What a difference a day makes, part V…ersión PESADO

🌅Buen día, Good Morning 🌄

https ://www .reforma .com /ils-n_ont-ouvert-que-10-dossiers-sur-la-mort-de-buendía

After the break it’s, I wanna be your black bird, baby, followed by The Rosemary’s Baby Conspiracy; sponsored by Rapiditos Bip-Bip y El Jabón del Perro Agradecido de la calle Stanton en El Paso, Tejas.


I don’t speak Spanish, I speak CASTILIAN, —deer. That’s the standard.

Library kids in°deed, Alicia. In°Deed.


Breaking News… picked-up from los aretes de Ana Muñoz in the opening act of La Hora Nacional³.

³~. Note to non-readers. In 2023 La Hora Nacional Web Page remains in the http:// protocol, alas CONFIRMANDO what XÓCHITL GÁLVEZ, sénatrice du Mexique, said in MONTERREY, Nuevo Lyon.


Sénatrice* assures a room full of “viejos bien picudos” del PRI and “viejas bien feas” del PAN, that, lazyness is part of their [los indios del sur] culture.

HILARY: Re°progra°mando° la noticia, y todos los eventos desde que su marido desató los medios a Ruperto Murdoch y Teodoro Turner in 1996 at the FCC. Four years later, in the year 2000 in Old Mexico, Xóchitl Gálvez’ former boss (FOX) ceded the Mexican territorial fields to El Narco.

³~. Knot, to be confused, deer Representative OCASIO-CORTEZ, with los WEONES de Pinochet en CHILE, and that is because the “huevón” in Mexico has nothing to do with the size of someone’s eggs, or anything else other than that same someone playing THE PIANO, —al revés… pero no en francés; in French, rêves ain’t nuttin’ but a DREAMER…



La hora de La Tequila:

Son las 10 de la Noche en MONTERREY, Nuevo León… véalo por la radio and Fuck The MTV — “Hoover mover, —uh ».


🪗 Ojalá Que Te Mueras

Todo se arma en el momento y más Pesado, nomás Macario, don’t Fear The Reaper, ¿ por qué llegaste tarde 🎶🎶🎶🤠📻

— Lágrimas de Alex “Kockodrilo” Guzmán en Los Hijos de La Mañana. 🚨🚨🚨

On the radio. Video could not kill the Radio Star, y menos con pinche ‘podcast’.

22h30 ÖÜÏ Switch it over to Chihuahua 💅 y La Mano Pachona del Manitas… ¡está peluda 🤘🏽!

Gnomes are fags!!! – dijo un Duende con “la Doña”

Chorizo 🍕

Frontside³ to the revolution, that’s for arm-chair socialists from la —ñ— en , en el ruedo los quiero ver… bola de putos!


Y ansina’Rranca el primero Dedos at Rescaídas, donde las doñas, Irma González e Irm’Aguilar arrived to the land of Canek, a place by the way—muy próximo to the infamous “finca de La Chingada », allí a un lado de la tal “pensada” de los Guanavacoas from the Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM) en Ciudad Juárez, ShyWaGüa.

Suéltate el léotard, Gremlins™️ follow | Dedos at Rescaidas sin limite de Léotards en Lerdo (en El Nazas) con Valente Arellano ✴️ 🏍️


Las Irmas (González y Aguilar) se enfrentan  contra Alushe y El Chupacabras por el Título Intercontinental de Lucha Libre. Fans of Santo “El Enmascarado de Ag⁴⁷” gathered outside of the HACIENDA Coliseum to pay their respect to El Solitario, La Parka anda por allí y El Espectro no anda burro.



³~. “frontside” is a Temp-holder because right now don Lorca me’agarraó a de las KERSCHOVAS. Es decir, ese, que no me acuerdo del título del tomo del heredero de la gaso ⛽ Libre Ria en El Segundo del Chico… ejem! De el tiroteo en El Chuco, —señorr. Roco².

Le Tigre (9/15)

En fin, aquí en las calles de don Hausmann®… allow Mí to pull this trademark out, Öüï is going to direct you to your seats. RELAX! radio Franche (rƒ) has got it all engineered ✴️ 🚂…

²… La Maldita de Duncan Bridgeman en Siempre son Los de Lilas en el 20eme de Cascades y el Studio del Ermitaño.

… Same as it Eva’ was.

