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Bunch of Faggots!

Tank and Popek

Tank and Popek at Le Socle (the bedrock) follows, but yes, indeed mister Tank, I reckon that dere Upsilon has SEVEN stars, and that’s no Bull! Mister Popek.

“Today I feel Qatari. Today I feel Arab. Today I feel African. Today I feel gay. Today I feel disabled. Today I feel (like) a vagrant. Today I feel (like) a migrant worker,” Fifa president, Gianni Infantino.

https ://www .reuters .com /lifestyle /sports /i-feel-gay-fifa-chief-attempts-empathise-with-marginalised2022-11-19/

Don’t Ewe Knows… Batman is a FAG, and Robin, well let’s knot talk about Robin …. that’s what French people do… Those motherfuckers

Fuck You, Poquelin

The Gall de France

Gonna’ get some tacos now, after the break, it’s Molière, THAT motherfucker.

For the record, chin⚜️ue a su madre, Colbert.


… You Basterd!

Previously on, “La Muerte Chupa Faros”, Samantha Barzel was relocating to Vegas

The Timeline

Intermission with Phat Basterd, with musical guest, Rémi Panoshshian y su 3Cpo.


We interrupt today’s relay of The Mexican parallels with los cigarros Faros™ on the glove compartment of an 1969 El Camino CHEvy…

when all of a sudden Julia Roberts in the role of ‘my current girlfriend’, Nathalie Piolé, jumped the Fundación Televisa’s telenovela from 2001 and landed in today’s edition of the Mika is Over 50 Show. 

For the record, Öüï went ahead and contacted reached out to our contact in the TUCANA constellation for details on what in the fudge is going on with them “Three Musketeers” and sure ENOUGH, Leonardo DiCaprio sent them Across The Universe after Leo XIV discovered while on patrol that one of his dolphins on the Jersey Shore, the original Jersey, not the one from SKID ROW, had been kicked out from the Container Ship on account that it was nearing itsgaspillage alimentairedate.

It was beluga galore, the report showed… With many, many Ale’s.

Preliminary SITREPs from the Finns relay that a certain³:

Kangaroo lady with her bourbon in a pouch
Can’t afford the rental on a bamboo couch
Collecting back her favors ’cause her well is running dry
I know her act is terminal, but she ain’t gonna die, no… “

³~. NOTE from Discogs:
Two different versions (1991) were released: the original version, and the “clean” (censored) version. The clean version replaced the songGet the Fuck Outwith the less-offensiveBeggar’s Day“.

told the SOCIALTER on the n°54 issue of Oct/Nov 2022 that, “Science Fiction is the realism of our time”, of course don’t tell former Mexican Secretary of The Economy, Tatiana Clouthier, that because that redhead will chew you out like Carlos Castañeda’s last peyote stash in La Zona del Desierto entre Durango y Chihuahua.

[Édito N°54] Nouveaux fronts (socialter.fr)

It’s Vegas, baby!

… The Tale of The Tape


… 🥊

She actually sucked 1599 suckers 🍭

In local news, Eye swears that, IT!, is knot making this up

(2014) — Répétition in comédie

El Chavo del Jojo from mexico

Dear, Molière… Ewe’r so vain, Ewe probably Think that this STAGE is about Saint Eustache.

https ://www .fip .fr/emissertains-l-aiment-fip/les-musiques-de-moliere

Dear, Susana Puveda, que dice don Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, que tanto Molière así como Shakespirito, vayan y chinguen a su madre.

Los borradores. | Uso justo de una nota que se borró.

Monsieur Molière even wrote a Series in télénovela format for Chespirito… here’s an extract from ese pinche drama:

«Se sentía intocable y se puso pior que el subjefe Diego alegando que era el Moliere mexicano. En la Comedie française lloraron. Así me pasó con Krauze. Hay mucho Tartufo suelto», escribió.

https ://www .24-horas .mx /2021 /10 /26 /se-sentia-intocable-es-como-vargas-llosa-las-reacciones-virales-sobre-ballarta-y-chespirito/

Over at the msnbc’s, the blame delimiter of 2021, that, “two things can be trou at the same time” is now etched on the Prometheus outside of the Comcast® Building overlords in New York, município de Manhattan.

Over at the Ministry of Justice, not to be outdone by the Law & Order (franchise), Mr. Ministre Dupond-Moretti is about to ah-Frenchize the “cold case files” of the Hexagone.

