We find La Bruja with… Domingo, Pavarotti… ?

Pathfinder: 8  ⬆️… pronounced like Ewe “chow down”.

“Pa’ variar un poco… Tóquenme la misma, esa que me llega, hasta el 🖤 ”

Peso Pluma 🪶 en la voz de Valente Fierro.


$ardinas* €uropeas, morralla {¢} para los sardos 🪖. Viva 🦁Alain Rouquié 🦊, at Relaciones Exteriores, ellos si saben ser can-$i-hieres.

It’s only misinformation if you remember to forget history.


Kilroy Was Here

Just the facts-Ma’am!


No! La Bruja Is not with Plácido nor is she with Luciano, instead Öüï finds La Bruja with Carreras outside of Dodger Stadium at a School for GO’ills bathroom, Issy, La Bruja Is Smoking, hot. Bitch was hitting home runs from the parking lot, Rev. Al.

And… That Other Guy.



And, detrás de la sierra 🪚 there is a bloody 🇸🇦Crowned Prince with all the Cracks. Except for one, Cousin Joe, except for one (for now) and his name is  Lionel 🇦🇷.


And, Katty Kay… just like I told my friend YaYa yesterday (no alliteration intended) i don’t select the themes, nor the news, and Eye sure cannot change one single fabric in History, in time, sure, Eye do it all the time, but history is etched in Stardust.

And, Cousin Joe, please ask your brother-in-law in Poland (that Kurva munch-motherfucker) to check my file… because this is not the first time that I’ve occupied (no pun intended) a former NAZI building, ask SULLIVAN at Franklin’s Village in Mannheim, the entrance there is where General Patton was dispatched.

Entonces, Roger 🇵🇪 Pérez…

I last left the Schiltz project bailando “El Jarabe Tapatío” with Napoléon in Rag, si mal no te recuerdo, esa era la palabra del Día en la bendita rae .es, la de hoy es neuroesqueleto m. Anat. ; aquí abajo I follow the BACKBONE of “My incompetence” but not before adding the footnotes to this part of Marie-Ange Schiltz essay of la rue where every Nazi during the occupation came down to send their Telegraphs, or other assorted forms of telecommunications while occupying La France. For some reason that I cannot remember, nor find on the scroll, the footnotes did not make it for the May 22nd edition of my Schiltz adaptation.

It’s a curse, indeed… Those fucking Camel Toes… No wait Camelots, not camel toes. Fucking Kennedy’s, Rose 🌹, what did JOE do for prohibition to deserve you leprechaun motherfuckers 🍀?

My incompetence.
1~. Standard date format.
2~. Compared to la rue de Belleville or Menilmontant, the Saint-Michel Blvd. is rather flat, which is why I prefer not to use the verbal expression: go back up.
3~. Since we are touching on FUNK, why not use the street vernacular to describe a place called home.
4~. This is what you get for using LATIN to describe SOMEONE.
5~. Direct translation for SDF seems tricky, I would have preferred “unsheltered”, however the adaptation of the French « SDF » would lose its flashy social-code.
6~. … I read the news today oh boy.

i~. Standard Associated Press quotation format, in this style, the COLONS become redundant next to a quote, except of course if the quotation gets shifted to a new and indented paragraph:

like so…

in this scenario the quotation marks become redundant.

1er Arrt.

66… parallel to la rue de Rivoli, altura con La Lucha Libre en Châtelet.

Central téléphonique Gutenberg.

Any questions?
Corrosion Of Conformity… Albatross. Run on, run on.

Cécile Desprairies

Page 27

Lovefool — “Eye” has a dream³… and Mr. POQUELIN is not in it

El Son de La NEGRA

1947 – The Black Dahlia murder: The dismembered corpse of Elizabeth Short was found in Los Angeles.

Concierto a sombrero

Starring, 💀 MACArio 💀 :

😇 1925 – 🦃Ignacio López Tarso 🦃, 🇲🇽  Mexican 🇲🇽, actor

🌬️ 🎶 Qué alegría cuando le dijeron (a COLBERT) vamos al bautizo de Molière, ya están tramando el complot, su UMBRAL es el Vaux-le-Vicomte 🥬

Schwarzkopf follows:

… but my 🇺🇸 General 🇺🇸 wore a pink feather on his chocolate chip issued sombrero, I would tell you his name, but then it would be way too easy for THE SON OF JUANITO GUANABACOA, en 🇨🇦 Canadá 🇨🇦, to just copy-paste the General’s name for his “thesis”…

🪖1991 – The 🇺🇳 United Nations 🇺🇳 deadline for the withdrawal of 🇮🇶 Iraqi 🇮🇶 forces from occupied 🇰🇼 Kuwait 🇰🇼 expires, preparing the way for the start of 🪖 Operation 🪖 Desert 🪖 Storm.