L.A. shot the Sheriff — 🚨 🚓

Police Academy 1440, starring Johannes Gutenberg as Carey Mahoney… but FO’ist, an update on Yesterday’s EVE report:

Navel gazing with Rigo Tovar… Mi Matamoros QueridoLos Bandidos de Buttes-Chaumont se hacen de agua en los muros de Revueltas y las bardas de Mazatlán. Emisión AMeRICAS follows.

Ladies in Gemini, Öüï, regrets to inform you that the CONNECT-i-CUT POLICE 🚨 at radio france musique arrested EVA as soon as she began to show her peaches 🍑.

https ://www .latimes .com /opinion /letters-to-the-editor /story /2022-04-27 /villanueva-threaten-to-investigate-times-reporter


Picture this 💅

Jump to Santa Ana, California where Radio Fréquence Paris Plurielle set the thermostat to last Tuesday, and Robinson CROUS-eau is playing Communist Mexico on this overcast Friday morning de Viernes (en la Isla).

1 de mayo 2022 follows.

Previously on Hola Guapa… Julieta Venegas probably thought this trip was about her

It was about Manu Chao, silly rabbit.

And now a word from our sponsors…

Issy, Missy, “My window faces South”, towards Perros Bravos, N.L. and before Öüï continues with the on-going trip, please be advised that $180K lobby-funded funds for a Two-minute load is kind of Nöüs specialty, so with that in mind, Eye reminds our non-reading audience that the following post is being brought to you by Laboratorios Camacho y “El jabón del perro agradecido” en la Calle Stanton del Segundo Sagrado Corazón del Paso del Norte.

Over on the fip's, the Sirens are doing their weekly “National They” promotional spot for the current Ruhler of the International Space Station. Öüï catches Major Thomas Pesquet en el quinto sueño, right D.A.R.E. at the threshold of R.E.M..

Hello, Mr. Pesquet… so, when time comes to hang the astronaut suit for La Jornada up there in the ISS, right before you get your Zzzzz rations, do sheep float? Or do those silly motherfuckers bounce like they do at The Poquelin Lounge bar and grill? —And Major Thom, after Denis Soula you are the Monkee at the plate.And you know Cousin Joe, i sincerely thought that you were going to skip the Darkest of the thicket d’embarquement , but instead chose to have had the time to feature an Encore of Ike and “the boys”, Eye means, it was after the breach that things got really interesting, por ejemplo the Episode with some REAL REPUBLICANS got a real boost from Chuck de Gaulle, who’s on Third BASE and it’s taking some flack from Churchill who is celebrating the arrival of a Mestiza baby girl to the East India Company.

If like BriWi, Ewe are one of dos who does not Reid this blog then perhaps you might have noticed that our favorite moment in History is the Fall of Rome and the Rise of The Industrial Military Complex and here is why:

witty zingers aside, the first is best explained by the song Young Americans, another Lennon-McCartney gem interpreted first by Mott The Hopple and then a very talented opportunist named Ziggy Stardust.

… and here’s thing Two

Now you might think i’m Crazy, because instead of “moments” Eye went with the Singular mode but as The Last Thing Before Öüï go on The 11th Hour, “you have the rest of your life,” to figure out that it took an entire Mel Brooks movie (look it up) to fill the gap between the fall of Constantinople (Rome’s capital) and the Liberation of Paris and Gladys, everything in between [there] is peanuts, including the Renaissance and the less popular Industrial boom because if Western Style Democracy goes then the world is back to the Dark Ages, illuminated this time around however, with L.E.D. lights, and of course killer A.I. robots.

AI drone may have ‘hunted down’ and killed soldiers in Libya with no human input

by: Charles Q. Choi ⬇️

https ://www .livescience .com /ai-drone-attack-libya .htm

La  ColoNNe DroNNe link goes here

Antonio Banderas stars as “El Ojo de Vidrio”, featuring La Lupa de Lupe, and some guy named “Guad”… And Luc Frelon, Eye knows that you are the illegitimate son The Fabulosos Cadillacs lead singer, Öüï also knows that your complete name is LucAS, but yo’Sorry ass decided to drop the AS.

And Niño Luc, “Here’s another thing you don’t know”, Antonio Banderas is a fag.

And Alicia Melendez… Weed for Victory, it beats ANXIETY!!!