Sources close to Sergent Hélène, relay that the SERIES is set to start parallel with Fat Tuesday, in Orleans, which happens to be 43 THEYS from now in Louisiana.

https ://journal .20minutes .fr/data/1974 /reader/reader.html#!preferred /0 /package /1974 /pub/1861 /page /6 /alb /57828

Meanwhile at the OCDE in Longchamp, here’s the “skinny” on why Armando Serrano-Prieto (2011-2015) was prematurely killed by The Préfecture de Police (Cité):

Objects in mirror are in the Closet of SCIENCESPO

(2015) — Répétition in Comedy … pero sí, la “Crónica del Poder punto com” tiene razón, Andrés Manuel López Obrador debe de renunciar.

… y bueno, la nota del cuadro de arriba —en su integridad— sí aparece en un google search por los interwebs. | Uso justo de los medios, y de la Crónica del Poder [punto] com. | Vía: http ://cronicadelpoder .com /columnas /linea-politica /cordova-debe-renunciar

International Man of Mystery Avi Velshi presents: the Reel Faber book of Nuestro Cinito baja californiano

On location at Chez Chato’s en Vaux-Le-Vicomte

https ://www .sinembargo .mx /05-08-2021 /4010855

SILENZIO! Esto es otro contexto a lo que un tal José Luis García Agraz (director) dice sobre una época en México cuando no se necesitaba el revolver de Goebbles para sacar de la jugada con un revólver a cualquier crítica en un circulo del poder ejecutivo netamente nepo-deportista. Por ejemplo doña Vilma, trascendió en la pagina 159* del Faber book de Jason Wood, que con el uso de la ley, o a veces con simplemente hacer enojar a la hermana del presidente de la República y con tan solo eso, ya estuvo que se te acabo la carreraAnd, Reverend Sharp 🎣 Thon, picture yourself in a float on a River but as a BIG OL’ honorary Mexican Asterisk because Mr. García Argaz’ response to Jason Wood in Wawa Land, Reverend Al, was in the context of “el sexenio” del ex Presidente Vicente Fox Q., while the unsolicited response from yours truly, Reverend Al, is simply juxtaposing The nepotism of WHAT A SECOND DONALD TRUMP MANDATE WOULD LOOK LIKE (not shouting, just CapiTalIzing), like a front shield panorama that would look a lot like a José López Portillo throne. America sin acento, ALICIA MENENDEZ, saw nothing the first time around. For the next U.S. presidential race, I would personally recommend to the democratic committee for the post of the latinX Outreach program representative, any family member of  the Marcelo Ebrard C. clan. i write this on account that Marcelo will not be able to fuck up that post like he did for María Teresa Kumar on account that he is going to be ruining his run for president of Mexico, —himself. Marcelo’s recent El Paso, Texas visit (last week) was THE UNOFFICIAL START OF THE remesas pandering campaign fromhis paisanos” in The U.S. of A.

* Chapter 8, The State of Things
The FB of Mexican Cinéma
Jason Wood (2006) LONDON.

The audacity of the Very French at the Colbert Hôtel!
To film the historically hollywoodized version of Mr. Dumas-es-es
unofficial take on the taking of the patrimony of one po’bastard who went by the prisoner number : 64389000∼∼… at the very Castle where the story of that prisoner was hatched… The ROMAN busts of Lyndon Banes Johnson are a dead give_away.

Yum yum bumble bee bumble bee Tuna
Eye like bum bum bumble bee Tuna
Yum yum bumble bee bumble bee Tuna
Eye like Sandwich made with Bumble Bee®
Now with VAQUITA de MAR chunks… 

y por supuesto, una tuna en cada bote de atún del Abejorro agradecido… (not zángano).

Efeméride… sufragio efectivo, o algún contexto comme ça. It was the final leg in November of 1967 when President Lyndo’ Baines Juanes (LBJ) decided to make a short pit-stop in ROMA to visit the Pope, President Lyndo was coming from Australia. There was a wake there that was held in honor the Prime Minister there. On the way back to  to ⚡️D.C., President Lyndo’ danced with a broken hearted First Lady Imelda Marcos…. etc., etc., etc.


Entonces, doña Cesca (de la rue) Rigoles

Note to programmers. Corsican coodies are a hell-Ova sting. On/In another edition i might talk it over con El Sapo, relay it over to León and then maybe, —maybe— at San Severino, Eye will relay IT!, to Frida.