😇 1938 – Estrella Blanca, 🇲🇽 Mexican 🇲🇽wrestler ❄️… Black Warrior, on the other hand, extinguished his flame this Past Weekend in TORREÓN.


Excellon announces agreement to acquire past producing mine in Mexico,  from Dalu S. … (the “Seller”), an entity owned by an investment fund managed by Orion Resource Partners.

La Negra Mine
(“La Negra”)
located in Querétaro State, Mexico

https ://excellonresources .com /news /details /index.php?content _id= 341

No Myth, I am an Anti-Christ, ask Aquiles, el de los pies ligeros.


… but it’s just like Republican congressman Joseph Charles Scarborough III, from Florida says, “Tú Things Can Be Trou 🕳️ at The Same 🪄 Time!

Why just a few moments ago, Avi Velsho, formally known as VELSHI Show, was navel gazing the prospects of the abolishment of the U.S. Electoral College and the creation of a Federal Electoral Institute, to which Eye says, look no further than Mexico to get a template of all of the “different outcomes” of a system like the Comisión Federal de Vigilancia Electoral/Comisión Federal Electoral/Instituto Federal Electoral/Instituto Nacional Electoral… and whatever the Current president might deliver before his sexenio expires.


Anyhow, happy Birthday (sort of) Canada, today is the first THEY of the rest of 1541. On this day, la FRANCHE issues some fellow by the name of “ROBERval” the « commission » to settle La Provence of EXCELLON RESOURCES and provide the CONTAGION or spread of the “Holy Catholic faith »…

Jump to 2001… A Space Odyssey, courtesy of the one and only:

🎉 2001 – Wikipedia, a free wiki content encyclopedia, goes online 🎂🧨🎇🎆🪅📢

Objective “Donjon” – George V got evicted on Line 1

If you are born on April the 20th of any day in the Gregorian Book of THEY’S, then Today is your Saint-Estuche ceremony.

Previously on the 100-Jeer Gwar, a 30–Cheer Conflict would develop.

Page One, Mysterious portal opens up at Metro Line 1 in Paris, Pata de Perro Scout Δ 🖤 told y’all about it Yesterday at Charles V Donjon.

Forward, March:

Pause, pg. 13; n⁰ 3763… Cerf-panthère could care less about Camden… New Jersey.


Hablar bien d’otras personas
No cuesta nada…
(Excepto por unas cuantas mentiras)


« Sixième Science »

Previously on Frida’s Tamtam Tangas

Frida Kahlo productions présents it’s its new Edible tangas… it’s Patrimony They in Paris, France, and just like the good General who introduced the Máquina 🚂 501 a el consulado mexicano de la rue de Notre Dame de Victoires 75002… and the Marquis de Sade, it’s FRIDA’S DONG.

But FO’ist!

It’s Mercury’s Blues




Objective “Donjon”… it’s like Club Med for jailbirds in The Old Regime.

Except for one. Évry other cock sucker, including the fellows from La Commune (1871) and this guy by the name of Armand B., of the Spanish Caravan del Rey Fernando 🇪🇦… they all had the time of their life. And then The Bastille was commissioned by to act as a the Free Masons of la rue Cadet in 2017.

But, Öüï, fuck Gérard Depardieu.

… and Eye, quotes: like some Cat from Japan

Don’t stop on account of my LITHIUM status… Catch you on the Cunt-down.

… Let It Rain. If only the Paris Tourism Board had the Tickets to the Magic Bus.

Nordaka… it’s all Greek to Episcopalians at The Washington Post.


And, Cousin Joe… never mind the Missing ARROW en La Diana de La Colonia Roma†, en la CDMX, Eye borrowed it to STITCH the 8 on my patch.


~. https ://monoaureo .com /2022/08/28 /el-proceso-de-kafka/

of course, cualquier Monero puede enlazar a Kay… but mister, Calderón, can you triangulate the SPECTACLE en la maldita vecindad y darle la vuelta a La Glorieta de EDF en La Reforma de las Fuentes de la cazadora?