Deer, Alicia Melendez, please relay to the good Reverend (that motherfucker) that if he needs a song list, all that he has to do is send a contribution to the Sacred Church of the Underground Mall of New Jersey in Paris, France, 75001 … PARIS CENTRE–CEDEX

Bienvenida Tijuana

Adventures in Transliteration and Interpretation

Tonight’s Jazz Hour is sponsored by
D.A.T. Old Western Texas Town of El Chuco, yeah buddy, Day took er yerbs and our spaiz!

Note to Siren:
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For 99% of the grade the Siren will transliterate the following Establishment’s motto, just South of Paisano Dr. and adequate, IT!, to today’s INTERNATIONAL DAY OF LE CHAT(a).:

“Para burritos: El Burro Medallas”

Yes DAY is!

Yes DAY is! .:. 0EE1713D-AFD4-479B-8C8E-10F5CA05CE36 🐭 Attention shoppers, is your Doggie acting funny near your Puss? Did you know that D.A.T. little pussy of yours could very well bee a Coronavirus host! Yeah, Buddy, so don’t forget to pick-up a Hydroxicloroquine test kit from LABORATORIOS CAMACHO en la calle STANTON, and find out if your pussy is compromised or if Buddy just wants to play with fluffy… and don’t forget to Grab a Barr of: Jabón del Perro Agradecido.

1% of the grade if you eat it.

Aspersions on my cilantro

From the burritos that brought you .: 5F6192A0-B564-4841-B9A1-E8300027C182:. Aspersions On My Cilantro and, MENUDO, comes this ensamble de La Nonna del Claustro… Can you smell what my finger tips are cooking?

 * Vide… del verbo “ voir ”, not to bee confused with the sense of sound, which as the good people of the Festival Internacional del Norte, Poesía en Tránsito (pero por los interwebs) know que tiene que ver con synapses que detonan a partir de La Oreja de Van Gogh. Y ya mejor ni nos metemos con los sentires transitivos del olfato porque doña Vilma se nos puede poner excited.

Yo lo vide
¿Tú lo vitez?
Ella y Él lobieron
Nosotros semos ciegos
Ustedes sordos’tan
Ellos y Ellas ni cuenta

And oh, Snap! Over at the 10 am in EST Baby Blue Cross’ got a Yellow Maxwell on her tail. On that circuit, a Siren screamer is casting spells on Cassandra… you are not foolin’ anybody Dr. Garret, Eye saw them hand gestures at le théâtre de la Ville in Arthur Miller’s « Les Sorcières de Salem ».

Dear, Nicolle Wallace — “It’s snapshot, snapshot, snapshot, and then you get a movie”

Now you’ve heard about Homer’s “Tomacco” chapter in the longest-running primetime Odyssey… It’s kind of like D.A.T., reporting from Montgomery, Alabama, is Agent Angle. C’mon now, Cousin Joe, Ketch-up! It’s time for another edition of FOX FORCE FIVE.

Based on a true emission

Sous les jupes de Penelope .::. 04100220-2B39-4366-B241-07EF9C72C9F1 🧜🏻‍♀️ Based on a true émission.

Note to students: please be advised that for this (the most crucial 1%) section of the TEST, y’all are supposed to show all of your motherfucking work! Teacher’s pet… wait scratch D.A.T. Teacher Assistant Ruth Langmore in the role of Elise Jordan will be accepting Your drafts during regular office hours. 

Aussi, sources close to a rejected German foreign exchange “Klukie” dropout from the Chaffey Community College’s Jay Leno automotive repair faculté, in Rancho Cucamonga, told Agent Angle D.A.T…

Thanatos means death

In Hilo, Hawaii, Sir: it’s just another Midday .::. 656D40AF-CB20-411C-9882-9AA5DF267471 🌒 In Europa, it’s just half past midnight with a 3.2% Waxing Crescent 🌞 And in Washington D.C. the Sun was out today and the President Of The United States walked out of the Trump Show without answering any questions to The Nation.


Sources close to Willie Geist Assure The Nation that before the end of Friday, April 24 of 2020, 50,000 people in Donald Trump’s United States of America will have become yet another macabre milestone (statistic) of the 45th President of the United States thanks to his failure as a human being.

… öüï now return to Agent Angle’s Cucamonga source. TimeStamp is 13h45 in CET.

