15 de enero, 2021 — To They, it’s your birthday

🎶 Yes we’re going to a party party
Yes we’re going to a party party
Yes we’re going to a party party

The Rutles

Previously on, “Son molinos, no te oyen, —don Quijote”.

So, about Mr. Robinette, eh‽ For the record, the man does have the “fontanería” connection in Ireland, m’ember his cousin the plumber? So that may begin to explain why the “GRIFA” in the middle of Joseph -and- Biden was chosen as his middle initial; in this blog, a “joint” or connection of that degree merits the use of a Tesseract or, a hypercube, not a Venn Diagram. Now the question that needs answering (to show just how ridiculous a gender-neutral neologism really is, neta que sí) … anyhow, Dra. Muñiz, a mi lo que me para los pelos de mi calva cabellera es el hecho de que yo no tengo lecho; pero eso es otro rollo, ahorita lo que yo quiero saber, es PORQUÉ Xingados no aparecen los grifos ni las grifas (o en su Chingado defecto, grifx, en ese mentado diccionario de “Mexicanismos” mexicanos, particularmente ahora que México está por convertirse en el mayor exportador de GRIFA para los GRIFOS en el exterior, eh? A ver, porqué no haber Grifos en su nueva institución??? FUENTE de l’actualité para poder TRIANGULAR la relevancia de mis marihuanadas va por aquí Ayman Mohyeldin: https ://www .aljazeera .com /economy /2021 /1 /12 /mexico-moves-to-create-worlds-largest-legal-cannabis-market

Robinet: m grifo, llave. DONC(key)… Robinette, because of the suffix “ette” must be the female equivalent in the form of a “canilla”, look it up. And thank you for SMOKING IN THE BOYS ROOM.

Source: Gran Diccionario [Español-Francés Français-Espagnol] LAROUSSE 2005. Larousse Paris. Page 598 from Robert (Roberto) to ROM (Read Only Memory), period!

Pues bien, o quizás tal vez mal pero de cualquier manera “Las fuentes y derivaciones de las raíces de las ramas », o algo así, nos sincronizó con la noticia salida desde Flint, Michigan, y pues ahora voy a tener que encestar, (no confundir con ‘incestar’ porque esa palabra aún se desconoce por SciencesPo) un grifo en la Academia de Mexicanismos mexicanos, para la nueva sacerdotisa de esa institución, la profesora Angelina MuñizHuberman… con su permiso, Doctora.


“A mountain to climb for Joe Biden,” according to London, and “Little Havana” hit-man Steve Schmidt wants to make The President-elect backpack heavier with every fucking step. Nice. Very nice, Mr. Schmitty. Nice.

Deer, David Aronberg… do you really want to go there? And Willie Geist, did Donnie Deutsch’s friend (Michael Dean Cohen) get to have Whole Foods®️ while at the Country Club? Try again Mr. West Palm Beach, try again, “law man” unless you are saying that Florida correctional facilities are kin to Turkey’s prisons. If it’s good for the convicted bankers and the sentenced “good felons” it should be good for the incongruent vegans who wear dead animal heads as props.

In Context: the guy dressed as Davy Crockett with little bull horns during the January 6th storming of Capitol Hill was arrested for trespassing into the Nation’s Capitol. That guy, according to The Mor-Jo Show is requesting vegan food. A Florida State Attorney mocks the prisoner telling the audience that in prison there is no “Whole Foods” (only fractions of scraps, mr. Atty. Gral.?) thus pissing at the same time on the grave of every POW or prisoner in a gulag-style or AMERICAN PRIVATELY OPERATED/owned prison. BECAUSE THAT GUY IS NOW a captured “enemy combatant”, right? It’s BY-The-NUMBERS processing or, put that sumbitch in front of a firing squad.

Tell you what, Cousin Joe, go ahead and misinterpret the following screen-capture, go ahead BANG and BlaME; i will say again, blame me for the other news of The They.

And, Mika Bee… it is ONE THING when your co-host Screams the rhetoric about whatever is ailing him, it’s quite another when the guy with the Monopoly of Violence puts out a statement that supports cruel and unusual punishment; otherwise The Viet Cong wins, and you lounge on The Maverick’s grave… but Yeah, Willie Geist (with a Capital “Y”) shoot’em all and let Uncle Sam sort’em out. Remember, now Kasie Hunt, i am just a guy with a Reddit account and a stupid blog, not the guy who can lock some deplorable “du jour” quack and then throw away the key… “[S]ome men you just can’t reach, so you get what we had [here] Last Week; which is the WAY he WANTSSO He Gets! I don’t like it, anymore than you do,” Axl Rose.

Or, when it comes to the insurrectos del Día de Reyes, just shoot’em. Fuck’em, and fuck the process. Kill them all as soon as you round them all in. You, Mr. Aronberg are today’s recipiente for the Hillary Clinton deplorables award, congratulations, sir.


GRIFX for the LatinX potheads: https ://www .aljazeera .com /economy /2021/1/12 /mexico-moves-to-create-worlds-largest-legal-cannabis-market