LA Roma casi esquina con USC

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https ://www .mlb .com /amp /news /clayton-kershaw-gem-mookie-betts-catch-lead-win-vs-padres .html

For our Puerto Rican non-reading audience at Al Día on Market Street in Philadelphia, please be advised that Teeny Tiny Cat went ahead and adjusted for the Erres at La “Loma” stop… please check “the inset” at the Top of The First Inning of the First 150th Anniversary of La Commune de Paris Softball Tournament at The Sherman Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes for transdigitalización* of the Catch of the They.

https ://aldianews .com /articles /politics /mexican-american-woman-becomes-one-latest-victims-aapi-hate/64041

“The woman, identified only as Becky, was heading to Vons market to do some shopping for her granddaughter. She was getting ready to get off the 81 bus at La Roma Road(2and Figueroa Street when she was attacked ».

Synopsis, John Wayne takes on the role of a lifetime, for the record, the artistic name “John Wayne ‘Gatsby’” was already registered to another facebook account, and so there was only one thing for Mí to Do# and that was to baptize that ‘pilgrim’ with the name “John Wayne ‘Gacy’”, period!

En fin, never mind the Green Berets, here comes the cadre from Academi, formally known as the Blackwater Total Intelligence Solutions Worldwide.

In “I wish they all could be California girls” news, Charles Manson wanted to benefit from a race war between blacks and whites while he (and the family) lounged like lizards in Death Valley, California, (you know, where Burbank filmed the “moon landing”) but i bet that sure as Charlie don’t surf, Charlie could care less if the war was started by urban blacks who attack Filipino-looking Mexicans… let’s pray that Japanese-looking Peruvians are not confused with “cholos” de San Dimas, ese.

I mean, for starters, Becky is American by default even before there was a Ken Salazar in the picture or a Martin Sheen in Vietnam, man!

https ://www .milenio .com /politica /ken-salazar-perfilado-embajador-eu-mexico-axios

… [I]n my next segment, Eye will recap the Bottom of The FO’ist and Mí will give an update on that deal that Julius César (that motherfucker) struck with Serge Gainsbourg while The Legion skirmished Centerfield during the opening act, lest you forget (if you are just joining) —I Buried Titus.

* Season 44 ep. 13 • Braceless Bunnies Edition… and Panties Too, also to–the–side—Productions_Please!

Post Puns with Willie Geist:75192A8A-DEE0-43BF-9C53-DC62717F3F6A —”__€ Eddie Gloud guest stars.

— Who da’Fuck is We?

Asks, Sinatra.

and The Black Crows go:

Another clear trespass on the Civil Liberties of Ladybugs in KASHMIR:225B0926-B814-45D5-9231-DF477141A9B2 •~• MOROCCAN Ketchup. How do you sat Tomate en R O M A?

“What’s the Use of Anything
Leave me Alone,
Mrs. Washington”.

… Centerfold Kath goes here.

Can Eye Pet your Wolverine?:F9EEACF7-EDBD-492D-87FB-4F8A3DDC9F6A —_!_—  Now, Susan, in accordance to the University of Calypso… it’s $6 dollars a-Head , and that is not all, Susan. Here is thing Önë: Phish is like a billion dollars, —and that’s a catch!– so we [the staff, Mr. Sinatra]  been told. Anygüey, Mrs. del Percio, we reckon that according to the rhules of engagement, your desire is to by-pass the events that lead to the 2008/2010 subprime mortgage  crisis, eh? Tell, U.S. where the nickle and dime bail-out money come from?… dot, dot, dot, hold that thought.

Twelve noonan at the forum.

C O T E J A D O:181E1B97-D386-4DBB-8BC2-102387AFF219 ||| 4 + 4 (season = 8) 1 + 3 = 4 (Episode) DONK, hey Dick!!! BATMAN… and Michael Keaton goes: are you trying to PUN the Kath in French, Robin? ||| And Robin, goes: Trés Bien y con pinche acento, Mí–Mur_Cie—galo.

dot, dot, dot:
and the grand ol’Painter told Paul, a former 4-stringer who made the Big Time, but then crashed his Über-Triumph when he didn’t noticed that the light had changed, and WHO, once he was recycled through the BeetleJuice—BeetleJuice—BeetleJUICE carnival ride, found a job at Chipotle in the mid’ 90’s, except of course, in the mid nine-ties, Chipotle was called Tijuas, or Xicali, or AGUA PRIETA, or Juaritos, or Ojinaga, or PIEDRAS NEGRAS y así, hasta llegar a la linea de BROWNsVille luego de visitar a RIGO EN REYNOSA POR SER LA WEEKEND EDITION DEL AMOR, and sweet braceless Kath, RIGO ES AMOR. Aquí, en Babilonia ii, y por supuesto, Mr. Michaels:
¡En R O M A cabrón!

PS.: Nice Tito Bridge you got going there “Don”. Chido tu ritmo, that’s the way you do it when they don’t remember your name.

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