Now more than ever

Cleanliness is next to godliness .::. 39430AAA-40D4-4F4B-939D-C9BB7F025DEB 🏄🏽‍♂️ But before you “clean” your internal organs, don’t forget to Charge or send your Donald Trump stimulus check to your local Olympatec Meditation Institute.

It was a crazy link, and the fact that the THREAD in this hilo began to unravel at the Center for Disease Control in the the State of Georgia goes beyond, as Willie Geist lamented on the MorJo Show, beyond The Onion territory, but before we [the staff] continue with the programming, a word from The Johnson & Johnson Empire in collaboration with Laboratorios Camacho en la calle Stanton en El Paso, Tejas.

¡SEÑORA!!!!  ¿Esta usted teniendo problemas con el vocabulario de sus retoños? No sufra más, ¡Pare de Sufrir! Laboratorios Camacho se enorgullece en anunciar que la Administración de Alimentos y Fármacos (por sus siglas en Inglés) de los Estados Unidos de América acaba de autorizar El Jabón del Perro Agradecido con nuestra fórmula de Pinol®️ y Windex®️ para pulir la elocuencia de sus pequeñines. 

El Jabón del Perro Agradecido, fabricado con tecnología alemana y exportado desde nuestros laboratorios en La Colonia Dignidad en la hermana República de Chile, le ofrece a usted sus dos presentaciones de nuestro producto, Jabón del Perro Agradecido en barra de 250 gramos, y Jabón del Perro Agradecido en atomizador (botella spray) de 450 mililitros.

Jabón del Perro Agradecido, aplíquese directamente al hocico de sus hijos y en menos de lo que canta un Gallo, usted vera la diferencia.

 It’s Nine p.m. in Paname and in Gotham it’s the 15 hundred hours, and Brian Williams is next to Nicolle and we now return to The Thread en Este Hilo, and Shannon Pettypiece was not being silly when she hinted to Katty Kay and Mika Brzezinski that there is a theme in all of this and as a matter of fact if you do the Calculus you might be able to spot the “Little” in the original Soundtrack of “April in Paris”.


TimeSnatching available on Amazon .::. CE7BE38B-8D6C-4D1F-AAB9-E9C0946E7EB5 🕵🏽‍♂️ Victor Vacendak believes that INDEED, “You can’t always get what you want”, but if you call before the Chuck Todd’s Meet The Republic hour, you get an additional BARR of “Jabón del Perro Agradecido” special Aix-en-Provance lavender scent D.A.T.’s one additional BARR of “Jabón del Perro Agradecido” in French lavender scent.

Anyhow, it was ‘Clean Up Time’ at a Greek Seafood spot and why the Owner of that joint answer to any ailment  is  was to spray Windex®️ on it, is anybody’s guess, but the dishwasher from Chino, California (D.A.R.E.) directed u.s. to the California Pinto League stadium just outside of Corona, it was the mid 1980’s and everything NorthEast of I–15 at the Glenn Helen spring-training camp was nothing but tumbleweeds and White Power clicks. 

Agent Angle wanted to meet the German foreign exchange Cucamonga “Kluckie” at the Historic Route 66 original Ronald McDonald burger joint, but the “Kluckie” was not allowed near the place on account of all of the Mexicans who worked there, so instead they both agreed on the In–and—Out across I–10.

“So, whatcha–Whatcha watcha got?” Asked Agent Angle as he was pigging out on a Protein Version of the iconic Double–Double. Agent Angle didn’t want to waste any time in this quadrant, the Time Machine was ready to go at The Rialto outside of the Fontana meat packaging plant and time was of the essence, to miss the 11th Hour meant another RIECH, and as far as the FOREIGN EXCHANGE  CUCAMONGA “Kluckie” and Agent Angle were concerned, THREE REICHS were more than enough on the MEL BROOKS History Of The World sequels.

NOTE TO EDITORS: to keep the Foreign Exchange Cucamonga “Kluckie’s” identity safe from FREEJACKS  (WHO are lead by a Rolling Stone) the voice of the Chaffey Community College Cucamonga campus student will be rendered by Jay Leno.


(Ding) Clean up on Aisle 3 (Ding, Ding, Ding!).

— https ://simpsons .fandom .com /wiki/Tomacco

— Little “Bart”: https ://hero .fandom .com /wiki /Sheriff_Bart

— Victor Vacendak https ://imdb.com /title /tt0104299 /plotsummary? ref_=m_tt_stry_pl