¡Luuuuuuuu-Chaaaaa_rHan! — Dedos at rescaídas


LADIES and germs! It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, and in PANAMÆ, Franche, it’s Thyme for the Tent 🎪 edition of 🇨🇵 National Sports They… and deer doG all mighty, Denisa KERSCHOVAS!!! Here comes The Clowns!

At La Maison de La Radio (not that one) Emily Munera has just been Violated by Chi Chi the little Latin fag, and in the process, that fello’ with the phallus standing next to her has been relegated (per request by the Publisher of Pedro Navajas) to stand in the role of, wait fo’, IT!:

La Hija de Tony Curtis… ¡SANCHO PANZA!

In Local WEBS… little ol’Eye saw “Nobody” coming, but then again,… ah, fuck it, i give up, just give l’assemblée nationale française, pro-russian hackers, their Early Retirement and their monthly R.S.A., RFPP is hiring bénévoles anyhow.

https ://www .huffingtonpost .fr /politique /article /le-site-de-l-assemblee-nationale-attaque-par-des-hackers-russes-anti-macron _215795 .html

RUSSIAN nazies: if you are monitoring, i need my file folder that Manuel Valls at Le Dépôt de Cité censuré in 2013 ~ 2014.

Any güey, Benito Bodoque from “The Bronx”, en Ponce 🇵🇷… Ewe got’s to rrrrrrhol your erres, —ese. In this section of your G.E.D.¹ pilot test, Eye is going to be your “Are-assistant” coach and the MSNbePeacocks hope that by the end of your first season, Öüï can get Ewe son’s o’biches in Ponce de León to stop treating the 21st* letter in the Spanish alphabet like she’s 13th.

So, c’mon Chi Chi, —VIDA is waiting:

F.Y.I.: Noxeema Jackson used to play for The Tribe 🪶, Willie Mays Hayes ⚾ was his name.

¹~. https ://usahello .org /fr /leducation /diplome-ged /qu-est-ce-que-ged /#gref

*~. If you include the two digraphs (ch / ll) in the R.A.E. abecedario and off-COURSE la bendita eñe, anyhow even in the Anglobecedario de los gringos de gringolandia, the aforementioned ERRE is already 18th on the timeline, so Rrrrrroll that sexy bitch like the friend of the boyfriend on the BORDERLINE of lady MADONNA (1984) did.


Indiana vía el INAH. For context please read the “little” six below.


“If GLR and me were populists, perhaps a prominent successor to Ismael Rodríguez would film a second version of « We the poor », and GLR and me would appear as brothers of “La Guayaba” and “La Tostada.””

~. Hombres G. “Indiana“, track 2 of “You fucked up, Burt Lancaster », Warner Music for spics from The Bronx; 1986.
Over in Manhattan, Benito Blanco from “The Bronx” goes on a “PACHANGA” tour across Am[?]ica (not sure if it’s the show about the continent with LA CARRETERA de MANU CHAO or the country made of exterminated tribes, yet).

Goya (not that one, KachunKachun RaRa) sazón.


https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2023/03/26 /opinion /013a2pol?


The Mexican Left and the Gilbertian Hurricane
by: Francisco Xavier Guerrero. La Jornada.


The only truth in life is inside of a lucha libre ring, » according to Alan Kardec en Père Lachaise, en face à Apollinaire.

With that in mind, Charlie 🐘 Sykes,  fuck you, The Bullwark ⛵, and of course, Donald John Trump. Anyhow, here’s an inverted “T” from what you just said on the Morjo Show… on the DL, you do have a point, but yours has no SaZón, because yours talks about Cracker Barrel politics, while Eye, you son of a bitch, am at The Forum.

And, Kier Simmons, guess what? — It’s WeekEnd Edition


And Ellison Barber… you are out of uniform, it’s casual Jackson THEY, like whatever! C’mon, Ellison, take off them gloves… it can’t be less than -3° Celsius Clay. 

And Hallie Jackson, lemme jump in… ‘member when “tumbler” had a different whiff in the news?

ISSY, “whiff” is the proper noun… and it’s part of a Social Order, Monica Alva {33:3 EST same spot where the Turkeys Guajolotes yesterday were taking selfies}.

A young William Barr {RACINE,WI ; 13:58 UTC –6} is doing the after party at the rittenhouse Scot free trial… go home, Mike Richards. That’s the law… sorry if Eye mispelled your name.

And in local news, it’s last week to they and 300 pastors {Ministers, pues}… all of them honorary Mexicans on REVOLUTION rememberence day… in Canada, why Cànàda, Ambassador RICE? Mauricio Garcés will explain, IT!, for you.

But FO’ist, the Bobs {knot the boobs} are neck deep on in The Oval Office and Öüï is not even talking about WaWa Gate. In the ART world this is called ART DECO. Art Deco, like Mexican pre-columbian art is Tax Free at CDG, ORLY and NICE… and you know that can’t be bad.

Courtesy of LA JORNADA in PROCESS{o}…
2021-11-18 Reunión de el presidente de México- Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador y el primer ministro de Cànada  Justin Trudeau.


In Paris, it’s incest rememberence day, and Mika, i {armando segovia} knows what Charlie Sykes is thinking of in Oh-hi-hO… his grandchildren in France had a better future in West Virginia [Banjo{s} duel goes here] and that’s a catch phrase for Carmela Soprano’s new and improved Au Pied du Cochon in Saint Eustache.

And Susan Page, does Eye really need to smack Cousin Joe in that big noggin of his to make him spit the Philippe Labró source? You got it leather Queen…

The heart of Rock and Roll is in D.C..

Page Eight, baby, EL OCHO… of N°2625 of Le Matin Cnews Direct…

But FO’ist, it begs to be a beggar to ask the question: WHY? Why in the FIRST TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED, expresso-drinking, croissant-dipping, truffle diggin’ Puériculture world at Le Jardin des Plantes would France need a plan against fucking children? Why?

And then the International Infant Day was invented at Le Grand Palais… note to non-readers at the Morning ‘comrade’ Joe Show: The Big Palace at Place Clemenceau is under de-Construction and so the Infant Day rememberence ceremony is hereby moved to Le Parvis de La Mairie de Paname en Paris.

And, Susan Page {knot the RICE} New Jersey called, La Pundita wants her look back… and Heilemann, of course you know that this must be read in an Andrew Dice Clay “london calling” leather jacket look.

Note to non-sponsors at MONOPRIX®… let’s roll, Eye will bring the Rock.

TimeStamp: 3 minutes ’till Bpi Shutdown… Fuck The Police… by Joey Starr, or some Frog like that.