Where were you when Paola was getting High?

Based on an Oasis song about Broadway.

🎶 Pao’ was gettin’ Hi…

And now, the weather report… Oh, hey Puerto Rico, it’s mostly cloudy but those are not them Evil Fiona Soundclouds, those are Adam’s Fig leaf Cumulonimbus strikes.


Dear, Paola Ramos, thanks for not reading. Anyhow, immediately after the frame below, Eye is going to answer your question for Willie Geist (a personal hero of mine 💥)

Viejas feas!… Pare de sufrir.


Pao’ was gettin’ Hi…

Full Disclosure, Jorge RaYmos is a personal hero of mine, but you have to be La hija de Silvia Pinal to get a Gig at the Cave… Or a mean-looking Cunt from El Tecnológico de Monterrey campus laguna.

Hello, Good Bye.

AS promised, here’s Paola Ramos’ my response to her question about the “hispanic” vote in the Río Grande del Rio Gringo de Eagle Pass:

Paola asked of Willie Heist, where was the Democratic Caucus in Del Río in the past six years?

Proposed answer to Willie Heist:

The democratic voting committee was too busy in Los Angeles, California, sucking on Beto O’Rourke’s dick on The Bill Maher Show, don’t believe Mí, Mr. Geist? Ask The Circus’, Jennifer Palmieri, her co-host³³ was sucking Bill Maher’s old shriveled FIGS on his HoBO Show last night at Dodger Stadium.

Pao’ was getting high–Pao’ was getting HIGH.

³³. The Circus on Shhh…eau Thyme.

Hey, Georgia! Got peach spread for D.A.T. D.A.R.E. Pain Perdu[e]

THREE DAYS! October 31st… coincidence? Knot if you know that when TUESDAY IS GONED.A.R.E. CAN BEE ONLY ONE!

To Live and Let Die

Musical guest: to live and let die 🎶 65425FB7-12D3-4E9E-BE18-BD4CD44AE3EB 🔫
Reading is a multifaceted process involving word recognition, comprehension, fluency, and motivation. Learn how readers integrate these facets to make meaning from print. Reading is making meaning from print. It requires that we: Identify the words in print – a process called word recognition.

https ://www .readingrockets .org /article /what-reading

In ancient Times, Avi Velshi, JASON chased “the golden fleece” with the help of a Georgian peached-bottom blues niece of Circe,  and they succeeded! However, this plot is Knot one of those, on account that in modern times the “colcha dorada” de Colchis, —look it up— was replaced por la máscara plateada de Santo… it’s TWUE!!!

https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Golden_Fleece

https ://www .foxnews .com /politics /georgia-sen-perdue-pulls-out-of-final-debate-after-bitter-clash-at-previous-face-off

Courtesy of Chuck Biscuits

Crimson Ghost is superimposed with the permission of Chuck Biscuits and Count Chocula, yeah Buddy!!!

But FO’ist!

It’s Last Week right fucking now y, como decía Lino Quintana: 🎶 esto tenía que pasar…

“You expect me to talk?”

No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.

…after the Break, it’s the continuing attenuation of Bjork, from TROY[e], it’s TWUE!!! Look, IT!, up.

Right now:

Eye see what you did there, Siren

Eye see what you did there, Siren… The Prodigy with “SMACK* my bitch up” follows.

We pick up the evening portion of tonight’s Man on The Moon, in Athens, off–course, where Andy Kaufmann is Alive and reporting from The Sky doG Tavern. It appears that Shinny Happy Scottish accenteded People all agree:

If you believe DAY put a WaWa on the Moon, it’s probably because you think that it is always Sunny in Philadelphia.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /ciencias /2020/10/27 /confirman-la-presencia-de-agua-en-la-luna– 3296 .html

Later in the programming, you want Change? You can’t handle Change, but if you insist, don’t forget to fall back when the Marfa Lights get Sync’d with the Aurora Borolas now shining just NORTH of PRESIDIO and SOUTH of ALPINE, Texas, and in the Snaefellsnes peninsula in over Iceland.

But speaking of Iceland, where the legend of JOHN BRONCO never dies, real men in that island (not the TESLA driving fags) weep for the loss of the manliest man that ever wore a fucking SKIRT!!!

In San Diego, Ron Burgundy and his more manlier doppelgänger, don Armando Álvarez can’t begin to be consoled, and them two are living it up with George Clooney and his gay brother Ritchie inside the comforts of The Titty Twister just outside of that West Texas Town of Socorro, New Mexico… just beyond the BadLands of Horizon, Texas.

And in Paris, Matt Bradley (Cooper) is recycling our VERY own SEGOVIASPIXES-es-ese from the underground… get your own weirdos, Mr. Bradley. And stay away from my yellow dragons.


Dear, Alex Alter @ “The” NYT… part ii

lThere’s a most hypocritical phrase in Spanish that describes all that one—anyone—might have wanted to have for themselves, and it’s called “envidia de la buena”, i’ ll let my friend Gustavo translate that for you… i believe that he’s listed in your staff’s go-get-to staff, but for comma saving space, let it be known that i give my left nut for the opportunity to have “roamed the Met, marveling for hours ,” like Ms. Madeline Miller did as child, pero instead, the street were my gallery…

Fear and Loathing in Paris… nahhhh…

i (armando segovia) find it amusing for Ms. Miller to infuriate herself because Circe had to fuck the hero of the story as “conciliatory gesture”, because in modern times GENDER IS IRRELEVANT, alpha bitch or alpha dog are n par…


It’s a race to the top and fuck and suck who you need to; you must, albeit, it helps if the elevator that you arrived  in  was already set for the top floor… although, even at the top there’s a RAT race and flesh is the price; they just eat a different kind of food, to “make it to the bitter end.”

For the FNAC®️ record…

Sur les jupes de…la bruja de La Odisea.

…anygüey, the staff is preocupied witn a work in progress called Napoléon, so fuck the Greek, since the Romans prevailed, eh!  Mr. Macron?

Synapses Supremus… this is a work in progress, eh!

TimeStamp: 21 hundred hours in Central NATO Time.

Man in the box, eh!