Breaking Bread — it’s high noon in London Town

Season 3, Episode 9

Mañana en el menu

Mañana en el menu .:. 589B187B-60F5-4EA4-8009-116407147D20 .:. Caldo de pollo en sopa de arroz.

You’ve got a friend in Mí… Ladies in Gemini, öüï have, IT!, on good authority that on tonight’s menu, No—Habrá—cad—Abrá any Jazz, or something along them Bass Lines, especially after 21h and before 6 in the Mo’rning.

Tomorrow, maybe

Tomorrow, maybe .:. 8DEE9879-6B03-4CE0-8B40-3BC01D6D5F6F .:. Tu madre Should Know, your mother Sabe.

And it is alright, except for one thing, and Öüï must insist that Cavani should have stayed and that the Bolsonaro fan should have been sent back to a BALD-Scorched—and—disappearing Amazonas. Aussi, JUDGE Paul Scholes: no Manches(ter), 33 is the new 66… and the president of Mexico who, by–the–Guey, does not look a They over 85 said, and Eye quotes:

¡No Mames*!
All United now:
No Manches-ter
Porque en México,
Los Diablos Rojos
juegan Béisbol.

Why, you ask?

Because, it was dealt in the cards of L’Equipe on March 02, 2020… D.A.T.’s why.

Anyhow, how do you say, “Fool Mí Once” in Latin?

Let’s ask Juanita Bonita.


Previously on Las Colchas son de Aguascalientes, Los Sarapes son de Saltillo, y el asterisco es John Mill Ackerman diciéndole a López Obrador como debe de ahora en adelante de responder para parecer un “Chavo de Onda” y no un pinche viejito del año “del caldo” de Díaz Ordaz y Echeverría Álvarez.

All The News D.A.T. fit to be missed.

All The News D.A.T. fit to be missed.

*Ednison Cavani — Atletico de Madrid Scratch that… MANCHESTER united


And in Washington, Ashley Parker’s Plant got a friend.

Page ONE, Saudi Arabia is barred from buying the Olympiens de Marseille

Aussi, « €£ Matador » number 9 Ednison Cavani is going to Spain where he will have an opportunity to follow in Hugo Sánchez steps. Qatar let the Charrúa go following the 200th goal mark … y como dicen en Paraguay: ¿y lo baila’o, quién te lo quita?

https ://www .france24 .com /en /20200527 –trump-planning-new-arms-sale-to-saudi-arabia-says-senator

Previously en...

Previously en… Los Héroes de doña Vilma .::. BE28D06C-077F-4278-87E4-D02E0761A1DF 💱💊