Masturbation Sessions — /r/Mexico: right now is no Thyme FO’siesta

Lie n° ONE:

You keep all your money

“You keep all your money in a Big Brown Bag, inside a Zoo, what a Thing to Do”.:.9B2E01E7-E8B4-4242-B6E1-17CA490B95DD

Donald Trump doesn’t need to ask for MONEY
for his political adventures:

“Politics will eventually be REPLACED by IMAGERY. The politician will be TOO HAPPY to ABDICATE in favor of his image, because the IMAGE will be MUCH MORE powerful THAN HE COULD EVER be.”

Marshall McLuchan: MacLean’s Magazine, 1971;
(not sure if it’s a Book or a Magazine)

We begin the week by reminding the former Secretary of State Con•dolee•zza Rice on the Bill Maher Show, that just because Edward Snowden caught his cubicle partner at the NSA jerking–off to the nude pictures of Dr. Rice’s conservative son, it does not make him (Edward Snowden, not Dr. Rice’s conservative son) a U.S Traitor.

The road to nowhere

The road to nowhere.:.CA5EC7A3-7D24-4F02-9A32-76E30D49D4E4 •|• The Rhodes to nowhere LEAD to Trump. It’s to bad that American Government employees (double-dippers) are not allowed to go on STRIKE — because as The 40th President of THEM United States once said: It’s Morning in Irak.

On the contrary, Dr. Rice, Edward Snowden is a better hero than Mick Mulvaney and, Morning Joe just offered the current Acting–chief of staff a contributor post at “the” msnbc’s, meanwhile in Washington, Mr.Schmitty lost his smile again, and in New York, MYKA and Cousin Joe just took out the “big tablets”… fucking pair of Hospitality News showoffs!

Let's Go Back

Let’s Go Back… to the Poisonous Mixture of [Woody Harrelson’s] page 64 deal: Corruption infects all bodies, buildings, and STANDARDS. Can You maintain?

Case in point, Dr. Rice, page 16 of the Editor’s letter of Rem Koolhaas, 2004 CONTENT:

“is born of that [ceaseless fluctuations of the 21st Century and IT BEARS THE MARKS OF ideological siblings like Jagger and Richards, Tyler and Perry, and of course GLOBALISM and THE MARKET ] instability. It is not timeless; IT’S ALMOST OUT OF DATE ALREADY.

Advertisement brought to you by “Black and Blue”… from
New Orleans in a new segment:

With Musical Guest:
Chamber Music for Wynos and Panhadlers
at the Sale pute
(LIVE from FIP central station)
FEATURING their n° 1 Streaming HIT:
The Glossy Sisters Gknow their Value
and they Gknow why Women KILL

… por ejemplo, Raquelito,
take the first section of the current CONTEXT in 2019,
as juxtaposed to the CONTENT of 2004,
The Song REMAINS the SAME:

Doctor Henry Kissinger is on hold.

"Europe - what is its phone number?"
Kissinger in 1970.
Page 375 (Go East) of Koolhaas'es, CONTENT

PG. 20: Architecture is a fuzzy amalgamation of ancient [ALIENS] knowledge and contemporary practice…
PG. 22: Violence against architechture; pg. 38-43
by a BILL that tells the tales from the front lines of the war
[7000 miles from Trump Tower in New York.]

———— “Might Haas well JUMP!”

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