And, Avi Velshi… hoy no hubo Beatles on The Johnny Canales Show

And Tiff Cross, Wheeeee is definetly not going to use the Instagram because Öüï’s been told, and Eye has been informed, that “the gram” is worst, much WO’ist in real time no less, than them Cuban microwaves 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗

One thing is for sure Tiffany Cross, in theory, the debt of that McCarthy Guy is not the same as U.ncle’s deep pocket ceiling… if Mr. M. defaults on his debts his first-born is taken away by The State, if the U.S. defaults on our debts, then the Washington Pentagrams start a war and Liberty, liberty, liberty (pay only for, yada-yada-yada). Eye is old enough to remember the year of Mexico in the “it’s too big to fail” remesas of 2008… it’s not as if America³ was Haiti and the WORLD BANK would bank roll a coupe.

³:.(…Or, the soon-to-be renamed Country of TEXAS [plural].

Over at The Johnny Canales Show… It’s a new kid on the block, his name is don CORNELIUS, —reina.

📻 ♫ ♫ ♫ Hey hey we’re The Crickets… and Öüï’s looking for a new love, a new love, —Alicia Menendez… leave the Mecedes-Benz at The Church, Wheeeee’s not going to need our Flintstones vitamins to THEY.

Witt that in mind, Alex… you’ve heard about the TRANSFIGURATION (Bam!) in the SYNOPTIC Evangelios de MATEO and the other three fools on The Hill (or was it a mount, Olivia?—) Anyhow, Alicia Menendez, it’s not one of those (FOUR), this here — motherfucker— is THE TRANSMUTATION of CORNELIUS into REYNA on the Johnny Canales Show. Starring SELENA in the role of Whitney Houston.

And starring as don Cornelio, reina: That Tony guy, Matthew López

Lupita for the Role of Houston Lone Star, from New Jersey, Whitney… unless you wish to go The Filipino route and look for a Diamond, Philippe?

Take it away“.

And, Baby Blue, youse like Saturday Morning Cartoons, ese.

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