And now for something KNEW — WITT Patty Smith

FO’ist, you take the A-Train and then… you get off at Luxembourg, o como dice don Leoncio Orellana (Arquitecto) en la MAL217: right before where the Hall of Minas stores all of them fucking STONES.

https ://www .google .fr /maps /place /Mines+ParisTech+-+Universit%C3%A9+PSL/@48.8456492,2.3374359,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x47e671c34286c56b:0x2dd0f3af209178db!8m2!3d48.8456491!4d2.3396247

La La La LA y SOl sostenido mayor

You have to pick up Évry STITCH

… Now, doesn’t it make you feel better?

The pigs have won tonight
Now they can all sleep soundly
And everything is all right

extraits du
Une icône américaine : Charles Manson
Auteur :Bpi (Tympan)
Pistes/Durée : 11 Pistes46 min 

SWING 39 follows at Le Cirque Houke and The Albert Rancy (PLANK 30 north of the Général Eisenhower Avenue) Extravaganza (CIRCUS) next to The Carmela Soprano Bridge connecting Alfred Picard vision and the Handicapables at Napoleon’s final resting hangout at the Unesco roundabout.

[In this section of the programming… in case that EWE (that little cunt) is wondering what is going on with all of that finger-dialing and syntonizing accross the spectrum, IT! (that motherfucker) happens to be searching for a Rock and Roll Station and motherfucking Andy Warhol is nowhere to be found.]

It’s 1938 and time for the symbolic fall of LIPCHITZ’ Prometheus in Paris

“People WHO know— jump to page 3 (troop)

Pacific telephone
Papooz (2019)
ALBUM: Night sketches (2019)

Knot to be outdone by EDWARD BERNAYS… CALIFORNIA is not going a GODDAMNED Place Joni Mitchell (1971) and for the record, my skin is  brown by default, and I have never been to Spain, but they tell me that the LADIES THERE…

The dress clerk is dressed in Black
Well if your baby leaves you… where you be so lonely
you’ll pray you die

RHULE for size

Something like D.A.T. in the 32 AR REG (KOREA)
3rd AR DIV.
Check the DD-214
just ask AXL’s
left~Arm tattoo.

And Sirène, you can do anything but,
—motherfucker— Go,Go,Go! BUT
Don’t Ewe Step on Mí’s Blue Suede Shoes.

The heart of Rock and Roll is in the Elevators knot the Fuselage… People WHO KNOW, know that AEROSMITH headlined the FO’ist Two International Airshow EXPOs at Le Grand Palais de La Place Clemenceau.

https ://www .kipaero .com /aero-documentation /wwi-terminology/

Histoire globale (et inédite) de la publicité
Bpi N° 3 7504 00457440 4
Salma Hayek is reading page 442; Chap. 18
“à l’hôtel Martinez,” with some « euro-trash »… or Something like that

Ladies in Gemini, Öüï last left The Paris Tourism Board in front of Gordon Sullivan’s lute reference at Le Grand Palais (right in front where the Lipchitz’ « Prometheus and the Bird » middle-finger to the NAZI PARTY in France once stood.)

It’s 1938 and LE FRONT POPULAIRE just rendered their resignation papers to the “Good People” in charge of the France de Vichy’s biggest publicity stunt, A sort of, kind ah-looking fuzzy feeling for the Concentration Camps with the “JONES-es-esos” next door in Poland and München, the stunt would develop like AUTOBAHNs in the U.S.A., or Madison’s Avenue feel good propaganda that still reverberates today in the FORM of D.A.R.E. EYE say it, Mlle. PITCH?—Nahhhh, hold that thought for Mí’s “Amnesty International” placeholder… wait for, IT!, WAIT.

Witt, that in mind we now return to LE Palais de LAdécouVerte where Denis Soula is using his THEY OFF with “The rooster with a hat {D.A.T.} is watching TV”… and for the Record, The Bpi does not keep any GUNS and ROSES tracks inside the confines of its Big TYMPAN jukebox… Knot even the 88′ Classic: LIES. 

Tungate, M. “Le Monde De La PubHistoire globale (et inédite) de la publicité. DUNOD, PARIS 2009, pour la version française… Chapter ONE: Les Pionniers de la persuasion (sans percussion).