Mexican–American Trilogy — El Vez

Dear, Secretary of The Army, Ryan McCarthy:

🎶 porque en East El Ey .::.

🎶 porque en East El Ey .::. 0321436F-08A4-42E1-83B1-8A4EB7CFE2C6 🗣

Let’s compromise, Sir, Eye proposes to go ahead and rename Ft. Benning, home of the The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly the US Army School of the Americas, near Columbus, Georgia, to “El Fuerte El Vez”.

TimeStamp: 21h10 CET

Deer, Eli Stokels… nobody, and Eye means, not even Frank Figluzzi can get away with forgiving anyone for forgiving to forgive anything unless you are Brians William, —ese! Having stated D.A.T., Eye cannot believe that the dang-on stupid jarheads at Camp Pendleton, —or the wannabee M1A1/A2 marine tankers— have more sense than the Army when it comes to removing the Confederate reminders of the Flag that could not be.

In local motion news, France backs away from the choke hold, and as a bonus, French cops will now sport taser guns (punto y coma) as soon as France opens up the national sport events again it will be interesting to see the police interactions with the Yellow Jackets and other assorted misfits.

Over at La Maub, doña Vilma has finally noticed how BFMer TV and other assorted French shows conduct the daily show, Evry day.

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