Los Hilos de Sasha • en colaboración con El Gato Enhuarachado presentan… another of Sun Tzu’s chapter at La Brasserie… now y’all have probably heard of “el gato volador”, ISSY Willie Geist it’s Knot One of Dos. AND Sam Stein, as a bullfighter yourself (check the scroll) Ewe, Of all Ugly Mexicans should know that it was the very Catalanes (knot Belmondo at Val de Marne) who in 1985 invented FACEBOOK!!! IT’S TROU YOU FOOL! Watch Antoni Ribas’ “El Primer Torero Porno” which–by–the–way is Spain’s doppelgänger version of Neil Israel’s “Bachelor’s Party*”. The Spanish comedy (unjustly relegated to pornsites)  foretells the arrival of a device that can sense and register when a person is in THE PROCESS OF READING A NEWSPAPER (punto y coma) the “device” also logs which page/section D.A.T. the newspaper reader is contemplating.

* If you look beyond the title of Antoni Ribas’ film parody of a period of post-Francoist Spain, you will find that the “tropes and gags” with Israel’s “Bachelor Party” stop at the following:

  1. Oversexed/overdosed donkey (🙈) … probably imported from Tijuana.
  2. An erotic nightclub (sans penis ni vulva) puro show. 🙉
  3. Brest-es-ES, TiTis, Boobies and, of course Bum-bumbs. 🙊

🎶 Bar, visite nuestro bar (MASKedition)

https ://www .theguardian .com /film /2016 /jan/16 /what-orson-welles-really-thought-about-ernest-hemingway

short of that, Adrianne Elrod, the Spanish reel (not to be confused with El Real in Madrid) tackles issues of unemployment, feminism, ABORTION, political Technocrats infatuated by-the-then recent nostalgia of a by-gone Fascist regime in Catalunya, work-ploxtaition by nightclub empresarios, and immigrant “niñeras” from where else, but La France del BelMondo de Val de Marne… check the posters at the scene of “el camerino”… (not to be confused with Canal 26 de Aguascalientes TV).

Right now, our most esteemed (character) Fenster the copy editor is going to review Last Week to They and FO’D.A.T. Öüï Switch IT! over to El Chuco where Mister Voto Latino himself transliterated Sun Tzu’s Cuarta Transformación of Chapter 4 in the Art of RAW.

••• Don’t

YA HAY MARCHA EN NUEVA YORK, Nacho, and here is why:

Pussy, not a nut sack is now the norm when streaking the Baseball Field. And fans seem to be OK with it. Evil Empire loyalists from the disgusting Yankees even came up with a kind of, sort ah, relative cántico honoring the brave pussy:

Brave cats know that “Transparency will lead to rejection”, but when right matters nevermind The Evil Umpire.

Let’s Go CAT! Let’s Go CAT!

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Nacho_Cano

••• Go

Y como dicen en El Paso, Texas: TE LO DIJE, and here is why Nicolle:

Mexican Foreign Relations Honcho, and the former best mayor in latin America, Marcelo Ebrard saw the opportunity and he took it. And i did tell you that Texas was going the way of México (punto y coma) and here’s how the PRESUNTO Alcalde CULPABLE of the recent Metro line 12 disaster in Mexico City did it:

MARCELLO Ebrard (the Mexican Mike Pence) not only understood the 4th Chapter of the Transformación de López Obrador, but also the importance of Texas democrats defending their existing positions, which they could not do because they are currently engaged on another Front in front of Capitol Hill in WaWa Land.

••• Anywhere!

After the break, bouncer (cadenero) expert, and Babylon II Mayor, Bill De Blasio explains the next scene in the voice of Orson Wells…. wait for it, wait, in the mean time the student may, if s/he pleases review Héctor Lechuga’s classic “Adios Guayabera Mia”, which will segue onto El Palacio de Tokio en París (2012) where a “Cañonazo de $50,000 U.S.” was seen written on The Wall. Blue Demon was “El Maestro de Ceremonias” y JoLoPo ’76 the star of that gallery.

