Ewe are KNOT going to believe what STAR spelt backwards turns out to be… a fucking SAPO

And in París, Juanito Guanabacoa is talking efemérides, he is already reading November’s historic events, but not without smearing the Ayotzinapa picture of Alicia Leos before she turned into a mariachi STAR.

Tíquete from the thickest thicket.


But that is not all, Juanito Guanavacoa is catching-up with September’s news of the They, but that is only because THE PARIS PRÉFECTURE has banned shitty harmonica jams while Israel is mourning. Instead, today’s Juanito Guanavacoa’s Show is formatted as a melodramatic telenovela of the AMLO’s fifth “informe de gobierno” de los Mexicanos del rancho de Botzaris, propiedad PRI°vada de una sociedad asociada desde 1901.


In Montreuil-sous-Bois… Freddy Cats has been commissioned to create live-action figurines of the IDF blowing Gaza babies into tiny “barbarian” pieces. The financing runs on Marianne’s deep-deep artist’s fiduciary funds for Fraternity Fronts.

It wasn’t me, it’s Marianne’s and her Institution’s fault, said the former Prime Minister, adding, give that ‘artist’ full RSA benefits (no questions asked) for being such a good madrina for the prefecture de police à Cité (75000) and Seine-Saint-Denis (93100).

Sorry, about that, had I known that French Hippocrates would turn out to be a Canadian hypocrite, Eye would have gone to Spain and finally see what la pasión de La Corrida is all about. Instead, I can confirm the hypothesis of the current Mexican president and which, proposes that « corruption » has been Mexico’s biggest problem, and this is where Manuel Valls and the sycophants from the proméxico crowd, plus “Las Fuerzas Vivas“ de John Mill Ackerman (y vaïa-Valla) que sí son Bien Bibas, eh, —es más, a Juanito Guanabacoa y a Los Amigos de México en la Casa de Jorge Harmodio (Instituto de la –ñ– en GEORGE V) les consta, pero es contra los intereses del profesor Alain Rouquié en la MAL217 del IHEAL en La rue de Memo de Sarah-n’dear, because that BOAT ⛵ that is about to Land at The Parvis del Beaubourg (París 3).

Driver’s license… and other assorted trámites en la bendita Îlle—de—Pécresse… have Eye told Ewe lately, D.A.T. Eye has a Combat Tank Operator and Driver’s license on file? It’s trou 🕳️.

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