Los Cool~Arrows de Manuel Valls — Book of revelations F.A.T.I.H ?

DEER, Marianne under The Fifth Element:

El amigo Óscar Chávez…
“Cet enregistrement des parodies a du sens, c’est une grande tradition chez nous en Mexique.”
🪕🎶 D’où viens-je ami?
D’une petite maison que j’ai
Là-bas aux Buttes-Chaumont.


Fuck Armageddon IsThis Hell ?

With musical guest:

Our next guest for The ORTHODOX Church of The Russian Pope is JUANITO GUANAVACOA y sus ABOGADOS de la Sorbonne, now with CHINESE support from Winnie the “I smell like Poo 💩 Lattes and” Xi.


Juanito y Los Fenómenitos
Nursery Folk, the one style that the French Excell in... because them Frogs can’t play rock and roll.

Speak of bullshit jobs, en Siempre en Domingo ⚖️ … avocats 🥑 pour tous. There’s a new wave at Molière’s Square. They call themselves, “Stand-up €omedians”. It started with one joint and from there the $o-¢alled coined “open mic” began showing up Évrywhere 🚽. Most recently at the pretentious Bazar de Toledo en París IIIéme.


Ladies in Gemini, Mexican Yhee-Sa’z at rfpp . net is changing format into a pretentious and onomatopé-pé language called Fran’ses, Francés de fre’$a$ with the fake immigrants or some strange song. In any case, Juanito is looking for a reason to be, a puta armonizada entre Portishead and Rockdrigo González.

Ratas (versión Portishead)


And the colored girls go… ⛳ no mister Furnier, it’s your recurring Nightmare 🏌️, and never mind the revolving doors and that Whole 🕳️ in JUAN!.

Once inside the outside of the society of the middle floor, who in this section should not be confused with the “LUKE” warms, because that is the League where the Goyim forget about the Hippocratic Oath that they swore to keep and instead, reveal their true hypocritical aspirations. In Mexican Politics them doctors, all of #Em! The entire whole rotten lot of #Em, bear the mark of le godín. In América de Plymouth, a close cousin of the Mexican Le god-ín is a TerºGeºVISAºción of Tom Sawyer’s imagination and Pink Floyd’s “flying PIGS” smoking cigars CIRCUS production dubbed, “Uncle Tom nigger”.

!Toma Shocko-Latte, paga lo que dijisteis!


The Uncle Tom ⚖️™ brand of el Antebellum de L’Americana de Cinéma One at the Beaubourg en París IIIéme , esquina (📐) con République y diagonal Amnesty International con conflictos d’intérêts, as a matter of FAKE knews, just updated the reference image of what a “good-stock nigger” looks like on all of Georges Pompidou’s little ®obert.

Luke was a friend of Paul, and the only one who was not like the rest of the Tom Wolfe Club.


MIKA—who, Rosa?


We now return to Manuel Valls “FAP Four” countdown² on LA°d’EP°e°Che³ de Franche con GRAMA.

²~. https ://www .ladepeche .fr /2023/03/16 /manuel-valls… ibid.

Number TWO, Cul Héros: Why was the left (the 99 per-cent ov’#EM all, anyhow) during the mandate of François Hollande become such fucking bloody Vania smeared douche bags?

Manuel Valls: “Our software was outdated and socialism a dead language“… sources close to Bruno and her underling, Stephanie Menou claim that that, is in fact the PROTOCOL for the proceso at the Préfecture de Paris³ in The V French Republic when freedom of speech under LaRousse and Robert see the monopoly of thier dictionnaires challenged by pioneering research from Collins, Webster, Wordreference . com but most pressing ov’#EM all, from la lengua de Guido Gómez de Silva³.

³~. https ://www .academia .org .mx

³~. and more specifically among the “dépôt” groups and the liaison détachement who monitors the Law of 1901 and the associations that make up the fabric of MARIANNE in New Order.

10 faggety Euros for your thought’s, y dos con sal.

¿Ah dio’ Sol? No seas soflamera, los duendes no existen³

Breaking The News to 🌞 BOLUDO NATION:

And starring as Pelos de Huitlacoche : De Bora Harry.

