The Circuit and The Current War – by Dr. Sleep

Dear, Pedro Panadero (Peter Baker):

liberty, liberty, — LIBERTY

The chickens of Malcolm X

The chickens of Malcolm X.:.E3028289-2E87-49CD-8D84-8FF53BB0FBB4 •|• American pride paid in cash, by the Russian mob. Oh, it’s morning in Russia, now.— Watch that Little space in “The Middle,” because the White House is about to say: FUCK THE THIRD BRANCH OF GOVERMENT (Judicial Branch).

With all due respect, Sir,
nevermind Mr. Matthews “panty raids”
and let’s hope that them MAGA republicans don’t go “streaking”;
anyway, Sir,
did you relay our message to
or did you send it the way of the current
Sec’y of State?

Bienvenida, Tijuana.

Bienvenida, Tijuana.:.DA04B383-E195-4800-8E35-35F190A08F21… Scum of the British Queen

Anyguey, for the record, Mr. Matthews, please be advised that we [the staff] began hinting at Mr. Marco Layera’s “closing of the Amigos de Mexico ranks” before the French Historia magazine posted their salute to Mr. Kissinger, which we [armando segovia/armando serrano prieto] warned you about it in 2016 from the Lafayette Commercial Center.

In Washington, D.C. abuse of Power is now a Legal Tactic at The White House.

The Paris Photo curator

The Paris Photo curator… is a fag, period

… [C]oming up on The Chuck Todd Republic, Ben Franklin’s idea for the National Bird: a Fucking Turkey. Oh, the Irony.

Helicopter Chuck

Helicopter Chuck.:.997553B8-21A4-447F-80F8-69740F43DDF0

… Oh, hey Hallie Jackson nice cover. Please relay to Chuckles that it was the Ali funeral that enraged Erdogân. Whomever blocked him from paying his respects to The Greatest shares a piece of David Ghuptta’s weekend dunkin’ doughnuts. Just sayn’.

… [P]reviamente, en « Los Clochardos” de doña Vilma

The Roots.

La miopía de La Jornada en La Maub

La miopía de La Jornada en La Maub.:.621497C7-CBD9-4CC2-84D2-A6C6B29326D5… Así las notas, punto y aparte

Brought to you by,
Axios body spray.

But FOist:
Cousin Joe, “Don’t pass Mí buy“.

Out of bounds. Period, amen

“Out of bounds.” Period, amen.

… in local news, Paris Photo went FULL-PURPLE this year; “what are the ODDS‽” Dijo, Randy Marsh, a Parisian, who works for J.P. Morgan, and Cartman went: You Will Respect My Authoritha!

El fondo (Gare de Lyon)

Peter Hujar, LLC

Peter Hujar, LLC (1956)… currently on display at Paris Photos en la Estación del Lión, en París.

It was the late 70’s and Liane Cartman, a Loveland, Colorado, high school drop–out hitched her way to the East Coast and jumped on a boat to Saint Malo. Liane, a nymphomaniac with an unlimited supply to “the pill”, had no problem getting a ride out of a city fixated on turning every public square into a pedestal for bronze statues celebrating the artistic impulses of “artistic good–vibes”, but never with any historical reference.

File PHOTO courtesy of South Park studios

File PHOTO courtesy of South Park studios… à Disneyland–Marvel–Sony studios en Chessy–sur–Marne.

Initially, Liane thought that it would be a good idea to move “close–quarters”, to a hippie heaven and drop–out hang-out like the neighboring Boulder, but a floozie jazz groupie who went by the name of Stacey Kent would have none of that.