Objective “Donjon”… it’s like Club Med for jailbirds in The Old Regime.

Except for one. Évry other cock sucker, including the fellows from La Commune (1871) and this guy by the name of Armand B., of the Spanish Caravan del Rey Fernando 🇪🇦… they all had the time of their life. And then The Bastille was commissioned by to act as a the Free Masons of la rue Cadet in 2017.

But, Öüï, fuck Gérard Depardieu.

Previously on: The Funkadelic is not an Executive but he is a PARLIAMENTARIAN, but i will get to that after los SPOTS•AUREOS FEATURE al Chivo en Francés) 26/01/2021

Ladies in Gemini who are Knot joining the transmission, i ask that you don’t pay pay attention to the the HYPE, in other words, (no pun intended) “a picture might be worth a THOuSAND words”, in French mind EWE, but i can tell you that without CANTINFLAS, Coluche is just a clown.

The Funkadelic is not an Executive but he is a PARLIAMENTARIAN:

Fire Woman, you’re to blame:

French Science .:. 03753FDD-3DFC-4D2C-A69D-F766C5674915 📰 Paris, France_ Feb. 24, 1900, Porte de Issy-les-Moulineaux. Police in Paris are detailing the latest doppelgänger scandal at BFM’er TV.
A new science dubbed “PHRENOLOGY”, a process that involves observing and/or feeling the skull to determine an individual’s psychological attributes is the new Tool that Franz Joseph, that motherfucker!, had the GALL to use in France to reveal that Apolline Matin (pictured in Black) is the ILLEGITIMATE grand daughter of the one-and-only, Ian ASTBURY, a known CULTist and founder of what else… a Band called The Cult.



About a girl — No tiene talento

Track 9: Coolo
Artist: Illya Kuryaki and The Valderramas
Flic: Amores Perros (meets BLACKXPLOITATION)

🐐 … or the fact that in most cases the sound was awful that just made them very hard to watch … what really bothered me were the films of the 1970’s.” .:. 7CE3F3BB-D8EC-40E2-85CA-F8FFA6605190 ✍🏼 Dice el pinchie–Chivo… a quick programming note to IMDB; “El Negro” does not translate to “Blackie”, El Negro is simply The Black One, “Mr. Black” is more appropriate a nickname for Mr. Alejandro González Iñarritu, but i guess SEAN PENN’s virgin fucking ears could not handle lo prieto que’sta ese Cabrón; FOR THE RECORD “Cerf-panthére” let me remind the Very French that aside from being Serrano, i am also PRIETO on my Naná Side, so yes, yo también soy “negro”, by Mexican Standards… ya’Cunts.

… [A]nd Willy Colón, if you were in on the joke, Pedro Navajas would tell you that this rollo is about a girl, and Mac The Knife would agree; this project was always about a girl, her name is Florence Marie Cassez, and this section covers her Mexican fairy madrina:

Olga Sánchez Cordero (juris-docta)

Píntame Funk-elitos Negros, Chavo del Toro .:. 1C918525-2342-4049-8817-73864A58141C .:. From the “A handful of themes… in the bush, in the bush, in the bush.

Synopsis: Mexico’s populist president got a case of the COVID-19. Necessary for the survival of the president’s popularity among his followers (like with any cult) is a daily sermon session which the Mexican president disguises as a “daily « Press Briefing » show”, and since he cannot deliver his political mass in person, the Mexican President, who happens to be a religiously devout baseball fan went ahead and designated Florence Cassez’es Mexican Fairy godmother, doña Judge Olga Cordero as the pinchie-hitter. Hilarity ensues when…

https ://www .elfinanciero .com .mx /opinion /salvador-camarena /sanchez-cordero-a-su-casa

No pudo en la escena donde había PREGUNTAS pues no CONVENCIÓ
No cantó en la escena donde había canto, solo dobló
Y a pesar de todo sigue cobrando mucho mejor

Yeah, on a related note to Monoaureo . Com (George Clinton, does exist, you silly mono; granted, The Funkadelic is not an Executive but he is a PARLIAMENTARIAN, but i will get to that after los SPOTS•AUREOS FEATURE al Chivo en Francés), look it up MONOAUREO and expand your latitude.

https ://www .milenio .com /politica /olga-sanchez-cordero-dara-conferencias-matutinas-ate-covid-19-amlo

Deer, Marlene Schiappa, part ii — FIP Strike day Too

previously, on Natasha butler¹ 2492,
via Laurence ferrari²2491,
(Transliterated into Spanish):

Deer, Siren Den

Deer, Siren Den:
Eye did knot think y’all had it in Youse. Breaking ranks from the Radio France Strike to bring us worthless mortals an hour of Jazz. Good for you. You show backbone, which öüï thought that “El niño Luc was lacking”, like them fags at the AFP (latin American bureau) in 2011 – 2012.

Estas lolis³ están fuera de control
vía /r/mexico


2-Ferrari_L.:.06F78F69-D5B7-4687-825D-67EB12130C7F•|•”Maîtresse, je veux que tu sois ma petite amie (…) comme ma mère le fait avec ses amis“. |•..•| Con tíos como mi tío Odilón, could you blame the poor child… Uso justo de todo lo absurdo de nuestros días, and that is all that Eye is going to say.

Page 6:
“Un Pour Toutes”
Deer, Eric “de” Riedmatten, Sir.
Please relay to “the” Bon Savoir
at les Cles du Jour,
that öüí here at staff central got your signal regarding “la Chiva” de Depardios… this is to say, Sir, that öüí seen a few French flicks or two, “so we covered it”.

In Local News...

In Local News…Mexican “terrorists” are better than a NAVY seal, period.:. Ugly Mexican, Sam Stein comments on that after the Break.

Meanwhile, en El Nevado de Toluca…
A French diplomat’s precious gets the Florence Cassez treatment along with a bad “Jorge Luke” actor. No word from Rachel Maddow, —our Toluca expert— if the two “levantados” got chorizo for breakfast. (Chorizo de Toluca is a must when visiting El Estado de México, just ask Barry de La O, during his State visit; of course, Barry couldn’t enjoy the taste of Chorizo because as everybody in the fake knews news Gknow, Barry de La O is a Muslim).

Las fuentes del Universal, Jorge Luke:

From Navy to Pirates

From Navy to Pirates.


¹ Butler, N. from Aljazeera
² Ferrari, L. from CNEWS (matin)
Short for “Jail Bait” or lolitas