From page 188/9 of Le Peuple du Toro*) an excerpt of Orson Wells in Spain —_•!•_— Parasitismo Émotionnel:
Une espèce de gens [qui] vivent des combats de toros. Económica y también emocionalmente parce qu’il y a maintenant une nouvelle génération entière d’étrangers qui aussi bien que d’Espagnols passe un été entier pour aller de place en place assister à ces corridas



Asi con ese estilo, lamentablemente inconfundible, WHO needs a plot… las fábulas de don Poquelin y tata Colbert

… Lorem ipSum and gilded trades with an assortments of French ‘devoirs’ 📐 follow

“It’s symbolic, of course », but the answer is always HOUSES OF THE HOLY. And if you’ve never been to Spain, then you know that at PASO DEL NORTE is where the the Child Separation program followed, in any case this is Last Week To They

In local news, District 3 of the 1er Arrt. trickled only a minuscule number of voters as opposed to the shoppers gracing the most recent return of the Samaritan’s elaborate Guilded Metro stop.

In Cleveland, Ali Vittali let her hair down, Ali is covering the Glam Rock scene with The New York Times, Peter Baker, who is framing the Scene in full Stryper regalia, and if you know who these Glamorous Monkees are then you know that Peter Baker is in full-Stripe-Spandex looking like a Zebra just like Senator Sinema, allá por “La Panamericana*

*.)_ OUT-fucking-STANDING! it seems that the ViP’s entourage to La Chingada en Guatemala finally read between the sheets… Wait that’s the wrong set of K’s… finally read between THE LINES, knot the sheets.

You might recall that Öüï pulled little Manu Chao’s ears for not paying attention during the Caminos y Puentes section of the class, where Eye told the class about the two Trajectories of La Carretera Panamericana… long route made Short, Little Manu Chao got extra-credit for explaining that he needed to add a New “panamericana” to make, IT!, rhyme WITT the San Diego… padre_s–es–Ese! ⚾️

Short people are known to gather here. The ratio of big people to short people on any school day is completely coincidental on voting They in, day. 📏 A Fr.Bleu* preliminary reports from All of The Short People joints RELAY that Adrianne ElRod is running circles on the Triple Threat allegiance of the Greens. 📐 Trou fact, a little short Frog named Poquelin (artistic name Molè ire… or something like that) invented the first Ballet Comedie there on a rush when Little “Molière” forgot to do his HOMEWORK the Night Before.

*.{ A Type of cheese:

https ://www .francebleu .fr /infos /elections /elections-regionales-et-departementales-en-ile-de-france-taux-de-participation-en-legere-hausse-a– 1624806873

…ISSY, Camus was a fag! 🏳️‍🌈 and Öüï find Sisyphus outside The Stonewall with Lindsey Reiser who is wearing Jean’s Jeans. Over at Studio 3A of the Rainbow Room, Alex Witt was heard saying that Lindsey could get used to all of the ruckus if need be, any how, Hilarity (with a Capital hache) ensues when GROOT walks into the Bar on “Leaving Las Vegas” Karaoke Night and heads over To New Orleans where Susana Poveda is feeling like a Cajun Ing’un Queen… SINGING, Hey🌶 Ho-Alina

Eye Am Groot! People who know, know that this place is Tranquility Base. Look it up, Madame Hidalgo’s tourism monkees think that they have an exceptional imagination, they don’t, it’s actually pretty damn over-rated… And ELVIS sports an afro in the after-life.

… Öüï’ll Scream-ah for 🍦, Ewe 🗣, Öüï all 🗣 Ma’ for Eye 🗣 Ma’4🍧 https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /certains-l-aiment-fip/les-musiques-de-la-nouvelle-orleans

In Hilo, Hawaii, the needle in the sand ⏳ is about about to sweep the 11th hour, and in Paris it’s the 10 o’Clock hour and it appears that the Orleans ⚜️ version of Adrianne Elrod (V. Pecrésse) is leading in the top 40’some percent of yesterday’s Regional vote at La RATP (punto y coma) Steve-Oh and the “Neapolitan” duo of Alexis and Elise are left-out holding a 🍰. Let’s see what happens next.

[Place holder] The facelift that la préciosité needed

Previously on “The element of style”…

Normally, when mere “leaders” die on to better pastures those mortals get a 21-Gun Salute; leave it to the Royals to add an extra 20 boom-bangs just because.

La préciosité

Por las “ruelles” de los muelles .:. 7E0A6692-2AC1-42E7-AB8D-EA7A84A8E886 🔄 segoviaspixes 2021; CopyLeft — Creative Commons and all that Jazz.

