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From The Rockefeller fellows with a two-month
tolerance adjustment of the final benchmark:

A Look at What Isand Isn’tin Chile’s Constitutional Draft

https ://www .ascoa .org /articles /look-what-and-isnt-chiles-constitutional-draft

Zinn… that fucking ROUGE!!! {and} You’re not fooling anybodySean Penni know that you areghost writingthat story.


from La RAE… 2. f. Traducción en verso en la cual se imita el
originalsin verterlo con escrupulosa exactitud.

Wit D.A.T. in mind and of course, “a 36-year-old shaggyhaired former student activist named Gabriel Boric, Öüï picks up the coverage of “a 388-article charter that envisions a progressive, feminist future for the South American nation”, after a quick review of Us and Them (1973) on Floyd’s favorite Color scheme on the Dark Side of The Moon.

DECIMAL CODE: R 255, G 192, B203

Dear, Henry, do you take credit for Pinochet? Be humble now, Taggy Matcher sends all our Love, motherfucker. And, and Mika, please tell your brother in Poland that he must read this paragraph in the voice of Lou READ… I can only count to Four.

From the Rockefeller Council of The Americas:

Not every proposal put forth in the convention made it into the draft document. For one, it doesn’t guarantee a much-demanded right to housing. Another rejected measure involved giving the national government mining rights over lithium, hydrocarbons, and rare earth metals, in addition to majority ownership over Chile’s lucrative copper mines.

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /world /2022/07/05 /chile-constitution-draft-boric/

In Local News, former architect of the original 9-11 of ’73, and the inspiration for The Pink Panther‘s role of Dr. STRANGELOVE, just sent his seal of approval for the daughter of Margaret Thatcher to take over Nº 10 Downing Street.

Next on the History Chunnel with Kelly Kobayashi, “Las Pletóricas Aventuras de Funambŭlus Trumpus at N° 10 Downing Street”, starring Henry Kissinger as our man at BBC ONE.

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