER STRUCK ⚡

In Local pubs, it’s FAKE in-dignation and champagne to drown las apariencias

Oblah Odin o’Valhalles de Normandy, —Batman!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/03/17 /opinion /macron-affront-antidémocratique

Vilma Fuentes goes in-cognito en La Jornada, but Évry body can see her COL-ONIA Con-Desa péjorativisms criticizing the technocrats* that are about to install (or so it seems) France’s SIXTH REPUBLIC.

Previously on VOSTB ( Version Original sous-titres In Between).

Now then, as JUANITO GUANABACOA prepares his Sunday Show, and Sophie Velasco narrates her little fucking “cuentos”… now again, Eye tells Ewe that if you think that the ONLY thing! or, that the only tangent that a little ol’country called the Mexican United States has with ol’éIRE are the GLEASONS and that batallion that fought the ol’gringos en CHURUBUSCO, then you clearly have never heard about a man that was once as “un-mentionable” as St. Nic at a White House Easter Egg hunt.

*~. It doesn’t matter if these so-called “camarillas” are, as this week’s opinion column without the by-line at La Jornada, an affront en contra de CARLOS SALINAS de GORTARI¹, because you may trace doña Vilma’s indignation all the way back to the Mexican President that gave proceso magazine’s correspondent in France, Anne-Marie Mergier, her first break in the 1950’s, or maybe it was them “Indignez-vous” Sixties, which as I have mentioned a time or two before, I HAPPEN TO HATE, starting with those fucking TAX-Evading RUTLES!

North – South corridor of Renard… and Cousin Joe, are foxes Irish?


It was part of the curse that The Saint Patrick Battalion en el estado de Cuernavaca brought durante el Segundo Imperio Francés. Some say that on this particular weekend, the French Foreign Legion forces deployed on the outskirts of Tecate, CALIFORNIA (hey, it’s 1847 and califas remains part of Santa Anna and check this out) got a leprechaun to fuck a goat and thus, El Chupacabras was spawned from the belly of an banshee on holiday, drunk on Carta Blancas en Calexico.

There Ewe Go Again… JOE. You know, the Poles are talking.

Baby Blue’s out – Green Psaki gets a pass on at the peacock bar

… Over at the Ari Melver Show… It’s the men show



It’s the French thing to do… del árbol caído todos sacan leche

Previously on the Magnum_Media Part_LC-BFM’er-I experience on the Agencia de Noticias EFE…

TimeStamp{s}: 11h50 in CET outside of the Brancusi… 08°C, many ales followed; it’s the “Basse” de la bière … ale, manymany ale.

Check the Times Please.

19h27 in fip Central Time
Sweet Sixteen… by, JR Wells (1995).
Évry body is gettin’ some
it’s what the Gestapo would do.
And it was the Very French who invented La GESTAPO…
would you like Mí, to show you the plaque, Sirènes?

Which brings me, armando segovia, to the following, Mr. Patrick Zachmann, if that is even your reel-name!

Never mind the French Intelligence Services, Paris is a city of spies and snitches… would you like Mí to direct you to the Magazine at the Kiosko that sourced that comment?, because here Comes Xi Jinping China’s and their WEATHER ALTERING TECHNOLOGY; they just fucked the Quad-state area of John Cougar Mellencamp’s R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A… and ain’t that { the truth} America sin acento?

At the Place Saint-Opportune the big Elephant in the room is Melody Gardot and that is all that I am going to tell Kyle Eastwood.

Wait! Whaaaaa!!! Equis y Griega… Zerlina ate Lindsey

Dear, Ali Velshi, just a quick reminder before BriWi and The Rachel MAddow Show calls, IT!, quits, that sir, I don’t select the news cycles, ni tampoco los copia y pega, I am simply traveling por La Tercera Dimensión de los Dreamers³or something like that, which has nothing to do with the French artist JR. Sin embargo, if there is one Thing that I have learned about artists (plurinominales) is that ‘iels‘ always think that this blog is about them.

And, Baby Blue Cross… you know you is my favorite Morena, Guadalupana or Knot… Bridge Angles Legend from Magnum Photos in France follow. The Screen grab (PLANK N° 20 from the CONCERTINA WIRED access gate on la Rue du Cloîture Notre Dame) of Mr. Patrick Zachmann comes courtesy of La Agencía that Bob and Henri created three years after Le Cirque de L’Occupation en el bendito Grand Palais. Mr. Zachmann was the only shutterbug AUTHORIZED, on APRIL 15, 2019, to take snapshots of The House of The Setting Sun de Viollet-du-Luc.

³.~ La troisième dimension du rêve, page 370 under “[D]reams, onirism, and oniromancie” in le Dictionnaire of Religious Psychologie and Psychopathologies. Bayard, 2013.

In the voice of Sheriff Bart…
and Eye quotes:
[A]llow Mí to uncrop my frame…


And AVI Velshi, IN VAN HORN, TEXAS, as seen from a BLEU ORIGIN Amazon Warehouse in the 4th Dimension, Jason Soboroff’s special on how to digress to a TWO-Dimensional “flatland” from a Three-Dimensional news cycle is the EQUIVALENT of 32 Tornados and then some… in a New York Midnight.

https ://www .mentalfloss .com /article /20711 /carl-sagan-explains-fourth-dimension

Black Eye Peas caviar gumbo recipe follows… it’s vegetarian and that is exactly, Zerlina., what the Taggart boys were eating before running down the fake Hollywood town of Rock Ridge. Trou Story, and a real veggie caviar.

https ://www .nbcnews .com /video /amazon-distribution-center-partially-collapses-in-illinois -128458309546

Cuenta la LEYENDA de MAGNUM PHOTOS… that in the VERY REAL TOWN of MAYFIELD, Kentucky, a Candle Vigil will follow the Tornado debris clean-up from last night’s special presentation of Little Pink Houses made out of Paper and Glue..

https ://www .franceculture .fr /emissions /la-grande-table-culture/patrick-zachmann-un-photographe-humaniste-a-notre-dame

And Zerlina., before Öüï switch, IT!, over to Mary Macca, and Last Week To They, Eye wishes to set forth the proposition that if the next 007 is a femina, then the next Sheriff Bart should be SITTING on a CORN FLAKE and sporting Zerlina’s doo, and those arracadas.

https ://www .theguardian .com /us-news /2021 /dec /07 /kellogg-strike-workers-pay