No Insistas Susana Pubeda, the Cardinal’s ❤️ belongs to Marjolaine

[ Clears throat]

The Fall of Venus, Issy, that diver there is the very same Herculean muncher that Cardinal Colbert expropriated from King Louis XIV’s finances superintendant, el buen Nicolas Fouquet. And in case Mother Mary at Apple Records hasn’t noticed there seems to be a theme going on here with them French Cardinals ♦️.


This being mariachi weekend in Nantes, have-at-it.


— What are the odds that George Harrison will Save Susana Puveda’s show? The answer, well the answer is relative to Denis Soula going directly to fuck himself, them are the odds.

— Ahem… behold:

entonces, in sticking with western-style UNITY please be advised that the only reason that [up to this point] the city walls of Loudon stayed up was on account that Louie the 13 promised the chaplain’s mecenas that he would keep ‘Ol Phillips-es defences-es in Loudun Town up, but then the Chaplain’s sponsor died and so the walls, well these went down 👎, period!

Now the reason why the wall of Loudoun Town had to come down was precisely to prevent The Protestant on the opposite side of la rue de Rivoli y esa pinche calle du Louvre from taking over Le Fumoir³ next to the New and Improved Paris Centre Maire… and that fucking church where the Peruvians keep their causa next to La Guadalupana.

³~. de Guadeloupe, not to be confused with El Tepeyac-iri-Jacques!

Richelieu’s strategy off-Course, of course was the epitome of an upside-down Isosceles Triangle with baron Haussmanns-ses and which for all intents and purposes Öüï identifies on this blog as this:

whereas Richelieu’s démolition prevented them Protestants from pulling a Vercingétorix on Loudun, Haussmannien strategy triangulated the city blocks, literally, in order to enclose the fortification from the inside-out. A labyrinth which strangles mob-mouvement and benefits police strangleholds… but that’s another story for O’this They to sing.

Año de Hidalgo à Le Fumoir (01/02/2018).



🎶 Take out the 🗞️’s and the Trash

 The Cardinals ♦️ Richelieu, Ximénez and Pedro Guerrero are at a bar, hilarity ensues when Cardinal Glick walks in from Jersey.

And in Paris, France… “Even as Öüï, speaks³,” Victor Hugo is being declared by The Préfecture de Police at La Promenade des Rosbifs à Nice, as a Persona Non-Grata in JERSEY on account of criticizing Queen Victoria and her silly little castle on top of the Pessicart Quartier, just around the corner from where that priest, Father Christophe at the Saint-Pierre d’Arenes church, was stabbed while celebrating mass.

https ://www .baseball-almanac .com /players /player / pedro guerrero


It’s the Eleventh Hour in Hilo, Hawaii, and in Paris, France, Susana Puveda just couldn’t resist joining-in on the Exorcism of Loudun, at The Pompidou.

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