I can, and mister Calderon, we’re covering 2011, Aquarius is in full Swing y su tocayo de apellido acaba de boicotear a Florence Cassez y, por si sobrará más… Amandititititita’s dream of singing “El Mamón” para los Amigos de México en Francia valió, purititititito Ete 🌶️.


https ://www .losreporteros .mx /paco-calderon-el-clasista-monero-de-reforma-que-cobraba-mas-de-300-mil-pesos-por-hacer-guiones-durante-el-sexenio-de-felipe-caldero /?amp

Rocket Man and The Jets.

Yada, yada, Yoda 🤺

Context follows

Sombras nada mas. Sol Is y que te lleve La Corriente. Starring Georgina Moreno.


In the sunshine of your Flag.

Houston… Kurt is being an asshole with the Lithium dose, and the HOLE in his brain is Knot helping.

Serena morena… If fip can overlook the Virgule, doña Cata can overlook the apostrophe.


Special Prime Time Edition for Hilo, Hawaii

It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year, if you are not, I repeat, if you are not into oligarchs, tyrants, and the occasional “generalissimo” show.

“A todos los que quieren y aman el fútbol”, Ángel Fernández just issued a special jersey to Antonio Helguera (punto y coma) the “franela ⚾️” has the initials DR and like a campaign ribbon on a dress uniform, or as in the staff’s case, a French Fourrager*, it represents the name of foward-advance  campaign, in Helguera’s case is the TASK OF DELIVERING Donald Rumsfeld to the lowest pit in HELL [sin embargo ☝🏻it serves also a a double entendre for “Honoris Causa” for delivering the Architect of THE Misery the last quarter of the XX Century and the first 20 minutes of el siglo 21. Today marks the withdrawal of Yankee exceptionalism from Afghanistan, a war that Donald Rumsfeld designed from the TOP-down. Born in The U.S.A. goes here, to usher in The Weekend, and off-course, The 4th of July and it’s follow-up: BASTILLE THEY!

* These are my credentials.

Primos y Primas, it’s 21h in Hilo, Hawaii, and in TV Land that slot is known as Prime Time, cuñado.

Coming Engagements:


Necessary reading material from this “que’s-que pasquín” sin lectores.

Marcos was a Fag, pero eso no es lo que importa, Comandante Galeano, mi pregunta es si su movimiento usa las mismas pantaletas COMO LAS QUE USabAN los abogados de Los 43 de Ayotzinapa y PABLO GLEASON– allá en El Rancho Grande junto con JOHN MILL ACKERMAN y Los Amigos del profesor JIM COHEN en El IHEAL*

Mientras eso pasa, en Palacio Nacional o mismo allá en La Chingada, el presidente de México celebró como un viejo alemán, “The Triumph of the Will” ❗️of the people, claro‼️ así  igualito com lo hizo don Porfirio Díaz con el pueblo Yaqui, mientras que los herederos de Tierra y Libertad, —es decir— los agropecuarios de la agricultura del narco despojan el agua de los pinches indios.

Leni Riefenstahl sure would have been proud and General Porfirio Díaz is impressed with the shifting of the date for “El Informe” version of The State of The Union Address, i mean, all that don Porfirio Díaz ever did besides innovating The Samaritaine ‘de raya’ was to starve and then, slaughter a El Pueblo Yaqui and of course,  the shifting of Mexican Independence Day so that the date of that historical event would fall on his birthday.

* El rancho grande of course makes reference to the time D.A.T. little ol’Eye showed up at La Gare de Lyon to meet the traveling Ayotzinapa committee para “las europas” (punto y coma)…

Loss of signal and dangling participles are in FOO effect! Pero por mientras, since this here is a Live Blog, we Ketch-up with Marcus Miller:

Sir, canceling your way through Vienna is no way to get to Juan (pronounced: Yu'An). Tell you what though, you stay clear from dissing Route 66 like that Schofield son-ovAvitch, and i promise to knot, i repeat, kNOT fuck with Cagnes.

De cualquier puta manera, Comandante Gleano, ahorita lo alcanzo, en estos momentos es hora de cubrir La Hora Local, y Comandante, todas las noticias son locales en este pinchurriento but beautiful Mundo de Libération.

We begin with CaNaDa… those motherfuckers!

…para sacarme a mi, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano PRIETO, de la puta jugada… y, “qué bonita jugada”, diría otro Galeano viendo un partido de fútbol.

Jump to page tú, but Before the Rachel Maddow shows goes to the Soup [nazi] Kitchen, Mehdi Hassan, take a look at the sky just before you turn it over to the last hour, because thar reddish kind of deep apricot peachy color on the Half moon is Zerlina’s Wack-a-Mole board… they (🐘) are half way there.