Öüï, Jayn VilleNet, öüï… Öüï! release Jazz

It's nothing personal


—Öüï replies:

It’s been done before… and besides, technically The Kraken is not a fish. What’ll they think of then? Allow The Sirens into the pecera? Hey, while you’re at it, release the Seahorses, those fancy-They-at-The Races-hat wearing Sirens love Seahorses, but on land the Sirens swear that the Donkeys do it better. Any questions?

Previously on, William H. [alias The Kid] was a friend of Ours, but Eye can’t vouch for that Frisco Kid that secretly dresses in drag at The Castro, his official Seal is @ArchCordIleone.

Prenez la communion et vous partez !

Ask, Andy Garcia 🇨🇺, it was the American Priest [from 🇺🇲 Boston] in Paris 🇦🇪 who went ahead and SHAMELESSLY took on the role of Cardinal Glick à Saint Eustache–des-Boucheries sur Les Halles.

PS: For the record, Jon Stewart is a faggot, not a Fag, a faggot. It takes a certain backbone, madame Bourne, and if you need interpretation on these scriptures, please visit Jimmy Kimmel in El Ey, mi’ñora.

Sin Celery,

Transnational Toes, Field Marshall Carlin is an honorary jury at The French Chupacabras masked Producer Race.

Field Marshall Carlin.

Previously on, So You Draw Portraits of Presidents

Fuck’em… fuck EM# ALL, Eye can draw the face of God, sin celery, Field Marshal Carlin.

Fuck you Matt Damon! Context follows on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, because That COLBERT guy is a fucking asshole.

Of course, in order to know what Eye is referring to you have to be current with your Dogma—Fuck-oh.


Of course, you also have to be  current with all the Prophets, not just The Rock, Rufus.

And Alice… this is a kind reminder that the fip . fr portrait contest is open to all nationalities but You Have Got to Be French to WIN, could-have-been-CONTENDERS need not apply, —Stella.

And Yasmin V… before you accuse me of jumping on the Basketball bandwagon, do recall that just like The Chinese stole Tocqueville from the Frogs, and the Russians the Champagne… i did tell Lester Holt that the French had a B-Ball academy at Olympiades M-14, turns out that the French had sent a spy to the San Antonio Spurs… all those years ago. 

https ://www .lequipe .fr /Basket /Actualites /La-france-domine-les-etats-unis-pour-son-premier-match-des-jo /1273011

After The Nation with the politics of the Reverend Al Sharpton, Alicia will dive into a holding pattern in Texas where schools districts everywhere will begin to teach the origins story of Walker Texas Ranger.

Literally, can’t make this shit up.

For the occasion, independent school districts across the Lone Star state will hold a vote concerning the new revisionist book covers for the newly revised curricula on the Southern’s version of European Code Noir.