WADR*… Rewind

*With all due respect

La Remontada Conquista… ya quisiera el tal ZIGARO, chinga’eau

Dear,  LE COMITÉ DE SOLIDARITÉ AVEC LES INDIENS DES AMÉRIQUES i don’t select the events, and i definetly don’t select las palomitas. Now because la forma es fondo here’s a little background on the pentagram at Nation…

[time-delayed-delimeter with HILO, HAWAII]


Well, I, armando segovia, PUBLISHER of this WordPress© Scroll in the form of a digital blog have been telling you this since the Great Big Moon of El Año de México en Florence Cassez (which is why Eye is Driven to TEARS, Gordo… to TEARS, Sting), charity without justice is (haga usted de cuenta doña Vilma Fuentes) Kabuki Theater for the mass-es, é.




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