En Yucatán les llaman, “lindo hermoso”, ¡bomba!

Yada, yada, yada follows…

Zoomed angle on Callamard’s bunt… the ball met Louise Michel midway to First* base where the specter of Nicolas Fouquet made the easy tag on Team XXI Century. Up next is President Macron.

* First base, as well as the right and left fields are aleatory positions. The phenomena is a result of Julius César’s Centerfield siege during the opening show, a treaty was reached and the rest, as they say, “is history”. Nicolas Fouquet is by-the-way the official ghost of the entire Bois de Vincennes and if you’ve read the Mount The Count of Monte Caprio, then you might recognize that the Nicolas Fouquet’s arc is also the original idea behind Quiet Riot’s “Bang your head” record cover.

https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Nicolas_Fouquet

… [i]l dut être transformée 1689 pour s’intégrer a l’ordonnance de la nouvelle Place des Victoires, President Macron fait rhabiller la façade selon les dessins de l’architect de la Ville: Le Vau/ Le Notre/ Le Brun et Colbert S.A. de C.V. L.L.C.

Now in order to begin to unravel the reason why Öüï arrived at N°3 rue d’Aboukir you would have to go back to 2011 when Ediciones Tumbona was lounging at El Instituto de la “ñ” with Los Ciudadanos por la paz con justicia y dignidad. At the time, Mexico was giving Freddy Cats in Montreuil-sous-bois all of the inspiration needed for his sicario-looking action figurines for Bobo’s at the 9éme Arrondissement.

“Estámos hasta la madre”, decían los guerkos en París.

https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /mnsc4g/y_hay_quien_todav%C3%ADa_cree_que_lopez_es_de_izquierda/

Aussi, the first thing that you should know about le Hôtel de Ramboulliet (Paris, Centre) is that in a three-block radius there have been at least three buildings with that same name; por ejemplo, Yasmin Vassoughian, the HdR that stood near the Louvre (the one with the “précieux” in the tag) has nothing to do with the HdR on rue Saint-Honoré, which a certain Cardinal Richelieu purchased to build his own shack in the mid-1620’s, and that one has certainly nothing to do with the Parisian Paddle sign that advertises the site of yet another HdR that was built in the late ’80’s of Moliere’s century, and which now graces the façade of one of Henri Dunant’s greatest contribution to world, The Red Cross (laundry service).

Hey, D.A.R.E., Avi Velshi, this is Ancient Yndios (part ii)

Haste del verbo transitivo faire

W.H.O. Knew‽

W.H.O. Knew This Would happen‽ .:. 33287D22-5EAC-4E38-BF02-39C4078E551D 🎩👑 Attention students, the number reflected by the Red Letters inside of the “support your local biker gang” delimiter could be significantly lowballing the numbers represented by the Dark Blue [h]asterisk.

… [A]nd just remember, returning university students at Elon’s Campus, just remember to follow your S.O.B… wait, scratch D.A.T.! Don’t follow your sonofabitch, öüï repeat: don’t follow your S.O.B., instead, Future Idiots of America, follow your Campus S.O.P. and any C.D.C. guidelines that might have survived the “dear leader’s” recommendation and Kayleigh McEnany’s “killer” looks.

Can You Synch Mí In, Now?
Do as I Say not as I Bully

Do as I Say not as I Bully you ⚠️ B7B0CBD8-187C-4F3E-853F-6206E071BD6A 📰 “It better not happen again”.

In•deed, previously on “Practice What You Preach”, John Mill Ackerman used his mommy’s and daddy’s IVY League connections, his teacher’s desk student’s contributions (classroom dissertations), and his “beau papa” to reach a position in government that would make an Armand Jean du Plessis, A.K.A., The Duke of Richelieu or simply, “the motherfucking Cardinal” —blush— and, a Jules Mazarin say: arrest that man and put his FACE behind an IRON Mask.

Note to Velshi: Qanon is fag! — Bald Power!

It's just an “oH” on a rearview mirror

The letter “Q” without it’s descender (tail) in any font is an “O” (Oh) on a rearview mirror.

Still to come: La Vache! El Niño Luc in the role of Gatsby le magnifique reaches Sonoyta, from the Agua Prieta side of the fence… But FOist! Conspiracy Theories meets Política Ficción… Don’t call it “fan fiction” until you’ve seen the perspective on the terrain.