Chavanieux, J. L.. Che Guevara también era africano “El Che en el Congo 1965”. 2007 ; vía: huellasdelahistoria .wixsite .com /huellas /single-post /2016/12/04 /fidel-el-che-y-africa

Ernesto “El Che” Guevara dejo de ser 🇦🇷 presumido, ¡desde que calló 🇨🇺 SANTIAGO!… moraleja, El 🩺 Che es AFRICANO, 🇦🇷 pinches 🇦🇷 italianos.

ISSY, “calló” del verbo caer callando… por Ejemplo, Vicentico (en RFPP, no en Cadillac)… no vayas a permitir que Juanito Guanabacoa te saque la sopa, esa es su especialidad de Policía judicial “exiliado” con RSA.

Avi Velshi’s Jacket is made in Argentina, ¡‘inche presumido!

Full disclaimer,
, 🇦🇷 es tricampeón de La Copa.
Si, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs are the Best Strawberry Stones in the field of spectacles in the Field or something like that.
, la ficción argentina es en realidad uruguaya 🇺🇾.

Mientras tanto en París con Susana PubEda… them Frogs send this voice, Absinthe, o algo así… la cosa es de que I don’t have the knack Susana… For your taste you needs a donkey for that.

Last Week To They, part ii: Track One re-visited… because it is not the First Time, but it’s always la même merde pero con Circos revolcados… porque aquí en Francia no hay PiRaTas puros pinches Corsarios con RSA… “Get It While You Can”.


Synopsis: Genaro García Luna es declarado inocente en nueva York. Amnesty International with the COLLABORATION of MEDECINES du MONDE, and The Paris Tourism Board, wastes no time and immédiatement hook that motherfucker up with a retirement pension, room and board, and of course RSA!!!

³~. A este paso los enanitos toreros van a ser reyes de la baraja, y García Lorca va a recitar en vivo en el Cirque Houke²… Juanito Guanabacoa, en el trapèze se perfila como “Boogie el resbaloso” con dizque’ música Alternosa, o algo así, desde Su Madre Patria, FranCamenTeHablando.

²… Banlieues Blues de Montreuil-sous-parole Errada, festival originalmente inaugurado por el muy comprometido¹, André Malraux.

1~. con FRANCISCO FRANCO y su “craft”.

Ladies and gentleman, it’s been 7 hours and 15 days since SoFy Velasco established contact, but rearview communicators are sadden to relay that for the entire month of January³, SoFy felt like HER, that is you’ve got, you know, tune in your cellphone speakers on cold and listen to the reprodución in Ones and Zeros through your Radius.

³~. Also for the month of December 2022, but that doesn’t matter, what is of interest is that true to form, now that Juanito Guanabacoa fincó su pensada, la causa ya no necesita pueblo que piense sino más bien que como con Raul Velasco, el pueblo pues se divierta, siempre, eso sí, Siempre en Domingo.

In Local Meufs:

Good news for the good people of La Maub, vicinity Las Tres Puertas del Colegio de La France. La Brasserie, home of the “Wet T-shirt Contest”, at rue Lagrange, re-opened its doors recently after a winter-long hiatus, and this can only mean one thing, Vilma Fuentes will see Six-extra weeks 🦫 of sunshine 👙 at the terrace in front of where Cortázar visualizaba su “Kibbutz 🏬 del deseo” antes de dirigirse con la Mala en dirección poniente rumbo al puente de Hartes en su Marelle de La Jornada.

Need EYE tell Ewe phucks who’s at the mound, —Louise? … King Louis XV is at The Plate, the count is 64 and Five on the weekend eve of Fat Tus Theys.

Note to editors, for context on Che Guevara, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs y Vilma Fuentes, skip to tomorrow —in Miami.

From the wire.

“There is no alternative to our kibbutz. there is and will be no alternative to getting rid of 🇷🇺Russian aggression once and for all, liberating the land and the people,” 🇺🇦 Zelensky said.

🎶 C’mon Évry body 🩺 do that Congés…