Last Week To They — fip is the Enemy

Las Moras de la Discordia. By Huckleberry Steinbeck… Ok. Ok-ok, oh Key! Hear Mí out, if in fact historicity has any sort of rhythm, then the REPETITION here is in Vietnamese as read by the Peoples Republic of the Sahel… Watch The Rachel Maddow Space.

Lorem ipsum, text and other assorted rollos go here: https ://www .aljazeera .com /news /2021/2/14 /macron-to-meet-african-leaders-as-sahel-conflict-drags-on

But FO’ist! Let the record show that Öüï will knot be looking at Carol Lee on account of Kasie’s way too early hairDO. Over in Nantucket, following the “annunciation” of Donald John Trump (45th potus), Cousin Joe Scarborough got a serious case of a Southern ailment called “the vapors”, Mika (his lovely wife) has gone through 150 ventilators. Cousin Joe still has “the vapors”.

Aussi, como ese Cabrón on AxIoS, we declare the War on Ewe… fuckers… miau 🐒 the only way you can beat me is:

— when i sleep
– when Poseidon pays you to conspire
– when i sleep

Deer, Michael Steele, first off, fuck fip. 33 9C3C9094-C203-4F0F-AC3E-123CBB863B03 .:. … and then of course Fuck Ewe. 🔥 Anyhow, Nicole Wallace, wanna know what burns Slower than Norwegian Wood? Leña Verde, Vato; 32 and WITT D.A.T. in M.I.N.D. the following words will find away in the Rhythm… doc, doc, doctor Beat. So make a mental note of that, here’s the Count, a lake is One, and Ewe on Fire is off-course: Tú.

… fuck fip, fip is the enemy. Go Green Fuckers. In all seriousness for those WHO don’t read u.s., the biggest threat to any CoUNTry is of course a motherfucking pandemic, after that, ADVERTisnig kills elections.


Deer. Nicole,

You fucking pundit, look’ee here, you look great in Banana Republic Yellow, (go melt some ice) but when something is important, well let’s ask the people who know:

And in the role of Al Rouker:

… now Eye knows what your lying eyes are going to tell you, “wadda’ya mean yellow, that’s clearly naranja dulce, limón partido, dame un…,” anyone?

… flip to page 2

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